Big Reason Many Jewish People Don’t Accept Jesus

Big Reason Many Jewish People Don't Accept Jesus

Dr. Michael Brown shares the big reasons why Jewish people don’t accept Jesus as their Messiah.
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In Are the Rabbis Right? Dr. Michael Brown explores how the first century family of Jews became the two fundamentally distinct religions known today as Rabbinic Judaism and Christianity. Dr. Brown gives you a clear and powerful perspective on their differences. He leaves it up to you to ask, “Are the rabbis right about their Talmud? Are the rabbis right about Jesus?”

Then Yeshua – Who Is He? lays out a crisis of faith looming for Rabbinic Judaism. Are two Messiahs coming? One to suffer and die, one to rule and reign? Those two questions directly point to another question about the atonement of your sin before God. It’s a question on which the rabbis can’t agree!

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▶▶Get your FREE copy of Dr. Michael Brown’s two eBooks [Download]:

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