Amazing Supernatural Protection in Communist China

Amazing Supernatural Protection in Communist China

Watch how God supernaturally protected Dr. Michelle Corral multiple times in China!
▶▶Secrets of the Anointing [Book & 4 CDs]:
▶▶Secrets of the Anointing [Digital Download]:

From Kathryn Kuhlman to Mother Teresa, Michelle Corral worked alongside the most anointed ministers of all time. Michelle says their boldness and purpose is transferable to you!

Michelle Corral wants to introduce you to the God who moves mountains…for you and through you. She means your God who gives the Spirit and the Anointing without measure.

Michelle says the more things change, the more God stays the same. Over her years of ministry, she learned from personal experience that the anointing is transferrable. Just remember, the anointing serves God, not man, and it goes hand in hand with intimate relationship!

In her new book, Secrets of the Anointing, Michelle shares wisdom gained from over 40 years working with the Spirit of God alongside ministries ranging from Kathryn Kuhlman to Mother Teresa. Those treasures help you:

• Understand the anatomy of the anointing
• Enhance your relationship with the person and power of the Holy Spirit
• Learn how “hiding and abiding” in prayer will multiply miracles and increase the supernatural power of God in your life
• Discover unlimited promises within the princely, priestly, prophetic and power properties of the anointing

Along with her 4-CD/Audio series, Supernatural Adventures, Michelle helps you understand how you can receive a specific anointing the same way she did. It is transferrable! Align yourself with the purposes of God—and get ready.

Dr. Michelle Corral is founder of Breath of the Spirit Ministries in Orange County, California. She teaches at multiple campuses throughout California and at Schools of the Prophets nationwide. Michelle has a weekly telecast and has been guest of TBN, This Is Your Day, The Threshing Flood and many other broadcasts.

▶▶Secrets of the Anointing [Book & 4 CDs]:
▶▶Secrets of the Anointing [Digital Download]:

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