Anyone Know What Or Who This Flying Light Being Is?

Anyone Know What Or Who This Flying Light Being Is?  Looked Pretty Real. Was Floating Around on Telegram.

See video. Pretty dramatic. The Lighting in Coordination with the Sun and Clouds Makes it Look Pretty Real. We Are Supposed to See More in the “Spirit Realm” or Higher Dimensional Beings Going Forward, Including Angels and Other Created Beings (“Aliens”)

  • There are TONS of different space ship pics and videos floating out there online.  Telegram channels are a good place to find a bunch.
  • Don’t forget, we have a Space Force.  Now how did we go from rockets to flying saucers, TRB3’s., portal opening ability and travel in seemingly a couple decades?  We didn’t.  We had a “Secret Space Force” for many decades prior, a faction with good guy aliens and another faction with bad guy aliens.  
  • So the concept here is that we fell from Eden.  Eden was simply in a higher dimension.  We fell to a lower grade dimension called 3D earth where there’s a lot of ugliness and evil.   The spiritual cosmic guys have been saying for a while that there is to be an ascension of Earth.  But they also say that those who took the “Mark of the Beast” 1.0 shot will stay in a lower dimension while others will ascend into “5D”, as fits with the Book of Revelation. 
  • As mentioned in Matthew 25, there is a separation of sheep and goats.  Sheep are good. Goats are not good.  (So stop slandering sheep those of you out there who use “sheep” as an insult – sheep are smart, the only follow their master’s voice; you using sheep as an insult have the wrong animal).  What’s the dividing line?  As many spiritual types, cosmic types and cosmic Christians says, the dividing line is:  those who are in service to others vs. those who are in service to self.  It is said that if you are 51% in service to others and didn’t take the Mark of the Beast, then you will ascend to 5D, or the good place as mentioned in Revelation. 
  • Other Bible scholars who actually study the original words and the original Paleo before it was corrupted my “modern Hebrew” and the Jesuits and whomever else,  at least as reported, say that the Lake of Fire, the 2nd Death is having to go through many cycles of death, dying over and over again, being reincarnated (you know, like Elijah to John the Baptist) for another 26,000 year cycle or some amount of years like that) so you learn the lessons in your spirit to choose good and not evil.  So death and hell are thrown into the Lake of Fire.  The Lake of Fire then would be considered more inline with the concept of “tried by fire”, experiencing all sorts of intense and dramatic things periodically to make a deep impression learning lesson on your spirit, so eventually you’ll choose good and choose God.  Jesus came to break us out of this cycle and save us from having to go through another 26,000 year or however long that cycle was.   These concepts do have good logic to them as opposed to going to hell to be tortured and slaughtered forever and ever because you were not spiritually mature enough, or just too spiritually young.   It will be interesting to see more information about all these topics as the rest of the 777 books of the Bible are released. 

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