Aliens Get it – How to Cure Cancer. Report from Pleiadean Aliens

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Aliens Get it – How to Cure Cancer. Report from Pleiadean Aliens

Are these real aliens? Are they a tribe of angels?  Angel is a messenger. They are in a higher dimension.  Angels are in a higher dimension and can step into this dimension and look like a human as has happened in the Bible many times over. Regardless, they sure are smart!

Finally Someone Else Gets it. They Sounded Like Me Talking. Cancer as a Plumbing Problem:

  • Chronic inflammation caused by chronic: toxins, acid forming foods, stagnation, poor O2 levels throughout the body, poor hydration, lack of essential nutrients (causes malfunction in the body, cells breakdown, die, leave extra acidic sewage, builds up and clogs.)  What gets clogged? Your lymphatic system, which takes out the interstitial garbage, mostly through the kidneys out on through the urine but also through the lungs and sweat.  Chronic inflammation > mucous clogging > or cholesterol clogging > restriction of O2 > lack of neutralization of acids and toxins > lack of oxygen to cells > tumor forms for saving surrounding tissues.   More chronic inflammation causing factors (the “chronic irritant” – the reason for cancer as described decades ago) the more the body must try and respond to save your life by growing more tumors and bigger tumors.    Chemotherapy is acid, battery acid level pH, therefore helps encourage and spread the climate for more tumors to grow. 
  • Cutting out lymph nodes is foolish, sinister, thereby negating future interstitial fluid waste, acid pools and toxins to be properly cleansed from that area causing future problems, worse problems
  • Cutting out organs and body parts > sinister > Frakenstonian > wicked > then claiming ‘you didn’t really need that organ or parts of your colon > when the cancer climate should have been simply neutralized instead even by simple methods using baking soda solution as Dr. Tulio Simoncini does.
  • You don’t “kill cancer”, well you do if your are a Satanic allopathic MD practicing pharmakeia demon snake medicine.  You “heal out” cancer.  Find the root causes and stop them.  Then do the good.  Stop all bad.  Replace with doing all good. REPENTANCE to the ways of God is the cure as Dr. Sebi and Dr. Robert Morse have found. 
  • Poorly functioning kidneys?  Unhealthy kidneys due to a variety of factors?  Not employing kidney boosting foods and herbs? Not hydrating well with proper electrolytes? Not moving lymph enough?  Poisoning kidneys with drugs?  Too much protein in your diet? (as MD’s realized how well excessive protein diet can damage kidneys they started promoting a heavy protein diet, especially if you have cancer (which is one of the worst things you can do.)   Health restoration of kidneys through fruit only diet.  Fruit only diet (doesn’t have to be forever but at least to fix the problem) cleanses out the plumbing of the body, especially citrus, grapes, berries, melons.  There are many great herbs that boost kidney health in the process.  And alkaline forming diet is a MUST along with strong levels of hydration mixed with good levels of electrolytes.  Electrolytes ore:  sodium, chloride, calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphate and bicarbonate (i.e. baking soda is sodium bicarbonate – there are many cancer reversal protocols that have successfully reversed cancer scenarios – Dr. Tulio Simoncini through his clinics have cured, fixed over 100,000 cancer scenarios through baking soda IV and surgical dousing of tumor areas with baking soda solution.) 
  • Tumors Are Your Friends Saving Your Life. Never Cut Out Tumors (Unless they are ridiculously massive and about to mechanically block something vital) But Reduce the Cause of Why the Tumor Was Growing in the First Place: A Chronic Sewage Backup. Solution: Fruit Feasting with Grapes, Berries and Citrus Emphasis, Grapes Alone is Popular while Boosting the Organs and Body Functionality with Herbs. Identify Exact Problem Areas through Iridology. Just Go Find Every Video and Book of Dr. Robert Morse – one of the greatest known healers outside the realm of direct intervention miracles, over possibly the past few thousand years.
  • Dr. Morse and similar healers, Dr. Sebi focus on REPENTANCE, turning back to the ways of God in your foods, and they get many times over PROVEN results.
  • But if you want to trust snake medicine, go ahead, and get the results that Satanic snake medicine brings which is to steal, destroy and kill while making a fortune on you all the way all while laughing at how foolish you are.
  • Now you can listen to the aliens explain about cancer: 

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