Anyone Recommending Vaccines Are Haman?

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Yes.  Haman.  This includes all the pro-vaxers in the medical industry.  This includes leaders, even pastors.   How can you expect SATANIC MEDICINE which is the snake, the snake medicine, which is pharmakeia allopathic MD medicine, sorcery medicine, snake oil, sorcery trickery that ultimately produces: theft, destruction, multiple more disease and early death.   That whole realm of medicine needs to be REPLACED.  I don’t think you can fix MD Doctors.  Their minds are too corrupted through their education.  They don’ have the mind for back engineering a problem.  Then don’t have a mind for considering root causes.  They don’t have the mind of acknowledging and honoring God’s ways, His designs, His foods and His medicines, mostly in the herbs.   Every one of them I’ve seen is still more interested in pushing ‘treatments’ of their snake oil drugs, all of which cause multiple other problems in the body. All of these drugs you can even argue are a corrupt abomination and can be much be better replaced by God’s cures and medicines.  Just let the info out and start studying what God has already provided.  Just start honoring God’s design of the human and the human in relation to this Earth.

Yes. But why did Donald Trump recommend them?  Don’t Know.  In Preparation for the Coming MedBed Roll Outs? I remember one prophet mentioning that it was just a huge mistake and that Donald received bad advice from his spiritual advisory board. Another mentioned that this was deep level military strategy because if Donald did not go this way, something far worse would have happened. 

But an estimated 345,000 have died already by taking the reported previous estimate that only 1% of vaccine adverse effects are reported of a few weeks ago as mentioned by a fellow named Dell Bigtree.  But when you’re trying to run a global human extermination event, that 1% reporting may be quite a bit lower.  The death rates are expected to swell after 3 to 6 months, to a year according to vaccines experts. Unless the Body of Christ all starts doing miracles as in raising the dead, really soon, then a lot of people are going to die according to various vaccine experts.  In my opinion, with the limited knowledge and understanding I have: this could have been averted by shutting down the enemy media.  Think about it; we all let our enemy, the enemy to this nation just go on saying whatever they wanted for 4 years plus and we did nothing about it.  This is like passively allowing the old Soviet Union have our news stations, in fact all of our media to say whatever they wanted to our nation, 24/7.  This is like having Hitler and crew any time access to say whatever he wanted to our nation.  And now, unless God steps in and something really miraculous happens, a lot of people are going to die.   And those who have been able to allow themselves to listen to Satanic media all the way to the point of taking a vaccine that was designed to be the actual “Mark of the Beast”, are likely not saved.  So not only are we looking at an estimated billion plus people dying; we maybe looking at a billion souls lost instead of the billion souls saved that is supposed to happen in the Great Harvest.

Whoever is telling you to get a vaccine is trying to murder you with the possibility of making you irredeemable.   Too many people have already died.  They didn’t have to die.  

I hope that this nonsense will be stopped soon.   End the enemy media!  Tell the planet the truth before you end up costing billions of lives especially after it has been discovered that these vaccines replicate into others who didn’t even get the vaccines.

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