Anti Vaccine and Shedding Protocol Protection – Christian Patriot News and Ardis Labs

“30,000 U.S. Vaccine Deaths! 115,000 Injured! Vax “Shedding” Super Spreading Depopulation Bioweapons!”

I think they got the numbers wrong:

30,000 U.S. Vaccine Deaths! 115,000 Injured! Vax “Shedding” Super Spreading Depopulation Bioweapons!  >> if you’re looking at the Harvard Study of only 1% or less vaccine injuries being reported and if you have 3500 reported deaths and you need to “add 2 zeros” as the interviewee said, then that would mean 3500> 35,000 for 1 zero added then > 350,000 estimated deaths in the usa alone already going by that 1% report rate to VAERS

And on that note with a globally coordinated depopulation event going on, do you even trust VAERS reporting especially when most health care professionals have their life threated if they go against the system.    It maybe far less deaths reported as well.  We don’t know. We’re just guessing.   We warned and warned and warned. But the brainwashed went off and did it anyways getting this Depop Shot.  Now they are spreading their vaccines that even the FDA stated in their papers could cause over 100 different diseases, these vaccines, but they kept it quiet. 

So right now we need a miracle.  We need God to step in quickly with something miraculous.  Release those med beds. 

In the mean time the fellow from Ardis Labs released his protocol for defense against vaccine shedders.

  1. 10,000 mg vitamin C.  Look into buffered vitamin c with magnesium, or calcium or sodium too.
  2. 200 mg of zinc. 
  3. 8000 IU of vitamin D3
  4. 200 micrograms of selenium

Here is a video from last year but he describes better in the video below this one. 



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