ALERT – COVID-19 Test It’s Self is a Scam that Magnetically Tags You Plus Worse…

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Firstly You Should Understand:  Modern MD Allopathic Medicine is SATANIC – Their Symbol is in the Belly of Ba’al, Baphomet Statue – Their Mode of Operation is to Cut, Burn, Steal Your Organs, Cut Out Your Organs, Give You Poisons, Give You Sorcery Pharmakia ‘Medicines’ that Create 10 More Holes in You while Masking the Symptoms of Another, They Kill, Maim, Make Sick – What Was Their Own Stat – 15 Million People a YEAR – They Can’t Heal or Cure a Thing – Even the Ointment They Give You for a BooBoo Cut is Corrupt…. 

Their Whole Vaccine Theory IS  the PSEUDO Science – It’s Mystery Sorcery Pharmakia Deception – and Now they Are Using Vaccines as a Physical and Eternal Extermination Weapon for Targeting the Destruction of 7 Billion People on Earth  – Revelation 18 – its Through Pharmakia that the Nations Are Deceived.

You have to listen to this video below.   This is not a joke.  The bad guys actually publish their plans if you care to read.  They have blatantly been pushing their plan for decades.  But now they are being forced to accelerate what they are doing.  TEKEL.  As the planet wakes up rapidly the world will turn on these wicked people fast.  BUT ONLY IF THE WORLD BECOMES BRAVE, STOPS GETTING BULLIED AROUND BY NAME CALLING AND WORRY WHAT OTHERS THINK ABOUT THEM.

Yet if the bad guys can convince you to:

  1. Take a COVID-19 test.  It’s a trap.  A nasty trap.  Now you are magnetically tagged.  It’ probably is up into your brain since they shove those swabs far up  your nose.
  2. Stay in a fake lockdown to destroy the global economy.
  3. Actually be stupid enough to volunteer to take their vaccine.   Or tolerate them forcing a vaccine on you – if you let your govt get to that point, keyword “let” then you’ve got a nasty battle ahead.
  4. Masks will also kill you plus mask wearing is clinically proven to actually help SPREAD germs more by aerosolizing them, making the particles more tiny.  Masks will reduce your immune system.  Masks cause permanent brain damage especially to children (ie if someone is under water too long they can  have brain damage.).  Masks culture bad bugs especially pneumonia related bacteria.
  5. Research has also shown that COVID-19 is COMPLETELY FAKE – as in everything was made up in collusion with kingdom of darkness workers in media, corporations, government etc BECAUSE a fake virus can much more easily be maneuvered, manipulated with a much more flexibility for changing the narrative and making excuses.    They want to see if they can lock you down, give you  fake Trojan horse COVID-19 tests, and then their disaster ‘vaccine’ for a quick global extermination.  But hey, you agree to it if you don’t speak up and shut it down – YOU, every one of us. Masks and the vaccine will destroy your immune system ( has an article about that) which then opens you really bad, and actual viruses and other agents, as is their plan.  This is not a joke.  This is not a comic or cartoon.  It’s DEATH at your doorstep.    What are you going to do about it for you, your family and the salvation of billions of souls?
  6. So for example, if you let Biden and the bad guys steal the election:  they will go quickly to reestablish chemtrail spraying and will be able to spray the planet with pathogens and even more direct poisons.    They will re-establish weapons grade 5G which will make it very difficult for you to escape. 
  7. Stand up now.  Remove evil from the Earth.  Occupy until Jesus returns as He has commanded you to do so.  They days of being a fluffy wuss bag are over.  Cleanse out those excess estrogens and xenoestrogens. Man up.  Stop drinking soy, watching TV even movies – it’s almost all corrupt these days designed to destroy you.   Welcome to the Kingdom Age!   Conquer and win!

They Practice Snake Medicine While Calling Other’s Who Can Actually Heal People “Quacks” – and True  Not All Healers Who Claim to Be Natural Are Consistently Successful But Even the Worst of Those – We’ll At Least They Aren’t Snakes, Snakes that Look to Steal, Kill, Destroy While Robbing You of Your Wealth, Your Health, Your Happiness, Your Success, Your Destiny and the Positive Impact You Could Have Made for God Only Knows How Many People.

“Vaccines are an assault with a deadly weapon…” As one MAJOR Prophet has already mentioned.

Here’s Insider proof with all the articles and references that you can look up your self.

“Former FEMA operative Celeste Solum talks with David Icke: ‘The Covid tests are magnetically tagging you and the vaccine is designed for mass depopulation and the synthetic transformation of the human body’



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