Astonishing Repentant MD Reveals COVID-19 DOES NOT EXIST


Doctor Andrew Kaufman: SARS-CoV2 Is A Fraud – It Does Not Exist

Their are some technical discussions at first but eventually the concepts  start to come together and is quite astonishing how this medical Dr. has seen the light. He talks about how  most of modern allopathic medicine is a scam. He says one of the worst things you can do is go for regular medical doctor checkups because they usually trade a problem in you or find one and treated the wrong way to create more problems in you even death.

It was mentioned also on this video that if you’re sick and if you go to the hospital these days doctors at these hospitals are even warning parents to not take their kids to the hospital because they can get caught up in the whole human the population Covid 19 racket and your child coulld end up dead when all you needed to do was boost the immune system at home as Dr. Kaufman explains.

Dr. Kaufman also goes on to explain very well about how Covid 19 does not exist, it has not been identified whatsoever and that everything that we are doing these days from masks to vaccines are complete scam.

 Since most people have developed this trust for allopathic medical doctors over the years they may appreciate hearing from Dr. Kaufman who has also versus blunt factual data to back up that Covid 19 pandemic is illogical and a fraud yet also dangerous as they are tricking people into taking these Covid 19 tests with swaths of into  their nose which is a form of vaccination and nano bot implantation in addition to a vaccine which many other vaccine experts associate with being a kill shot that destroyed your immune system and will likely swell in massive death rates, 3 to 5 months post-vaccine up to 18 months. What the bad guys want to do is wreck your immune system so that you are dependent on many vaccines per year according to their wicked imagination.

Here’s more info from this site 

On Tuesday’s The Sons of Liberty morning show, I read briefly from a Statement on Virus Isolation (SOVI) signed by Dr. Andrew Kaufman, MD, Dr. Thomas Cowan, MD and Sally Fallon Morell, MA.  In this statement, they clearly and simply lay out for anyone the fact that the alleged “virus” that has been put out in media and political propaganda has never even been proven to exist.


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