Action Plan to Mark Taylor Prophecy Energy Energy of 12-16-16 with Commentary

  1. energy energy
  2. God is releasing new energy.
    1. As of this commentary, the oil wells have opened up in the USA the USA has already become the largest oil producing nation on the planet. Also the rapid expansion of a coal industry was announce at the time of this prophecy.
    2. But there is rumor of all sorts of new energy tech. There is rumor of all sorts of energy devices that have been locked up in hidden patents.  There are all sorts of rumor regarding space age tech, the ability to fly to other solar systems, the ability to be translated like “beam me up Scotty”, instant food manifestors and so on.  Is this space talk real or are these more fake journey’s to the spirit realm as many have gone into mock Heaven & Hell visitations because they did not know to test the spirits (1 John 4) nor did they know the Bible really well or maybe they were just too curious.  We’ve got people out there claiming that they are “aliens” after going on their outer body experiences working with the Kingdom of Darkness demonics and so on.  A lot of that info seems to be pouring out just ask God for understanding on 1 John 4 and be in your Bibles heavily.  Get on our Volume Reading Bible Plans that you can access off of our website.)
    3. There have been reports of motors using water to run and run for a long time.  One inventor created a car that ran on water and proved on a TV documentary; but he went missing or was taken out or something like that.  Motors the run on water are reportedly old tech. The Navy has announced a plane that runs on sea water.  EasyJet in 2016 started testing water powered commercial passenger planes.
    4. There are reports on electric cars that were able to roughly 3500 miles on one charge decades and decades ago.
    5. A lot of people are excited to put what was revealed to Tesla to work transforming the world and space travel.
    6. There are all sorts of possibilities from what’s already known if they are released.
  3. The new energy God is releasing will make America and Israel energy-independent.
    1. And right here God says He is releasing new energy.
    2. Understand that this is an announcement that is showing what countries are God’s countries as He claims them.  And  it has been said that America is being built up as a model for the world to follow so countries will start copying, adapting themselves to follow after USA’s restored or new model as God is engineering.
    3. Understand that these prophecies come in at a time of great transition to the planet Earth as we transition from age to age. Right now we are transitioning out of the “Age of Man” into the “Kingdom Age” according to prophets.  No longer will the kingdom of darkness rule the planet through man. But God will rule the planet through Christ through His people. You will see the Nations that are following after God be blessed and you will see the “goat nations” have calamities brought upon them as mentioned in another prophecy. Amen.
    4. Are we entering into a spiritual Millennial Reign or the actual Millennial Reign? Some think so. We are entering into the end times Great Harvest for over 1 billion Souls. The Kingdom Age is where Kingdom Rises against Kingdom seen in Matthew 24: 7.  There are those such as Freedom Force News Youtube channel that make some very interesting observations between what’s happening now and in stars in regards to prophecy from Revelation and other books of the Bible in comparison to the entrance into the Millennial Reign as a spiritual one.  The Body of Christ is to rise up and rule and reign in the spirit realm as well as the physical realm on Earth going forward as mentioned by Kat and if the age of man is over, and the Kingdom of Darkness tricking man to do its bidding then God is taking over.  Amen!  We’ll know more shortly.  But it’s fascinating to compare so many spots in the Old and New Testaments to what’s happening now in real time.
  4. America and Israel will become the top energy producers in the world.
    1. Remember this prophecy and remember that it is because God’s will that America and Israel will become the Earth’s top energy producers, and not due to some analytical explanation that you’ll likely hear over and over into the future as man tries to discredit God or tries to claim responsibility for the success as well. Success comes from God granting the success or enabling you to become successful by giving you the ability and removing hindrances that would prevent you or a nation from becoming successful.  And if God did not step in at the last moment as He did, with Donald Trump although there are many other factors involved, the world would have been destroy.  The wicked, the cluelessly scammed out of their minds followers of the Kingdom of Darkness, is still pushing for their 90% population reduction and the turning of the rest into half robots due to absolute nonsense reasoning.  How embarrassing.  Wake up. If you listen to the Kingdom of Darkness workers, Lucifer and the rest understand that they have been completely consumed by the “Anti-god” called Sin and cannot change.  They feed off of your misery and destruction.  If you follow after them and their never ending nonsense “mysteries” the only result will be your eternal destruction.   They can’t reward you with any power and wealth because they don’t have any power or wealth to give; plus “giving” is not in their makeup anymore only stealing, killing and destroying.  So joining  yourself with them is like matter joining up with anti-matter; you will be destroyed but your destruction will be brutally repeated in a mind blowing inconceivable eternal torture as Sin, evil, destruction has you in a place where it’s power will be at maximum.  So wake up.  Stop trying to figure things out and cry out for help, before it’s too late.  Never forget, you’re only 1 heart beat away from eternity.
  5. The new energy and the technology to capture it will spring forth from the depths.   The new energy and the technology to capture it will Spring forth from the depths as a volcano erupts from the depths. 
    1.  So there will be a new source of energy discovered. And there will be new technology to capture that energy discovered.
