The August 21st 1776 Repeat Solar Eclipse is a Big Deal and Prophet Johnny Explains

The August 21st 1776 Repeat Solar Eclipse is a Big Deal and Prophet Johnny Explains…

NOTE:  August 14th update:  See Prophet Johnny’s print update.  Read it quickly; it’s quite mind blowing!

The last time the USA had such a solar eclipse was… 1776!   August 21st begins the FREEDOM begins! – restored by the Lord.

The Dark Side Wants to Push the “Saros Curse”  But Watch God Reverse Their ‘Saros Curse’  See more here on that.

‘Panic fear, hide, oh no, hehe haha… were gonna get  you…’ – so scams the dark side.   “Doom, gloom, the dark side is too powerful.  Join the dark side and receive lots of riches and rule things (snicker snicker).  You’ll be happy, and popular, and have lots of fun, and be rich, and famous… just join the dark side my pretty (bwaaahhahaha…..)’.

And if any of you reading this did join the darkside, even joining some secret society, even having gotten yourself in to doing some real bad things…  Guess what?  You’re not trapped. You are NOT doomed.  Really.   Do understand Satan hates you and is using you and you’ll receive some of the worst torture in Hell if you keep following him?  I found it helpful to understand Satan’s attitude better in the 1st and 2nd books of Adam and Eve. No you’re not going to escape ‘the matrix’.  But the good news is you can still repent.  Oh yes you. YOU.  Just humble yourself and apologize to God.  Ask Him for, forgiveness and help.  Believe on Jesus, God the Son in your heart and then make Jesus your Lord, your ruler of Life by your choice. All of your past sins will be washed away covered under the blood of Jesus.  Then get to work for the Kingdom of Heaven.  You could be used mightily having a massive turn around gaining massive eternal wealth, wealth that will last for ever, not be stolen, not rot…  Just do it! You CAN escape!   Plus it’s WAY more fun in the Light!

But watch Trump shine and the Glory of the Lord Blast Through:

Listen to Prohpet Johnny Enlow Explain this Massive Eternal Event that Is About to Happen in the USA

So who will you believe?  Who’s side on you on?  Have you heard the Mark Taylor prophecies yet?  I’ve noticed that those with nasty religious spirits don’t want to believe God’s voice.  They’d rather listen to Satan’s of doom and gloom.  Better repent fast!   You don’t want to miss out on the most awesome eternal opportunities ever on this planet going forward.  Don’t try to be your own lord.  Don’t make your denomination or your pastor or your favorite book writer, radio speaker your lord.  There is only One Lord, One Master, One King of Kings, One Lord of Lords – better make sure He is your Lord!



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