Action Plan to Mark Taylor Prophecy Full Circle of 10-19-16

  1. The Spirit of God says He will use the USA & Russia to take on the 4th Reich, the Nazis, the New World Order, the Nazi’s that almost took over completely until God stepped in and Donald Trump is elected. 
  2. The Spirit of God says USA and Russia will slay “ISIS”.
    • That’s just about finished as of this typing  at the start of October 2018
    • ISIS is reported to have been a Satanic Globalist Cabal Illuminate NWO … creation using largely USA tax dollars to pay them their salaries.  And the start to a quick demise was to stop paying them. Anyone can be manipulated and controlled by the Darkside if they hold on to or continually conjure up a negative emotional state such as envy, hatred, unforgiveness into doing the plans and tricks of  the Kingdom of Darkness into stealing, killing and destroying .
  3. The Spirit of God says ISIS is a plague and will be wiped out for their wrongs.
    • ISIS was created by Kingdom of Darkness workers from the USA and other nations has has been exposed for a part of their global takeover plan to usher in the AntiChrist and establish Lucifer as God. 
    • They tried to make their own timeline and almost got away with it… until God stepped in just at the right moment.
    • The Ironman 3 movie seemed to “let the world know” about what they were doing and how they were doing it.  So they say that telling the world what they are going to do is part of their Satanic “religion”  mixed concepts mentioned in Hindusim in that it seems as if they talk about “karma”.  So it’s “bad karma” if they don’t tell the world what they are going to do before hand.  They feel like they have to tell their plans of evil  ahead of time thinking that they are justifying their behavior by doing so.  Sci-fi movies seem to have a lot of their future foretelling. Part of their ” revealing”  of their plans was also to brainwash people into accepting them as reality because “they saw it in a movie”.
    • And yes it’s “karma time” but it’s not the “karma” they were expecting but the judgment of God.  In the mean while the Kingdom of Darkness is likely laughing at the foolishness of man for following their schemes, tricks and lies.  Ask yourself this: Why were you are willing acknowledge the spirit realm to believe in Satan, Lucifer, and look into his “mysteries” and doctrines but not acknowledge God, looking into His mysteries and doctrine through His Word?  Smarten up.  Wake up.  Go pursue God your Maker, the One you KNOW is your Maker in your sense of KNOWING (not your emotions of your heart) and go get right with Him.  God, Yeshua is eternal life and creation.  Sin, Lucifer is eternal death and destruction.  Which one sounds better to you?  Which sounds more fun?   So stop, drop and roll on over to God.  Just drop the dark and step into the Light. Keep it simple.  Change your beliefs.  Change who you follow.  Change who you obey.  Choose life.
  4. The Spirit of God says, Russia from the east and the USA from the west shall bring the so called beast of ISIS down to the least. 
    • It’s just about there as of this typing.
    • If countries repent to God and follow the King of Kings and Lord of Lords then the Kingdom of Darkenss will have no foot hold, no territory on this planet to do any of it’s destruction and termination of man kind ideas. You do know that they are trying to terminate all humanity, humanity made in God’s image, don’t you?  Don’t you know that they even publish their plans?  You can go look them up to see yourself.
  5. The Spirit of God He will not be put in a box and will use anyone He wants to accomplish God’s agenda. 
    • Amen.  That’s cool.  God is Good so He does goodness.  Why would anyone try to limit His goodness? Do you want badness? The Kingdom of Darkness will offer you plenty of that. 
    • It’s been quite shocking and pleasantly surprising in getting to know God more through so many of these modern Prophets,  prophets that actually were able to predict the future. For example, I hope you’ve been following these Mark Taylor prophecies real time over the past few years. From my experience it seems that those who know the Word of God pretty well can recognize God’s voice and character better when hearing a prophecy.  These prophecies such as the Mark Taylor prophecies and Kat Kerr  prophecies were resonating,  vibing in character, to the tune of similar “frequencies”  (as Mark talks about often) as sensed from the knowing the Word of God, the Bible.
