Be a Winner – God Doesn’t Like Losers

Be a Winner – God Doesn’t Like Losers

Now that title sounds harsh right? But it’s absolutely Biblical. How so? Who gets the one coin of the servant who didn’t do anything with the coin (his gifts and talents or resources) but buried it instead of investing (i.e. tithe and offering that actually grows the Kingdom of God) it to grow wealth for God? Answer: The one with the 10 instead of the five. God invests in producers. Wouldn’t you? He’s looking for the maximum return on His investment, His mind boggling amount of investment He has put in YOU.

As one Prophet said, God says He is a “Business Person”.

What would be God’s business? The Kingdom of Heaven! What does God want? What increases God’s wealth? 1. Worshipers in Spirit and in Truth (God wants people to genuinely like and love Him, be amazed by Him and be excited about Him) 2. For you to love Him with all your heart mind soul and strength and then love your neighbor as yourself. (He wants you to be in love with Him).

So then therefore what’s the currency that God is looking to collect and build up?

It’s love!

Isn’t that cool?! Isn’t that awesome?

Don’t you want more love and don’t you want to be around love? Well then if so then be around God. Look to abide (synergize, hangout, be friends, be in love…) in and with Him.

So because we love God, we look to do the things that make God happy and feel loved. What is that?

Fortunately He’s given us what He wants us to do in this big book called The Bible. In essence He wants us to be good and do good according to the standards of what He says is good. And since God is good He wants only goodness around Him and people who like to and do only good.

Is very difficult for us to understand the standard of goodness sometimes because of the world around us that has been corrupted by Sin, evil & Satan. And that’s why people are so confused these days. But they can get rid of their confusion if they just start reading the Bible over and over and over again. It’s as simple as that.

Read the Bible. Get on our Volume Reading Plans for reading the Bible AT LEAST 3 TIMES A YEAR. See the menu on the right side of this page for the download. By reading the Bible you will learn God’s ways and what makes Him feel good and loved. You’ll also learn what makes Him feel upset, sad and miserable so you can avoid those. Also, you’re going SO much info from so many angles thrown at you by so many confused people and tricks from the Kingdom of Darkness; but by reading the Bible through and over and over, you can have your mind clean out of junk, lies, bad ideas, error, incorrect doctrines and so on…

And once you start obeying God’s word, once you start obeying Jesus’s commands of the New Testament, which is any verse stated in a command style or implied command style throughout the entire New Testament, then you become free of the nasty death grip of Sin; you wake up and then are free. When you are free from Sin then life becomes a lot more fun and exciting. And when you are free from sin then you are free to follow, obey Jesus instead of the Anti-god called Sin. For those who obey Sin are a slave to Sin and are owned by Sin which means that Sin would get to claim you at the moment of your last breath in this flesh body and keep you forever in the pit then then lake of fire.

I’ll give you a tip from experience: Jesus’ commands are … God’s rules of relationship that tell you what makes God feel loved or unloved. If you think about it, you have your own list which is probably very large of what makes you feel loved or unloved. You’ve probably given your spouse many of those already….

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