Battle of the Prophets – VP Pence a Traitor or Secret Hero?


Consider this: we have Kat Kerr telling us for a long time that Donald Trump will be president for eight years and then Mike Pence would be president for eight years after.

Kat Kerr said Mike Pence is considered a godly man in Heaven.

But now what we see over the past few years is a variety of reports some being hideous regarding Mike Pence in addition to a timely attack against Mike, especially from Lin Wood.  But if Mike was actually as bad as what is being said about him, particularly by Lin, then why was he allowed to even be chosen or even remain in the first place.  Yes there is strategy in “keeping your friends close but your enemies closer”.   But wasting 4 years in training Mike as VP while having the risk of him actually becoming president if something ever happened to DJT (theoretically speaking) would have been an extraordinary risk.  Additionally, since the good guy, white hat military behind the scenes, in the Make America Great Foundation, “has it all” (NSA), then they would have known every single little thing Mike had ever done.  So to incur this huge risk and waste in time in training Mike to actually be the president is not very logical.

So the question is (and since Chris Miller complimented Mike Pence on his excellent job at the role of of his most complex military roles of all time while also calling him a mentor….), the question is: is Mike taking a short term reputation beating, a strategic, a long-term strategic military maneuver? I say this because that would be a logical type of strategy necessary for the deeply entrenched kingdom of darkness across the planet.   And if Mike was actually clean yet was willing to take on a multi year hideous slandering campaign against him in addition to those videos that one abuse victim put out a couple years ago who started going on and on about Mike Pence doing all sort of terrible things, you know, satanic deep state really bad things… where all of that may have been actually strategic dis-info, when Mike was actually clean, then after the bad guys get wiped out, Mike, after having the accusations cleared, would become a hero of epic proportions. 

So in order to coordinate with Kat Kerr prophecy that kind of scenario would be logical.

And logically speaking Mike would have to play this pivotal position as a bad guy betraying the country, in order to get the state actors to trust him. But even more importantly, in combination with what is considered righteous Supreme Court nominations put there by Donald, (who are also likely strategically refusing to hear election fraud case), Mike’s refusal and the Supreme Court’s new good guys refusal to deal with elections fraud, is likely purposefully and strategically done in order for the only option that is going to work…  the military.   

Military action and tribunals were prophesied long ago – especially in the Mark Taylor prophecies.

God said TEKEL. We are entering of the Great Harvest. The believers must rise across the planet in order to bring in the Great Harvest and the believers will need lots of money and equipment to do so. Well you can’t get that money and equipment if you have 1. The kingdom of darkness ruling and reigning across the planet because they will steal everything and try to kill all the believers.  2.The kingdom of darkness is going for elimination of 90% of the population (while turning the remaining 10% into non human irredeemable cyborgs) by their attempts at starting the tribulation right now.  So no, this is NOT tribulation time.  It’s not rapture time either.  Neither makes sense right now anyways. 

So therefore this kingdom of darkness needs to be exposed and routed out, destroyed from the Earth.

That’s not to say they won’t be recultured back later on but now is God’s time is time to glorify the Son on Earth.  The heads of the hydra have been cut off in 2017.  The ruling families, the Venetians were taken out as per report.  Maybe in the future, this is the head becomes healed and the beast comes back to life.  But that won’t be for a long time…

So therefore the most probable conclusion is that Pence (and the Supreme Court) for that matter are NOT traitors but are actually strategically playing a role.

Welcome to the Art of War….  Maybe we should all read Donald Trumps books to see what he is more likely really up to in combination with some of the greatest military minds this planet has known but really, these military minds and Donald Trump – are great because they are getting scoop and instructions from above.   Speaking of the Art of War – remember Mark Taylor’s prophecy?

So on that note – to prophets and news reporters out there – as something to think about – if you don’t know in your sense of knowing that you have absolutely heard from the Lord it is better not to speak bad about someone, slandering their character, in general and especially in the fog of war. It’s okay for military operations to do that because it’s a specific strategic act that will be made right later. 

And in coordination with Kat Kerr who has been correct with everything so far, Mike Pence may actually turn out to become a great war hero (if what he’s doing now is indeed strategic acting) who gets elected president for eight years after Donald Trump, as prophesied. And whoever Mike Pence takes on as vice president will become president for eight years after that.

These are things to consider. This is brainstorming. But it’s also posted out here to help others prevent themselves from sinning with their mouth when they really don’t know what’s going on during the biggest war and most complex war that this planet may have ever known.

Yet on the other hand, if Mike actually did go bad… then wow we all will have a lot of figuring out to do!  But at this point, this brain storm logic stated above does make some sense. 


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