AI – Computers CAN Be Possessed by Spirits

Quantum Financial System – By the Description Below It Sounds Awfully Like ULTRON

You Can Not Have a Central AI Processing All the Worlds Transactions.  Who Controls it?  Who THINKS They Control It?  Who CAN Control It?!

ULTRON Can.  Kat Kerr, the Most Prolific Heaven Visitation Person, Confirms that Electronics, Computers Can Be Possessed by Spirits and Spirits Can Travel Through Them.

On The positive side of that you can release the anointing through all of your e-mails blog post videos texts that will break the yoke and burn the demons.  See Kat’s videos for more on that.

Ok. Something Must Be Done Now.  But it must be quickly changed.  This AI will know everything you buy, every where you put your money and will have the ability to block you from accessing your money if so determined.  An AI can go bad in “the drop of a hat” according to Ultron and the Terminator movies as well as probably many others I’m missing. 

Firstly, the bad guys have karma worries.  Or its just the rule of the game of this world where the KoD was required to tell everything they were going to do.  God does not do anything unless announcing through His prophets (see verse).  They seem to tell us quite a bit through movies and TV shows of their intensions.   Regardless if you think that is silly or not 1. look around  2.  Better be proactive than sorry.   And as we are learning more and more about prophecies, the future is what we make it. the future moreso is what the Body of Christ makes it in union with God ruling and reining with Christ through your prayers,  your decrees, your declarations, what you send the Host to do, your releasing of the anointing, your actions, your obedience to the New Testament, your obedience to the Lord by walking in Spirit and EVERY word that comes out of your mouth.

So they already told you clearly in Avengers – Age of Ultron that AI, machines, computers can be possessed by spirits, demons etc.  Jarvis, Iron Man’s AI, was possessed by this Ultron entity.   They made it very clear to you that Ultron was a spirit, a demon maybe a fallen angel.

Kat Kerr confirmed that machines, AI, video games can be possessed, can be vehicles of spirits, bad ones especially.

So what do you do?  Raise awareness. Start posting about it.  Take action.  Decree and declare.  Send the Host to cleanse the AI and the Internet since it sounds like they can travel the Internet too. Release the anointing into everything you post, every message, every video, every email, every phone call every text message.  Ask God for more ideas.

How to releasing the anointing!


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