Are You Sick? How to Get Healed by Repenting to Original Design

Stunning Secrets to Reversing Health Problems and Restoring Health Through One Word:  R E P E N T

3 John 1:2

Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers.

So I’ve been doing bunch of studying analysis of a couple of the greatest natural Healers basically since Hippocrates, outside of course the Lord Jesus, and direct Miracles of God. Why? Trying to help a familly member unfortunately has bought the sales pitch of the Kingdom of Darkness in terms of foods, medicines, just about everything he puts into his body and now is paying a dear price in the form of a nasty form of cancer. I warned it for 3 years straight and he went the opposite way or whatever rebellious reasons. When you follow the god of this world he will bring you low…

On that note there are a lot of people experiencing miraculous healings across the planet by God directly. Sid Roth himself in on his show has been experiencing at all sorts of new breakthrough huge miracle scenarios people getting healed. You can find his website and YouTube channel by looking up his name – he specializes in the Supernatural it has done so for decades.

Kat Kerr, the lady with pink hair who visits Heaven a lot ministering directly to God the Father, at one point was told that there will be no Believers that are sick or dysfunctional and that God will clear out the body parts warehouse in Heaven so all children, adopted children (remember that you have to be born again from God from above: what is born of Spirit is spirit (John 3:6). I don’t know when that will be yet that may take a while too and you may need help now. Or also maybe go visit a Healing Ministry and ask them how to receive a miracle from God.

In the meantime you can stop sinning in your food choice even what you were told was irreversible. Get this, most people reading this are going to get upset, very frustrated and they’re bad gut bacteria, and escaped Candida are going to have a fit. Yes you, we all have been have had, totally punnked by the Kingdom of Darkness and they almost took us all the way under had God not intervened in 2016. But we must change and do so quickly because health is Asters have been rapidly spreading out of control and you don’t want to get caught with a problem especially at this time and especially since most of healthcare is Satanic at its roots what is backbone pharmakeia, the sorcery that deceives the nation’s.

And once you understand how healing through repenting towards obeying God’ Word and also turning towards His Foods comes you can more completely start to see what’s going on and how there is in a literal war for your health. Remember, the bad guys, the Kingdom of Darkness and their slaves are trying exterminate set 90% of the population (and little do the 10% know that they’ll be toasted right after the 90% – the Kingdom of Darkness wants all humans dead, that should have been obvious. The 1st and 2nd Books of Adam & Eve certainly gave an interesting perspective on this although I only heard them on audio once each, finding them quite interesting although I do not know much else about them except they were said to be hidden Biblical books etc.) But God said, time out, the tribulation is way later. This is now the time for the Kingdom of Heaven to rise against the Kingdom of Darkness within this drama of the ages.

Speaking of which make sure you pass the test and do what the New Testament says so you can take part of the millennial reign and then rule and reign with Christ as a priest, lord and king on the New Earth. Super cool times ahead. Just make it through this round with flying colors, bear much fruit and build the Kingdom of Heaven! Don’t waste your time trying to maximize yourself in this realm and in this puny time frame of life in these corrosive flesh bodies – that’s a big mistake and the worst examples of this right now in time are the ‘elite’, Hollywood actors and actresses for the most part and much are most of the pop music industry. And you’re probably seeing that now. Hopefully does people can repent fast and be saved.

Corrosive flash bodies, we still need to maximize our health so we can be functional in this realm so we can pass this realm with flying colors, bearing much fruit for God and the Kingdom of Heaven.

You, anyone will become sick or have health problems if you drift away from eating originally designed Foods. Hybrid foods even have side effects and will corrupt your health if too much is eating and eating on a regular basis as shocking as that sounds (like garlic, spinach, beans and even carrots). And there are food out there dinner said to be natural but are not; they are indeed hybrids or they are genetically modified like wheat (modern wheat is fake and is a genetically modified monster hidden root cause of many diseases that has taken over 99% of the world’s wheat that only works with… Monsanto pesticides and fertilizer, you know like Roundup that causes cancer. Oh and it’s actually even worse because these fertilizers and pesticides knock out one of the most important anti-cancer ingredients we could eat which is called salvestrol which is the antifungal agent in plants and a major anti-cancer component we are supposed to be eating. It is said that you can get salvestrol from organic foods. Most people are not eating organic nor salvestrol. And look around at the absolutely skyrocketing cancer rates out there which as to this point is out a control.)

Through pharmakeia the nations are deceived. See Hopefully were at the point that Babylon will be taken out as mentioned in Revelation. Gee “pharmakeia” sounds a lot like another word we hear a lot of about… Plug one hole while blowing up in 10 more.

Ruin the farming practices, remove the minerals from the soil, introduce chemical pesticides and fertilizers that cause cancer and who knows what else and that also knock out the salvestrol, the main anti-cancer in foods, tell everyone that GMO is okay, tell everyone that herbs are bad and dangerous because they may… give you a stomach ache did you take too many, oh dear, tell everyone it’s okay to put chemicals all over your body and breathe them in and bathe in them, tell everyone that it’s ok to put in all sorts of hideous chemicals, heavy metals and other hideous factors into your water… And this list of hideous tricks and deception can go on and on and on. Put evil into the body and evil will manifest out through the body. Put evil into the soul and evil (aka “bad fruit”) will manifest out in your behavior and state of being.

