Are MD Pediatricians the Worst of the Worst MD Criminals on the Planet?

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Are MD Pediatricians the Worst of the Worst MD Criminals on the Planet?  Think About This:  Your Satanic Pediatrician Stuffs Your Kids with Drugs, Antibiotics & Vaccines, While Probably Telling You to Give Your Kids Fluoride Vitamins, All Poisons, All a Scam, that Will Make You Sick, Limited, Incompetent  or Just… Dead Later On,  Keeping Your Dope Self Coming Back for More Poisons to Give Your Child Because You’re Too Lazy and Too Much of a Lemming to Look Anything Up…

Who Doesn’t Know that MDs Are the Worst of the Worst Criminals this Planet Has Ever Know?  Wait Till You Find Out What They’ve Been Up to Even Beyond the Depop Shot Mark of the Beast, Covid-19, Through Pharmakeia the Nations Were Deceived (Rev 18) “Vaccines”.  If You’re an MD Reading this GET OUT Before It’s Too Late, Before the Mass Quick Trial and Execution Military Tribunals Set In.  The Military Tribunals and Executions Will be the Easy Way – When the Public Has Found Out What the Entire MD System Has Been Doing – Well, That Will Probably Be the Ugly Way Out.   Yeah.  Get Out. Become a Naturopath or Something Harmless.  And Just So You Know, MDs, Who Want to Repent and Don’t Want to Actually Be Poisoning, Maiming, Harming, Stealing and Killing People, I Would Like to See You Be Freed from This Satanic System So You Can Start Helping People, and Actually, Healing & Curing People – Wouldn’t You Like that Instead?

All Vaccines are scams. ALL Vaccines Are Trojan Horse Bioweapons, ALL of Them.  But if you don’t know that by now then guess you’re going to learn the hard way.  Most people don’t wake up to scam MD until they have their 1st  health crises or two.  Unfortunately, personal health crises can be deadly these days.  Too bad your kids have to pay the price for your ignorance, or unwillingness to compare information, cause and effect and even tons of clinical studies that are still out there and not hidden.  Maybe parents should be charged going forward to bringing their children to these monsters along with Satan MDs.  

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