The Age of Man of 120 Is Reached in September 2016

The Age of Man of 120 Is Reached in September 2016

Does this mean that times up?  It should but I don’t think so.  It depends on God’s mercy.  I believe you will be merciful as prophesies that about the Victory with Donald Trump getting elected. Donald Trump in concept would set up the end times harvest and usher in and peace and prosperity needed right before the tribulation.  That’s from my understanding thus far.  Take it as an idea.

[UPDATE as of June 2018: There was an end of age at 2012.   God delayed the start because the body of Christ was not ready so we got 4 more years of hideousness. Now in 2016 the Kingdom Age has commenced where “Kingdom rises against Kingdom” – the Invasion of Heaven to the Earth, that has been controlled by the Kingdom of Darkness ever since Eve and Adam chose to obey the Kingdom of Darkness through the serpent and his scam promise which is making a big comeback today with their ‘ascension’ message “ye shall be as gods”.   Foolish. 

God will make you “as gods”, priests, kings and lords. Lucifer has do power to do such a thing and all he cares about in regards to you is your worship which will end in your destruction.  The other thing Lucifer cares about is your destruction if you don’t worship him.   Follow Lucifer and his ways of iniquity which are powered by negative emotions and their consequent actions the only result is destruction.  And since you were made to not die you will be destroyed over and over forever in the grips of the creature called sin in the home of sin, evil, iniquity, the separated out zone in “dimension zero” called Hell then the Lake of Fire. 

So join God instead for He is the center of all things life and all of the positive, constructive emotions and their consequent actions.  He is your Creator and you came from Him.  So TURN (repent) back to Him, overcome the tests of these world and prove yourself loyal to God by honoring, thanking Him, loving Him which comes through obeying Him.  Throw off your denominations, your religions, your doctrines and obey God instead.  And God says what?  The Bible!  Throw away all other ideas and beliefs and reprogram yourself with the New Testament instead; live, thrive, become immortal, become eternally wealthy, overcome this life and be in love with God and He with you forever.

We’ll have to fill in more on this about page later as we figure out better what we are about.   2016 has brought us into a new Kingdom Age where Heaven has started to invade the earth, battling the Kingdom of Darkness for control.  After this Kingdom Age (which some prophets say will last for centuries) we go into the 7 year bump in the road called the “Tribulation”.  That comes after the Body of Christ conquers the planet then are snatched away to the marriage supper of the Lamb.  Right now you and I need to get prepared so we can rule, reign and conquer the planet with Christ or Jesus through us as we learn to hear His voice and obey His commands.  And that’s going to take a lot of work, aggressive work for we now have to overcome all of this religious and doctrinal brainwashing.  So its time to take action, get aggressive and get to work:  Here are some started action steps below. We’ll look to update these over time:


And on that note I’m more concerned about you being ready to meet your end time! You must be ready for when you die because when it is your time you must be ready, fully repented of your sins, yes, after your born again.  You need to drop your popular denomination and its doctrine and start following Jesus obeying His every command.  For emphasis on that, according to does love going on heaven and hell visitations, the Lord has said less then 1% of pastors will enter the rapture!  Start investing in the Kingdom, the end times harvest is starting now.  Starting ask of kindness.  Love Jesus above everything else, factually and absolutely.  Ask the Lord for help on these things.  Repent out of every send an uninstall your sin beliefs thinking that it is okay we’re going to do this or that sin from your being. Die to self and let the Lord direct your life.  Worship God in truth and spirit.  Pray daily and repent daily.  Get on one of our volume Bible reading plans.

All images taken from this site Tracking Bible Prophecy.  Go to their site and see this full amazing article that goes into great detail on one of the best analysis of end times, Bible numbers and patterns found to date.

I ran across this after searching for the significance of the number 50 for it seemed to me the slaughter in Orlando of 50 in a gay bar was a sign.  Last I heard there were 50 dead, 49 gays and the killer.  That got me thinking and researching about the significance of the number 50 In the Bible.  Then I run across more detailed information on the Jubilee cycles in the agent man.   49 years and 1 to a Jubilee cycle. And so we have this slaughter a 49 and the one killer who did it in the name of Islam, hence more thoughts of judgment four it seems to me that Ishmael has been raised up as the rod of God to punish the planet this time as we go into the end of this age.

On that note see this new post regarding why only 10% of Christians in 1 % of pastors will get raptured! Find out how to make sure you are one of them!

You can see the details of their excellent detailed report Prophetic Patterns in Numbers

Here’s another excellent post on the Jubilee 

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The point of this all is that we are right here.  It’s about to turn into the end of the year of Jubilee in the fall of 2016.  Will the Lord show the world mercy by doing what has been prophesied about Donald Trump leading the world to victory, opening the way for the end times harvest or will judgment and destruction come. Regardless you and I have to be ready to meet our Maker.

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