As Explained by Charlie Ward and Others When Trump Says “Vaccines” He Means THE MILITARY !

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As Explained by Charlie Ward and Others When Trump Says “Vaccines” He Means THE MILITARY !   The Military Is Saving Millions Even Billions. Alex Jones is Furious

This is in reaction to Donald Trump saying the vaccines were safe today shocking poor Maria Bartiromo.  Donald even said his supporters should take them and not resist.  Well that did not go over too well.   We’re hoping Donald was referring to the military vs. actual vaccines. 

  • Yeah I just listened to that clip.  That did not sound good at all from Donald. If you think that could have been a deep fake? They can do that you know! They can emulate someone’s voice.  They can take a sample and then type words into a computer and then have the speech produce that sounds very close if not just like the person.  So indeed we may come to find that Donald Trump never really said this.  Because these statements are very very bad. 
  • On that note I heard a major prophet say that “vaccines were safe” then she went on to say that she wasn’t any get one because she didn’t need one. I don’t want to really say about that but we’ll have to see. Because what’s happening now and what the bad guys actually plans and published in addition to top scientists and vaccine specialists are saying in addition to all the deaths we are seeing from the vaccines including famous ones like marvelous Marvin Hagler, Larry King, Hank Aaron…
  • Or on the other hand are we hearing fake info about all the vaccine injuries and deaths? Is this part of the show and these people that really die except for those who did bad things in the past and were executed? COVID-19 was mentioned before as an excuse a cover-up for execution usually related to hurting kids.
  • Several reported before that the military the swapped out the actual vaccines with either saline solution vitamins or something like that.
  • But if these vaccines are what people are reporting they are such as top vaccine specialists and doctors from around the world then this is not a good thing to hear these words. Let’s see what happens.
  • Just as a reminder as they are even saying on their mainstream media networks, the vaccine can prevent a cold or flu since it mutates every I believe they said 10 days or 10 hours even. So they are admitting that you can’t get a vaccine for a flu because by the time they finished their vaccine testing the virus may have mutated 100 times over.
  • On the other hand successful healthcare professionals are now noting that viruses are produced by the body when the body is an unhealthy state that can come from diet, toxins or frequencies, 5G especially since 5G it’s poisoning symptoms are very similar to what is said of the corona virus.
  • Most Americans are primed for all sorts of sickness because they have been programmed to eat certain types of foods that are not compatible for humans, foods loaded with chemicals pesticides in all sorts of hideous toxins and poisons, foods that are low in the nutrients due to poor farming practices, chemicals from everywhere, their water, their foods, their soaps, their furniture, things they put on your skin, toothpastes, fluoride, stuff sprayed in the air… It’s all over the place. Most Americans not only are filled with toxins that are eating acid forming foods which end up creating a massive destruction within the body in addition to the mucous response in addition to a cholesterol response caused by various acid burns which then go on to create backups in the body providing an inability for the body to efficiently cleanse especially interstitially, between the cells, through the lymph system and out through the kidneys, respiration, sweat etc.  so when they get in additional inflammation response by poisons being injected into them or by 5G frequencies or even lower but they can have this response that become so strong that it chokes them  from within and for many, kills them.
  • And as we learn more more about the medical industry and vaccines in general and contrasting that to what actually work and what cures people of all sorts of health problems, ‘diseases’ in addition to learning about the founder of vaccines his agenda… we are coming to the conclusion that vaccines are completely faked science and never helped anyone, but are a vehicle for delivering poisons the body to firstly create problems to treat for profit but ultimately to prepare for this moment in time where they are trying to exterminate humanity through Pharmakeia, pharmaceutical sorcery as mentioned in Revelation 18 when you look at the Greek from an interlinear Bible. 
  • Will see soon! Hopefully this is a dis-information statement.   Additionally hopefully all of that stuff we hear about Mike Pence  is a strategic disinformation push, which actually would be brilliant and is mentioned because of Chris Miller thinking Mike and his role in one of the most comprehensive military operations of all time.  Let’s hope so because we have a major prophet who has said for years that Mike Pence would be president for eight years after Donald Trump.  We have Jeff Jansen from yesterday saying that he was told that there would be 24 years of Trumps in the White House and that bearing Trump would be “The Last TRUMP” as mentioned in the Bible.


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