Are All Vaccines Pseudo Science Quackery? Worse. It’s a Mass Murder Depopulation Device from the Start.

Are All Vaccines Pseudo Science Quackery? Worse. It’s a Mass Murder Depopulation Device from the Start. 

Dr. TENPENNY & MIKOVITS Say Minimum 50 million dead in USA alone from Vaccines in 3 to 6 months – and They KNOW Vaccines.

The Concept of Giving a Part of a Virus to Prevent a Virus When A. a Virus is Considered an Expression of a Dirty State in the Body (ie Herpes Cold Sores when You Become Acidic or Have a Lysine – Arginine  B. A fungus or or other Pathogenic bacteria is usually associated with being a garbage cleaner, so if you have a spread of those bad bugs that out pace your immune system then you’ve got a lot of garbage waste and toxins that you haven’t cleansed out.

Many have come out over the years and  have stated that vaccines are illusory, pseudo science, pharmakeia sorcery designed to trick you into accepting some mark of the beast into the future that would change your DNA so you become irredeemable like the demons which are all people on the Earth at the time of Noah, all of which had corrupted DNA, except Noah and family as is reported.  Kevin Zadai says the Lord told him that all the demons are these preflood people who had their DNA corrupted.

Regardless:  the only thing that cures anything is your own body’s reparative processes and immune system which cleanse out the junk, the bad bugs.  But if you have a lot of junk and if you are chronically weakening the body with poor food choices, foods that drain your nutrients, acid forming food that keep pushing the body’s pH balance towards the acid side, burning things, causing mucous reaction which then slows oxygenation and hydration clogging things further, with a pile up of cellular waste (cell pee and poo) in combination with a compounded pile up of dead cells which then expands the pool of usually acidic toxic sludge …. then you’re body will have a lot of waste and toxins to clean up. 

And if your immune system can’t keep up, then the bad bugs, if available in the body, which they probably are due to modern medicine, foods filled with toxins,  modern dentistry, modern medicine injecting you with corruption through vaccines from birth, killing off your good gut biome with antibiotics, giving you their corrupted sorcery drugs, lying to you about what is healthy while denying that there are root causes to problems….  they you’re fertile  ground for the natural clean out process, through which if, other bad bugs and viruses are introduced, you will have a proliferation of such bad bugs in the body. 

Conversely, successful and honorable health care professionals would know that “getting you alkaline”, while stopping all the intake of food and things that are causing you to have a toxic mess in the body while also getting you to cleanse out the body help people recover from all sorts of sickness and health problems while preventing future ones. 

And many people; I don’t know the percent but certainly many are slaves to what ever the TV and movies tell them.  They are following Satan.  Satan will bring you low, very low, all the way to the pit, as soon as possible.  So is only way to stop such a projected population extermination a take over of the main stream media which should have been done long ago?    Is this a time or a representation of a time in the desert to see who would believe God instead of Satan as to who makes it to the promise land ahead?   Is this a separation of the sheep and the goats time or a picture of it?




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