All Pharmaceuticals, Vaccines and the Entire Allopathic MD Industry Needs to Be REPLACED with…

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All Pharmaceuticals, Vaccines and the Entire Allopathic MD Industry Needs to Be REPLACED with… Healing Modalities and Technology that Honors God – Because all of this Scientific Mumbojumbo By Pharmakeia MD is a Disaster with the End Game of Your End Game.

There are many healers that can cure pretty much anything on the planet. And these healers use what?  The honor God’s design. They honor God’s word.  And were not even talking miracles yet.  They just simply and logically look to follow the system that God has made… They respect God’s design of things, especially, the human design.  They respect God’s foods and herbs.  

The MD allopaths Pharmakeia are Satanists.  They hate God and His ways.  They often say how God ‘did a bad job’ in the wicked people in can’t cure a thing while creating multiple problems in you that show up either immediately, medium-term or over time.  Sorry, you can say you’re Christian but if you’re practicing Satanic sorcery which is most of allopathic MD “modern medicine” arguably, and Pharmaceuticals entirely, arguably.   You’re maiming, making sick and killing lots and lots of people and now your whole industry is coming to a culmination with the intended murder of billions, BILLIONS of people. 

How will you be able to tell and understand what is being said here with these “outlandish statements”?  Go study Dr. Sebi and Dr. Robert Morse – these two have achieved a miraculous without even trying to or without even asking for actual miracles. They just seek to honor God and his ways and his design. And guess what? It works!  They focus on 1. logic 2. the body’s design  3. foods as close to God’s original design as possible.  4. herbs.   They regenerate. They heal.  They restore.  They bring LIFE. 

Pharmakeia is sorcery trickery designed for your destruction all of mankind’s destruction. And you probably are gathering that.

 I hate to say it but through seemingly endless repetitive experience and interaction with allopathic MDs in person and even studying their various videos and writings online…. I hate to say it but either these people are some of the dumbest this planet has ever produced or they are some of the most duped or they are some of the most wicked this planet has every known, some more than others of course. I’m not trying to be mean here but these guys have screwed up my health multiple times over from my youth until I took charge as a teenager. 

If I listened to the advice I’ve received from MD’s over the year I’d probably have died multiple times over.  But I became educated enough to avoid or at least start avoiding later, their destructive traps.  They killed my dog with their vaccines ( well that would be the veterinarian but those guys are in the same line of thinking these days) and they just killed a close relative brutally torturing this relative for almost a year, lying to them all the way while insulting ways that work with proven track records, torching them with this magic pill and that, with this magic treatment and that, with this surgery or that while telling him to eat junk food, artificial sweetener, all the exact wrong foods for the problem on top of that, while saying that natural herbs and supplements were bad (because a rat could have pooped on them in China!! Snakes.  Brood of vipers.)  It was an utter murderous clown show. But I can’t really call it murder because the patient consented to it and believed their sorcery, trickery pied piper talk (the Pied Piper version that lures people into being eaten by giants). 

Even from a young age I learned that these MD guys would screw me over and over as they did several times over from my youth.  So I start solving my own health problems if I wanted to have health problems solved.  I mean it was incredible other than a few things these MD’s didn’t seem to understand basic logic on how the body works.  Who are these people?  What’s wrong with them?  These people are scammers…. were some of the thoughts I had in my early teens.   And you could say that on largely talking about the and the doctors that deal with health, disease, skin care, joints, eyes, organs… not necessarily the emergency care or  surgeons like reconstructive surgeons.  

MD doctors can execute tasks and their training but when it comes to health and being healthy and solving health problems, they are a disaster. Most people would say in the allopathic doctors forte is emergency work yet that means a ton of improvements.

And while I’m going off on the M.D. allopathic doctors right now? Well what’s going on out there?  Mass deaths even before the date vaccines in the vaccines are designed to accelerate that especially over the next 3 to 6 months.  Also I want mercy and repentance and you could say freedom and joy for MD doctors, to have their industry corrected and cleansed from it’s Satanic roots. I’m not sure what percentage of doctors out there who are more interested actually healing people versus making money but regardless, that industry needs to be completely gutted and reformatted, while taking out all of the fat, the scammy fees in the industry and while eventually pain doctors better than ever.  So even though I am on allopathic MD doctors case I want them to “evolve” or rather turn back to God and start healing people instead of killing them.  I want the pressure from their industry forcing them into running scammy procedures and treating patients into sorcery magic pills to be removed.  reset the industry and let the doctors execute the new way.

On top of that they were cutting out organs and body parts wrecking peoples futures because they know what they’re doing when there were simple solutions to the problem. These people don’t care about what causes a problem they just want to treat it and bill you for it.  In fact on that note either these guys were just really dumb, brainwashed or they were just liars who tell you that your full nonsense if you talk about root causes, ask questions about them while also telling you that pharmaceuticals  are never the problem and they could never have caused any problem in you… Vaccines too.  And in the past this type of talk would be considered nitpicking but as you learn how many people these MD allopathic doctors and their pharmaceutical overlords kill, maim or make sick, as you can see from their own statistics, and even CNN reported on them!! – you realize this is not a joke.

So therefore I started rapidly learning and differentiating between what works and what does not.  My interaction with these various MD people and others who care more about money, status and praise of mankind in contrast to my growth through experience while getting to know the Bible more and more, has brought me to a point that brings clarity on what’s going on.  And now the world is gonna get a shock that they’ll never forget in regards to what Pharmakeia MD allopathic “modern medicine” actually is and how it relates to Revelation 18 – through Pharmakeia the nations were deceived… and this Vaccine maybe it setting up potentially as some various vaccine experts say, tens, hundreds of millions or billions may die.    

We were told that in the kingdom age  the wicked would  suffer by numerous prophets. The wealth of the wicked would be transferred to the righteous.  So my suggestion would be for you, all of us to get to know the New Testament fast and start getting in line with the whole New Testament as fast as possible.

In my opinion, you’re allopathic M.D. look for a way out. Look to start healing people instead of killing them, may mean them, making them sick. Stop working for Satan  and chief medical officer Dr. Ba’al ( look at the Baphomet’s  stomach  and you’ll see your symbol!).  You may want to go on sabbatical for a while, maybe for the following year.  In as a warning if you’re injecting people with these vaccines because you’re being pressured to – are you sure you want the guilt running a person’s life for killing them and even potential war crimes charges put upon you?      

But hopefully the good guys come through with all of this new technology release soon.   But still, you’ll never get away from God’s ways.  Only God heals. Only God brings life.  Honor God’s designs of things and success will come.  And don’t forget about your own health and your family’s health.  You don’t want them to end up in the hands of an MD these days….

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