Apocryphile1970 Hidden End Times Books of the Bible Rediscovered

Apocryphile1970 Hidden End Times Books of the Bible Rediscovered

This brother has a hugely important minstry given to him in the rediscovery of the old books banned from the Bible. The Book of Enoch for example is quoted in the Bible several times. And when you go through it (he will read it to you on his videos) the Book of Enoch will send electric goose bumps to your entire being as you realize that it does coordinate with the Bible very well in addition to the many, many Heaven and Hell visitations people have been having over the past several decades.

Bottom line is that you need to listen to the Books for yourself. I come from a standpoint of reading the Bible over and over and over through volume Bible reading and volume Bible study, in addition now to making Bible courses and websites. So I have a pretty good knowing of the Bible (so not just a knowing “about” the Bible filtered through some man made denominational doctrine which severely restricts one from an honest reading and hearing of the Bible)

Here is is Youtube Channel. Actually go ahead and listen to his channel overview. It is important to understand.


Then see his playlists for read throughs of the Apocryphal and related books. Also see his Super Gospel as he has put the original gospel back together that was broken up by “religious” churches later (see Howard Pittman’s tour through the demonic realm, 2nd Heaven, how Howard was show the various strategies of the Enemy including how the enemy uses institutional religion and it’s doctrine to corrupt and destroy) : https://www.youtube.com/user/Apocryphile1970/playlists

Here is a Book of Enoch with Read Along Notes