All MD Doctors and Nurses are Satanists?

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Yes. Because they Practice Sorcery with #1 Their Curses they Put Over You #2 Their Tricks to Make You Sicker with Multiple New Problems Later #3 Their Misdiagnosis or Intentional Misdiagnosis for the Sake of a Fee #4 Their Use of Pharmaceutical Pharmakeia Drugs #5 Their Pretending to Be Ignorant often is a Cover for the Sinister – Does that Sound Extreme? It Will Sound Less Extreme the More and More You Learn About the Ways of God, the Ways That Work.

But Because, O Lazy Man, You’ve Rejected the Ways of God for Healing, Eating, Thinking and Acting, and Choose with Your Will to Remain Ignorant of the Ways of God, Knowingly Sinning in Your Use of Drugs, Eating Corrupted Foods, Processed foods, Non Organic Foods, While Ignoring God’s Herbs & Foods He’s Given Us for Healing and Optimal Functioning, Because You Have Chosen, Have Accepted Satanic Medicine then You Reap the What Satanic Medicine Brings Which is Sickness, Maiming, Disabling, Corrupting, Diseasing, Dumbing Down and Lots and Lots of Early Death…

If You Rely on Satanic MD Allopathic Pharmecutical Medicine then You Are Relying on Satanic Medicine that Correlates with Everything of the Negative, Inverse and Darkside vs Life and God.

Listen to Peter Colla – He Has Some of the Best Insight and Best Explanation of How MD Allopathic Medicine & Pharmaceutical Medicine Works in Their Trickery Onto a Curse, Sickness, Destruction, Burning, Cutting Out Needed Organs and Various other Body Parts and Ultimately, Death Acceleration While Making as Much Money off of You Along the Way. By Now, to Most of the World these Statements Should Not be a Surprise Anymore, but Simply Factual. Yes MD Allopathic Pharmakeia “Medicine” Needs to Be Replaced, Doctors and Nurses Need to Be Retrained (if Possible), and the Release of Studies for Natural Cures Can Utterly Replace Pharmaceuticals Already, without Even any Future Research, while Those who Think they Need to Escape God Need to Wake Up and Realize that is Ridiculous, that Satan Lied to You (of course) and You Can Be Saved while Having a Blast, a Ton of Never Ending Fun and Adventure with People who will Love You and Treat You Right… Go talk to God, ask for Help, Make Yeshua, God the Son Your Lord, Believe that He Died for Your Sins, Yes, Even Your Hideous Sins and Get into Heaven (And Stop Destroying things and People) – It Will All Be Allright. It Will All Be Good. God wants the Worst Sinners to Repent for they will what? Love More! REPENT! See theses great videos:

Peter’s website

His Youtube Channel




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