Have you seen the many reports that compare our foods nutritional content to decades ago? Have you heard that it takes 26 apples of today to equal one apple of 1950 nutritionally speaking?

So we have people who eat not only vacuous foods with very low minerals, very low vitamins, low salvestrol, that is genetically modified while being filled up with chemical pesticides and fertilizers after being sprayed in the skies with heavy metals and various other toxins, with gut biomes have been altered so much that people crave toxic and nutrient vacuous Foods. And people wonder why it’s a big mystery as to why so many are so sick and have so many diseases such as cancer and every other disease name they can come up with?

Well it’s time to rip off the Band-Aid, as they say, and repent. If you want to live and thrive, be prosperous and be in good health you need to repent meaning agree with God from His Word, the Bible in order to have your soul prosper and eat His originally designed foods.

And again, no, modern dwarf grain wheat out of the ‘Green Revolution’ of the 1950’s and 60’s is NOT Biblical wheat! And it’s not just the gluten, it’s this hideous GMO wheat.

Want to lose weight quickly? Eat a Genesis diet. Better yet, eat only fruit, as much as you want, all organic of course for a few weeks. You’ll watch fat and puffiness melt off your body faster than you thought possible especially as you open up your clogged sewage system of your body call the lymphatic system which is totally ignored by pop health, actually they want to cut it out which is arguably one of the dumbest things ever. Fruit 16 eating fruit only (organic fruit) cleanses out the lymph system and the kidney system and everything else in your body for that matter so your body can now start eliminating cellular waste. Do you notice how people are so puffy these days? They are swollen puffy. It’s not old school fat from decades ago this looks like some sort of toxic waste poisoning and it literally is toxic waste poisoning meaning that it’s “pee and poop” of the cells of your body that is backed up in a big sewage pool because your lymphatic system is clogged. And guess what happens when that mass of cellular wastes it’s there too long? Yes the tumor forms as a protective measure the wall off that cellular waste. It’s pretty wild isn’t it. Be healed and be lean!

Herbs are for the healing of the Nations. Originally designed foods also heal. Hybrid Foods, although they may have certain beneficial properties like garlic, spinach or beans they also come with side effects that can cause damage to the body such as starch or excessive oxalates. According to one of the top natural healers of all time, hybrid foods have starch and starch cuts off the electric flow in the body. Non hybrid, God made foods are electric and allow the flow of electricity in the body. This was taught popular natural healer who credited God in his natural healing approaches and a cured every disease you can think of and proved so in NY Supreme court, even helping blind see, paraplegics walk, and fixing cancer was “cake” to him reversed various ” is it possible to cure” disease on a consistent basis. Yes that would be Sebi, his nickname, Alfredo Bowman his name. Controversial he has been in the Satanically controlled main stream media and main stream health because he became a very large threat to the Kingdom of Darkness. God heals. Remember that. God heals miraculously or through returning to His original design. Sorcery is trickery to deceive and bring you to destruction into the pit and then the Lake of Fire.

Stop sinning in your eating. Start returning to health. Appreciate God’s Foods, His original designs in organic form. Stop putting things of the Kingdom of Darkness into your soul and your physical body and start putting things of God into your soul and your physical body so you can start prospering and being in good health.

You Are Sick Because…

  1. You have allowed evil to come in with your soul and physical body
  2. You have been programmed by the Kingdom of Darkness and believe in a large list of sins because you have not known, for example, the list of 666 Sins of the Bible and you  have not known the Commands of Jesus of the New Testament nor have you know what Jesus is Lord is or what a lord actually is (besides some fellow in England or lord Vader…).  For the 666 sins list and the commands see the side bar to access the lists we assembled for you.
  3. Your soul is defiled with sin beliefs and other various things, hurts, soul ties by having sex outside of marriage, beliefs that this or that sin is ok or good to do.  See Kat Kerr on how to cleanse your soul.
  4. You are Not eating God originally designed foods only but “man made” or rather Kingdom of Darkness corrupted foods, corrupted by men working for the Kingdom of Darkness which we are finding out about these days and how they tried to exterminate us all.
  5. You are using enemy technology that was designed to harm you and destroy you (i.e. wifi, social media, cell phones…)
  6. You are eating hybrid foods
  7. You are eating foods that are corrupted
  8. You are eating foods that are tainted
  9. You are eating foods that have had parts or large amounts of nutrient healing factors negated or stripped
  10. You are accepting Satanic sorcery called Pharmakia into yourself
  11. You are eating GMO
  12. You are not eating only organic
  13. You are allowing poisons and toxins into from every angle and your body can’t keep up with cleansing them out
  14. Your body can’t even function properly because you’re not getting the body enough natural state minerals, vitamins and other important nutrients that come from organic non hybrid foods.
  15. You’re not using herbs prudently to help cleanse out the body and boost your health
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