Almost All of Christianity Captured by The Judeo Christian Con Job? Check This Out

man with white face mask

The Judeo Christian Conjob.  I’ll Let Dewey Explain this to You.  This Point is Being Pressed Right Now by the White Hats, Q, Ezra 

Christianity Thinks that Jews Are God’s Chosen People and It’s Showing to Be Quite the Opposite.  If We Would Have Only Listen to Jesus and What He Said About These Reptilians…

Note:  Dewey likes talk about racial things. Some may find some of his recordings, especially his radio show archive recordings offensive, actually, most will.  But he’s done great research work over time in finding out what words mean in the Bible going all the way back to the Paleo Hebrew and also the Greek.  He also has excellent knowledge of many different things which helps him logically explain many topics of the Bible.  His messages are pin point for right now and have probably helped save the planet by waking up enough people to what has really been going on and who was behind it as the wicked proceeded onwards in their attempts to exterminate all humans from the Earth (not just 90%).    Note:  you may want to increase the speed of the video to 1.25 to 1.5


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