Biblical Feast Days Going on Now in Coordination with NESARA and Judgement of the Bad Guys – Melissa Redpill Explains

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Hang in There.  Don’t Do Anything Crazy Like Getting Jabbed.  Stay Away from Hospitals Not That They Haven’t Been Murder Zones in the Past But They Have Really Stepped Up Their Murder Activities to New Levels as Many Report…

Don’t Go Out.  Don’t Be Social for Now, at Least Out in Public.  Don’t Fly. Don’t Hang Out in Pubic Places.  Home School Your Kids for Now.  Quit Your Job if Pressed to Get Vaxxed Because a. You’ll Die b. NESARA which make you financially Free for Life is Around the Corner.  Also Get Away from the Vax’d – they Can Transmit to You and You Could Possibly Get Sick and Die.

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