Being Anti-Semitic is Being Anti-White? Huh? Sounds Like We’ve Been Punked – Check this Out

Wow Listen to This One – White = Adam = Able to Blush > Shem > Semites = White.   

What Do You Think After Listening Here?   In the Past, Most of Us Would Not Listen to a Video Like this.  But As We Have Been Watching the Attempt of END TIMES and the Extermination of 90% + Humans While Turning the Rest into Cyborgs for the Evil AI AntiChrist, all in the Name of “Zionism”, (Time to Slaughter the Goyim Cattle…), and the RACE Behind it All, While Whites are Continually Bashed and Attacked,  A Video Like This Becomes Very Interesting…

Okay,  this guy get real racial.  But Biblical race differentiation is at the heart of his ministry.  But what I like about Dewey is that he speaks in facts and does the research past and through denominational made up, Biblically contradicting doctrines, back to the Paleo Hebrew and by a thorough use and comparison of all scripture.   Dewey started off as a Baptist pastor but eventually got to the point where he just could not preach the contradictions, the twisted and skipped verses anymore.   From there he developed a factual style.  

On the other hand, as a disclaimer.  Dewey gets extra racial, especially on his archive recordings on his site  It seems because of his very thick, steel bending, Southern accent and because he got called a lot of racial names himself, he freely uses racial names, not so much on Youtube but in his archive recordings.  Yeah, it gets offensive, but if you can get past that, Dewey is gold mine, a diamond mine of knowledge, understanding and information that can accelerate your learning and that you can use to contrast with other information, other’s messages to more quickly accelerate yore learning and accuracy. 

Additionally, Dewey’s messages were ahead of his time and so fitting for right now. And when he talks about Jews, he isn’t alone because many other Jews are saying the same thing about Jews – i.e. Brother Nathanael, or the famous Rabbi Finkelstein who told you Jew’s plots and plans to destroy the USA, how they kill your children, drink their blood and then stuff your children’s meat into McDonalds and other fast food, sausage.  So yes, if you’ve eaten McDonalds before you have probably eaten a human child.  Here is one of his famous recordings:

This information is put out there to shed light on the truth.  Let’s get the facts.  When  you get the truth and facts then you can quickly make corrections and improvements.  Everyone has their tendencies good or bad of different kinds and types.  We all have to deal with our bad tendencies from where we are.  Jews, serpent seed line, can be saved as Jesus said, if they (or any of us) CONTINUE IN HIS WORD.  

Prediction:  there will be a massive repentance onto Christ out of the cabal, Talmud synagogues.  You can read the Old Testament over and over and not see Jesus.  Jesus is all over the Old Testament.  So, just like when The Word was in the flesh, here in 3D, 2000 plus years ago said, if you knew the scriptures, the Old Testament, you will recognize Jesus.   So get right with Jesus so you can get right with God.  NO ONE comes to the Father (also known as “Source” to the new agers), no one gets right with God without going through Jesus.  He is the Gate to the Father.

So humans, or not so human beings, stop making a big deal about it:  just simply get right with Jesus.  Start with that “Sinners Prayer” in the right side menu on this site.  Just simply do it.  It won’t hurt.  In fact, it will feel GREAT.  God is the One you KNOW is God and Jesus is the One you KNOW is Jesus, in your inner knowing.  Just talk to God, talk to Jesus.  They are waiting on you……


so here:  get punched in the spiritual mouth by Dewey:  Prepare to be offended while getting your mind blown…



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