    • Trough various religions and denominations its as if we’ve been taught about some other god.  It’s so important to know the Bible, knowing the Bible as you would know a person and not just knowing about the Bible.  From all the lessons we’ve learned over history, especially the last several decades, we’ve learned to never again rely on another man or woman  to teach you the word of God, but to be taught directly by God instead. Doesn’t Jesus say He is our One and Only Teacher?  What do you think that means?  Was He “joking”?  Does God say things He doesn’t mean?
    • On that note, on the whole, it seems that we have been led and all sorts of trouble and error because we’ve made man a teacher. We’ve feared man instead of God.  Fearing man is a snare isn’t it.  Following man or following man made doctrines instead of following Jesus has proven to be a very bad idea.   Disobeying the very plain command of Jesus Who told us not to call any man a teacher or leader because Jesus is our One and Only Teacher and Jesus is our One and Only Lord, Ruler, Leader. (Matthew 22 But you, do not be called ‘Rabbi’; for One is your [a]Teacher, [b]the Christ, and you are all brethren. Do not call anyone on earth your father; for One is your Father, He who is in heaven. 10 And do not be called teachers; for One is your Teacher, the Christ. – NKJV seems to be most accurate to the Greek).  Be taught by God.  Read His Word and listen to His voice.  Walk in the Spirit.  Follow Jesus in the Spirit.  Don’t harden your head, stiffen your neck, harden your heart and plug up your ears but relax, trust and hear God’s voice, for His sheep hear His voice.
    •   Are you starting to get this point?  This is a huge point that needs to be learned and understood in order to go forward here in this Kingdom age in accuracy and unified as one, in one body, with One Head, with One Ruler and One Lord. This is a point that will be emphasized very much going into the future according to prophecies as I’ve heard them. Stop listening to man or I should say stop following man (we can of course listen to men and women who reveal What the Lord Has revealed to them although we are to check the scriptures like the Bereans to see if these things are true…)  But we are to be taught by God directly through his word, as he reveals His word, as He reveals a layer of His Word, layer-by-layer, one at a time or by direct communication which implies that you would actually listen to Him.
  6. The Spirit of God reminds us that God is the God of the cosmos and that He will use anyone He wants whether you like it or not. 
    1. Here’s a question: why are we trying to tell God what to do or how to be?  Doesn’t that sound ridiculous?  What’s wrong with our brains and our hearts that we are telling God that He should be like this or that?  Sounds like maybe some, rather many of us have been fed too much error or are captured under a denominational doctrine religious  stronghold.  Or maybe we were taught some other god, some other Jesus…  Are you sure you know the Word?  Are you sure you know the Bible?  You would do well to get on our Volume Bible Reading plans – it’s so important in general and especially now to know the Entire Word of God while cleansing out all of this error that has bombarded us over the decades.
  7. The Spirit of God says ties between America and Russia will begin to mend.
    1. Ties have been mending even though it seems as they are not in the Satanic controlled main stream news.
    2. Russia has declared itself officially a Christian Nation.  Vladimir Putin and Russia now say that they are a defender of Christians worldwide which is a beautiful thing to say and do.   They say they will defend Christians throughout the world, even in the USA. That’s a nice thing to say.  Have you ever heard any ruler even say that they were going to defend you because you are Christian?  Even if it that’s just a statement it’s certainly a nice thing to say and hear especially since we’re used to hearing the opposite of such a statement.
  8. The Spirit of God  says USA and Russia will slay the so called Goliath and all of those who are behind it with one stone. 
    1. ISIS and the NWO will be terminated.  Haman’s noose is awaiting them.  I even heard that the guillotines that they were going to use on us in FEMA camps to then harvest our organs will even be used on them.  Esther 9:25 but when Esther came before the king, he commanded by letter that this wicked plot which Haman had devised against the Jews should return on his own head, and that he and his sons should be hanged on the gallows.
  9. The Spirit of God says USA and Russia will slay ISIS, the “Elite”, the Globalists and the Illuminati, all of which will be exposed by God’s light. 
