Bible Expressions Membership

Bible Expressions Membership


Support the ministry and Receive 4 Powerful Bible Expressions Per month.

Bible Expressions are Audio so you can listen to them anywhere:  in your car, on your phone, form your tablet, from your desktop

Get to know the Word, the Bible deeply and richly.

  • “Mysteries” and “Secrets”  revealed over and over. “WOW I never knew THAT was in THERE” is a common reaction
  • Know the commands of the Word the Commands of Christ you absolutely MUST be doing (even though smooth talking others may make it seem like it’s not a big deal)
  • Get prepared so you can enter Heaven and enter Heaven WELL.
  • Get understanding,perspective and a tying in to what’s happening in the world today.
  • Go beyond this “dimension” and understand what’s going on better behind the scenes in the spirit realm, that we can see with the eye (although that dimension can see everything we do!)

Fees: Support the ministry:  The price is $12 a month.   But we also have support packages at $40/month, $70 or $144 that are completely optional if you are inspired to help this ministry grow faster and bigger – for time is short, Hell is very real and we all need to get as many as we can completely turned to Christ while also knowing the Father and the Son.


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