ALERT: Meat Burgers Contain Vaccine Backup Plan Turn You to Zombies

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ALERT: Meat Burgers Contain Vaccine Backup Plan Turn You to Zombies – Shown on Simpson Which Usually Predicts the Future Accurately, and Some Zombie Las Vegas Movie with Drax Pro Wrestler Guy Bautista. EOM.  Alerts coming up on news channels about McDonalds being a prime source.  

Rabbi Admits Here Says that certain Jews Sacrifice Children, Probably Religious Christianity too, Drink their Blood but then Put Ground Up Children in McDonalds, other Fast Food and Sausage etc.  Finkelstein said it.  Many White Hats Have Said This.  Guess We’ll Find Out More and More Facts Over Time. 

These are said to be the Cannibals, the Canaanites, the Tares, the Reptilians that Descended from Eve Hooking Up with a Reptilians of the Garden.  Trees in the Bible Were Nations of People – See Ezekiel – and Humans, Adam and Eve Were Not to Hook Up with the Reptilians, the More Wise and Crafty in Eden.  But Eve Was Seduced as Even Joseph, the Step Father of Jesus Said in One of the other Books Left Out of the Bible.  Well These Reptilians Were Not Happy that Humans Came to Earth and Have Been Trying to Get Rid of Humans Since.  Reptilians Can Shape Shift and Cloak as You’re Seeing Many Videos Out there Where Politicians and Famous People Show a Blip of How their Eyes turn into Sideways Blinking Reptile Eyes, Or their Throat Bulges Out Like a Frog or Lizard – Prophet Robin Bullock Has Mentioned this Too.

Thankfully God is stepping in and helping us but we still have to be wise and make the right choices.  REPETNT and turn back to a Genesis 1 Diet to heal the body, avoid problems and look great in the process.  Use trusted organic food sources only.  Meat and dairy has been especially targeted for poisoning you and sneakily vaxxing you.  Unless a cure comes out soon for these vaxxes, if you get it, it’s said that you’re DOOMED.  You can also get vaxed by exchanging fluids with the vaxxed, sexually, sharing drinks, enhaling their sneeze or whatever other means. 

Rabbi Abraham Finkelstein “Comes Clean” – Ready for a Shocker – Listen to This!



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