    1. Keep this in context of what you see in the news. Observe the interaction and the strategy between USA and Russia.  Both have been teaming up in many ways as experts have been saying and you can also get a sense of it.
  10. The Spirit of God calls ISIS, the “Elite”, the Globalists and the Illuminati are an enemy to the world and God’s agenda.
    1. They have exposed themselves as literal Satanists who do lots of hideous things.
    2. They have bought into the lie of promises that cannot be delivered and unknowingly into their own destruction.  They have been chumped and punked by the Kingdom of Darkenss because they were too lazy to get to know God’s Word instead.  And unless they repent quickly to God switching up to Jesus as Lord instead of Lucifer,  they have a most hideous eternity  waiting for them.   Wake up you Satanists!  This world is not supposed to be for greatness and the maximization of self but for testing, and you have not been passing the test!    The test is: are you going to choose God as Lord  who can give you incredible riches beyond what you can even imagine,  beyond the billions and trillions, riches you can actually keep forever or are you going to choose Lucifer/Satan as lord,  who speaks of glamorous things but can only provide you the most gruesome torturous eternity where you are brutally destroyed, disemboweled, chopped to pieces, run through with spears, burnt to a crisp, eaten by maggots and worms…. over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again…   Does that sound enjoyable?  I think not.  So wake up.   Cry out to God fast.  Yes even you, you most hideous and miserable sinner can be forgiven as God has said.   He really wants you to turn to Him and He still loves you an incredible amount.  YOU CAN BE FORGIVEN.  Yes even for “that” sin.  Don’t break His heart.  You came from Him.  Now return to Him and make it back home.  You need the cover of Christ to get into Heaven.  Once free from sin you won’t miss that nasty stuff a bit.  Life is WAY more fun living holy.  But you must pass the test of this life to overcome all these tricks and temptations choose to love God, to be loyal to His commands of the New Testament. 
    3. These NWO, Globalists, Satanists etc. are willing to acknowledge the spirit realm and they are willing to acknowledge Satan,  yet they are unwilling to acknowledge God and the Son of God, their Maker?  
    4. Yet they tremble at the Name of the Son of God, Yeshua at the same time. 
    5. Wakeup you regenerated believer in Yeshua, Jesus!  You personally, even by yourself, because of Jesus in you, just you, have ALL power over ALL of the power of the enemy.   Realize it.  And start using it for God and the Kingdom.  You have been tricked into being week but week no longer you will be.  Go listen to some Kat Kerr recordings about this.
  11. The Spirit of God says  ISIS, the “Elite”, the Globalists and the Illuminati shall fall with a mighty blow so the Gospel will begin to flow. 
    1. Observe how this is done.   Make sure you’re not listening to “Main Stream Media”  at least to this point they are controlled by the 4th Reich, the Satanic NWO.   It  seems to be that people are addicted to Satan’s voice promising them this and that while making people focus on their happiness in the flesh in this world without the perspective of things eternal. A lot of people don’t want to be bothered by this whole transition process and they’d rather just see the old destructive ways stay in place, thinking that they will be fine and happy “like days of old”,  not understanding that their destruction was right around the corner by following after those Satanists.
  12. The Spirit of God says ISIS wears its flag like a prayer shawl but will be taken down with Shock and Awe.
    1. Everyone Knows by now that ISIS is a manufactured fake and NWO supplied and brainwashed agenda and they will, and are seeing or saw by the time you read this how quickly they were vanquished.  That said, the Satanic media has been in coordination with ISIS covering for them in coordination with all sorts of other schemes of the Satanic NWO Cabal so when they go and the truth is exposed for the world to see then there likely will be no more toleration for this Satanic nonsense on this planet at least as far as memories and studied history books last into the future.
  13. The Spirit of God says “freedom and liberty will begin to ring, and the people will begin to sing, as healing and light come from my wings.”
    1. Good news is around the corner  if not already here by the time you see this  so believe God, do what He says and move forward.