    2. The new energy and the technology to capture it will spring forth from the depths.  Are these “ancient civilization technologies” discovered that we keep hearing so much about these days?  Is this tech from the ” aliens”  we keep hearing so much about these days (most of which sound like they are most certainly from the Kingdom of Darkness – then again when God lets Angels become more and more visible will they call Angels aliens?). Is  there’s something God hid down in the depths there as a surprise?  Will this new energy erupt out of the Earth?
    3. So the new energy in the new technology will spring forth from the debt as a volcano erupts from the depths. Will this new technology be hidden in a volcano? Is it just from an underground base maybe? Is this harnessing the energy of a volcano?  Is there a material from a volcano that can supply energy or become a part of cracking the code to energy?
  6. There will be a sign that is given which is a massive volcanic eruption which will signal that this is the time for God’s America and Israel. The sign will also signal the end of energy corruption.
    1. See the Ring of Fire part below.
  7. OPEC’s evil regime will no longer be tolerated.
  8. OPEC will be no longer needed because they refuse to listen to God and have not heeded what He said.
    1. Bad things happen when you don’t listen to God and do what He says.  So therefore let’s all wisen up and simply hear God’s voice and simply do what He says. 
  9. The ring of fire will blow its top. When the ring of fire blows its top that will be a sign to OPEC that they will lose their stock and the Covenant they had with that ring will be lost.
    1. there has been much talk about the ring of fire which is a multi-country massive ring of potential volcanic activity and actual volcanic activity. So it sounds like this will blow sometime in the near future as of this commentary.
  10. The Spirit of God says that the countries who dominated energy for decades are charged with guilt because they used their energy dominance to push forward in their evil agenda.
    1. That would be the attempt to take over the world with a Babylonian Fallen Angel inspired religion of which these religious followers seem to not have much historical understanding of what they are following.   Judge by fruits.  Don’t fear man, it’s a trap. Be taught by God Himself instead.
    2. Ultimately little did they know their agenda would  have  likely led to their destruction and the destruction of the entire planet.  Thankfully God is stepping in and helping them out.  There have even been thousands of reports of “glowing Jesus” giving personal visits. 
    3. But behind those countries was an even more sinister agenda in coordination by the NWO  for the depopulation of 90% of the Earth while turning the rest into non-human or human machine hybrids fulfilling Satan’s agenda of the eradication of man-kind that is made in God’s image and likeness.   And these people through their religious doctrine were being manipulated to accomplish this task being promised “world takeover” through their religious which would have been turned on them for their own destruction.  Babylon is the Mother of All Harlotry.  You are not on God’s side if you are in agreement with the Harlot and are following her ways.
  11. Those who dominated energy for decades for their evil agenda-their days are numbered.
  12. Those who dominated energy for decades for their evil agenda will be shocked at how fast the energy independence of the USA and Israel will be built.
  13. God’s America and Israel will be one.
    1. God’s America and Israel will be one for goodness vs. one in badness.  It was said to be one in badness over the past many decades, which from understanding, with those who call themselves Jews but are not but are from the synagogue of Satan, literally as we have found out.
    2. Will all of Israel repent and be born again at this time?  Let’s believe for it!   Wow just imagine if the veil is lifted off their eyes and the entire nation repented to their Maker, Yeshua.  Remember that nothing was made that is made in this physical realm without Yeshua. 
    3. So will the rest of Israel start reading their Bibles instead of all these other denominational doctrines and religious texts? Because if they get to know the Bible even just the Old Testament they will find Yeshua, because Yeshua is all over and throughout the Old Testament. 
    4. And on that note will the majority of the planet that calls themselves Christian actually find Yeshua?  Believing on Jesus unto salvation is much different than participating in a religion that calls themselves Christian. One could certainly argue that most Christian churches have been on the broad path and the broad path leads to the pit. Why is this?  Doctrines of man! Religious doctrines! Denominational doctrines! Doctrines can blind and they can kill. We are to be taught by God through Jesus, through Holy Spirit. We are to be witnessed to by man onto the salvation of the soul because that’s man’s job in the process. But you are to be taught by God. The best man can do is reveal a layer, a slice of revelation, of understanding of the Word of God that was revealed to him by our One and Only Teacher.
  14. Because God’s America and Israel will become one those countries that have dominant energy for decades to move their evil agenda will be undone.
    1. Amen.  Let the goodness of God reign.
  15. The countries that dominated energy for decades for their evil agenda manipulated countries and attacked them from within because of their rage, but now will have to turn to those countries they manipulated and attacked for help on a whim.
    1. Ultimately, need will outweigh politics and agendas as countries awaken to what’s good and what’s bad, what’s to their benefit and what’s not to their benefit.
  16. Those countries that have dominated energy to move their evil agenda will see their wells go dry and their finances too.  and now these countries will be fed from the red white and blue.
    1. As of this commentary this has already started in particular with Saudi Arabia.  Saudi Arabia from what it seems has come into agreement with the USA and has started investing strongly into the USA while renegotiating their relationship with the USA for goodness while getting rid of their ties with the passing evil regimes in the USA.

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