ALERT: Massive Radiation Pouring Out of Water Filled DUMB Poisoning People Across the USA and Planet

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ALERT: Massive Radiation Pouring Out of Water Filled DUMB Poisoning People Across the USA and Planet.  Shocking.  Hard data intel.  Beware, dude looks like a lady.  Kids losing hair. In Locations across country. See if you’re area is effected.  Also beware, new ager talk – We do not endorse but post for potential life saving data, for you.

They are saying that after Military blew up and burned out the DUMBS deep underground military bases, each DUMBS had a nuclear reactor for power. And when they poured water in the dumbs it flushed out massive radiation poisoning.  Shocking. Just stumbled upon this video.  Do your own research.   They have hard data charts. Sound like they know what they are talking about.

QUESTIONS:  Are these now sounding like mass scale radiation poisonings from the DUMBS a mistake?  Was the ALLOWANCE of Depopulation End Times Mark of the Beast “Vaccines” (and all vaccines are fake trojan horse weapons) a mistake?   Was the allowance of collusive satanic main stream media to keep blabbering since 2016 a mistake, a misjudgment? a Or a strategic ploy in order to “get rid of” all those who just don’t know enough about satanic allopathic MD, or who would go against knowing intuition to follow what everyone else was doing, or those who would bow to those with crooked messages just because they had a round polished voice, who spoke well and pleasantly or who just sounded authoritative?  Not many unless they already had negative experiences like their pets murdered my satanic pharmakeia veterinarians, or their family members murdered by satanic allopathic pharmakeia MD’s, or who have gotten chronically sick from listening to MD’s and their satanic nurses, would avoid taking their ‘medicines’ or shots.    Why do allopathic MD’s their nurses, pharmacies pharmacists, and pharmaceutical companies still exist??   – it’s ALL satanic, founded by Satanists who have the Baphomet’s belly’s logo as their symbol; they come to trick, steal, make sick, maim, destroy and kill – that’s all MD’s ultimately do.  At this point, they maybe the biggest systematic murderers this planet has ever known.  What happened to goodness being shown that would have led so many of these people to repentance, salvation?   Where is the goodness?


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