    2. Prepare yourself  to spread the Good News, the Gospel throughout the world. You will be able to use the internet too. God is taking back the Internet as the wicked built this up to be turned over to the righteous.
  14. The Spirit of God says His people will begin to rejoice and shout.
    1. Don’t be depressed but be excited.
    2. Stop listening to the enemy from media.  Stop listening to the enemy from errant pastors and preachers – at this point they should know by now or something is seriously wrong. And at this point (start of October 2018) if your religious institution is still preaching Doom and Gloom,  aligning their message with the enemy, the mainstream media, Satanic globalists, the “Democrat” party and or is still in the 501c3 then consider one of the two following options:  leave or be persistent and trying to help them wake up. Send them prophecy and show them why it’s accurate.  Send  them new sources of information that know what actually is going on  and is aligning  themselves with the plans of God. God’s sheep here is voice.  If your Pastor can not hear God’s voice then you have to wonder what’s going on.  Just because someone is a church leader or pastor doesn’t mean that they serve Jesus as Lord; they maybe serving another lord. Also if you stay at an institution be careful what you let into your soul through your senses because if your institution keeps preaching an error,  which they likely would be if they can’t see what’s going on,  then that error will get into your soul and influence you.
  15. The Spirit of God says God’s Gospel  is coming and will  go through all the Earth
    1. We have entered the end times Harvest for a billion souls. Get your boots on.   Join the Army of God. Take ground and conquer for the Kingdom of Heaven. Share the Good News throughout the Earth.  Get moving soldier!
    2. Start learning how to witness to people. Maybe read How to Witness without Fear by Bill Bright  several times and practice witnessing.  Don’t try to be perfect.  Lean on Holy Spirit for the right words to say in real time.   Find some good tract booklets and websites to send people to in order to believe on Jesus for real doing so formally and specifically through a “sinners prayer” .  A sinners pray, as popularly called is a genuine statement of belief one says from their whole heart to believe on Jesus, confess Jesus as Lord, inviting Jesus in to be their Lord and Savior.
    3. Get clarity in your mind and heart between Biblical Christianity,  “the real deal” vs.the doctrines of man.  Since the church is about to be judged and people across the world may not want  to have anything to do with organized religions or denominations anymore so you need be prepared to explain the difference between following Jesus as Lord vs. following man, doctrines, yourself or whatever else as lord.
  16. The Spirit of God says that the reason America was birthed was to take the Gospel to All Nations.
    1. Remember this. And keep this perspective of the times. 
    2. On that note keep the perspective that we are here to literally run a race in this life and we are not here to maximize the enjoyment and maximize ourselves, not to maximize our fame fortune and pleasure in this world for ourselves but are to do the things it takes according to what the New Testament says in order to maximize eternal wealth, eternal joy, eternal fame and eternal pleasure.  Are you seeing the difference? It’s a big deal.  A lot of the Heaven and Hell visitation testimonies (ones that are considered  authentic)  emphasize  the difference between Biblical versus religious Christianity and how it is critical that we do what God actually says from His Word while having the attitude He says that we should have from His Word.  We are to live for God and put the Kingdom of Heaven first. Obeying Jesus’s commandments are not optional but required to enter Heaven and enter Heaven well; they are not just ” nice sayings”  as implied in most religious services.
    3. Avoid listening to nonsense philosophies and religions which come from the Kingdom of Darkness but stay in line with God’s agenda instead.
    4. Be focused.   We’ve got a job to do and you need to claim your part and do it. Do your job.  Fill out your destiny well and then get out of here.  Go back home when God calls you of course. Our meaning and purpose in life here is to fill out our destiny and pass the test.
    5. Understand that those who do not produce a return for the Kingdom of Heaven  are thrown into the outer Darkness as the Bible clearly states so don’t look to maximize your happiness and pleasure in this life but look to maximize your eternal life. Put the Kingdom of God first and God’s righteousness (Jesus’ commands),  for you are commanded to do so,  and you will do well.

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