Action Plan for Mark Taylor’s Operation Let My People Go Prophesy of 7-8-16

  • Operation Let my People Go
  • When Donald Trump is elected the Earth shall quake as a sign given as a sign for the shift in the power structure that is taking place.
    1. There was an earthquake near Christchurch New Zealand November 14th which was considered as sign as I believe I remember hearing Mark Taylor mentioning on an interview.  The concept was, I believe,  that the Christchurch earthquake was that sign in particular because of the name of Christchurch, New Zealand.   And the church, the Body of Christ is about to get shaken big time.  Please… Please see Mark Taylor prophecies about the judgment on the church.  You don’t want to be caught up in her judgements. Come out of Babylon.  Warn your pastors because they could be in BIG trouble. Make sure your church gets out of the 501 c 3 immediately, which is considered a demonic contract,  traitorous to the Kingdom of Heaven.
    2. But also in the press right after the election they were calling the results “an earthquake”, as in they were using the word “earthquake”.  “Earthquake” was in there headlines which was interesting which was found after a  search on Google for “earthquake when Trump was elected”.
  • Another sign will be given when the so-called Great Monument will be struck by lightning in combination with a great wind which will destroy it beyond repair or it will not be able to be mended.
    1. I heard this mentioned to be the Washington Monument which is supposed to be of pagan origin.  It called an obelisk which is supposed to mean Ba’al’s shaft (yes that kind of shaft), a Freemason phallic worship symbol. See some research on the matter here: https://www.Jesus-is-savior.Com/False%20Religions/Illuminati/dc.Htm 
  •  The toppling of this so-called great Monument will be a sign that the Luciferian reign and ungodly powers are coming to an end.
    1. It was interesting that Donald Trump was shown on the front cover of a Time Magazine leaning on the Washington Monument with it toppling over.   Was that a sign of some sorts? We will see! Or maybe you’ve already have seen by the time you hear or read this commentary.
  •  God says He has had it with the time and truth that bends.
    1. Amen!  Let truth, justice and goodness be restored!   God’s way is the best way. God’s way is freedom! God’s way is the most fun way!
  •  When the so-called great Monument topples and shatters the cap Stone the builders accepted will be exposed for all to see and the one they rejected, who is God.
    1. The occultism,  demon worship, Satan worship that was accepted at the time of the construction of our capital will be exposed.
  • The Lord God will expose these ungodly powers-from the Illuminati to the Cabal; they are beginning to decompose.
    1. This is in process.   And we look forward to their utter removal from the face of the Earth and from underneath the Earth (as in literally as has been reported in this physical realm).
  •  Those who speak of myths of wrath to come or creating fanaticism and they will go down to the abyss with a cataclysm. 
    1. If you’re still preaching Doom and Gloom you better stop fast. You are agreeing with the Enemy and are considered to be a traitor to the Kingdom of Heaven.  Repent of your preaching of Doom and Gloom and repent of your agreeing with the enemy’s timeline before it’s too late.
    2. Also you churches in the 501 c 3 better get out if you haven’t already before it’s too late on that because judgement is coming to the church and you have already been warned for a couple years at least. The 501 c 3 is a demonic contract.  
  • God says the enemy has used a counterfeit timeline.   You shall see that it is a counterfeit timeline and you shall see how it has been abused.
    1. So all of this end times tribulation happening now stuff is a sham by the Kingdom of Darkness and not the real timeline.  
    2. But what is on God’s time line is the Kingdom Age! This is where Kingdom Rises against Kingdom. This is where Heaven invades the Earth. Kat Kerr is an expert on this matter and you can listen to all her stuff on YouTube and from her websites. We have a playlist of 100-plus of her videos here:   https://www.Youtube.Com/channel/UC0lNvy3Pl29ZINRlDOE9qQQ/videos  Plus it’s highly advised to go to her website and buy all her CDs- https://www.Revealingheaven.Com/store/  I have listened to most everything from her Ministry and  from my experience your mind will be blown and you will be tremendously uplifted and blessed. Go listen for yourself and get her books.   She goes on daily Heaven visits and talks with God the Father.   Her Ministry is to reveal Heaven,  answer questions about Heaaven,  help prepare the church for this new Kingdom Age,  teach us about how to use our Supernatural weapons:  how to command the host of Heaven War angels,  how to release the anointing,  how to decree and declare plus more.    Her recordings are loaded with information and they will give you hope!   They will also give you knowledge to help defeat the enemy and bring the good news to the planet.  Go listen for yourself and check the scriptures.   The only people proposed to her Ministry are those who have been captured by  man-made doctrinal religious strongholds under the control of the Kingdom of Darkness.  Kat’s ministry will bring hope and help restore life, vigor and purpose to you  helping you get charged up to go find and fulfill your destiny written by God for you.   Kat knows the scriptures very well.  and those who know the Bible well because they have read the Bible over and over and over again can recognize that what Kat has been saying indeed lines up with scriptures.   plus all of her prophecies have come true  or are in the process of coming true.
  •  God says that the counterfeit timeline they have used to lead God’s people astray will be exposed and seen because God’s Remnant people have prayed.
    1.  it appears that most of the visible Body of Christ with all sorts of Ministries have agreed with this counterfeit timeline.   It’s possible that they agreed with the enemy’s plans and time line because most of the churches were captured by the  enemy through the 501 c 3 which then slowly corrupted their doctrines to deny Jesus as Lord.   Then again we’ve had corrupted doctrines for centuries upon centuries in various Christian religions and denominations. The remnant seeks God directly and looks to get right with God directly. The remnant seeks to be taught by God and puts more value over the word of God and listening to His voice,  versus some denominational doctrine pusher looking to handout yeast infections of Pharisees and Herod.
  • These people in groups from the Illuminati to the Cabal who have coordinated with the Kingdom of Darkness thought they had encircled God’s body and sealed them in, hoping for our end. 
    1. They couldn’t recognize a genuine believer verges a religious churchgoer.
    2. They didn’t realize that genuine believers may not participate in churches captured by the Kingdom of Darkness, churches that push hidden Babylonian satanic doctrines.
    3. They don’t realize that there are some who would want to obey God rather than the ways of the world,  the ways of self and the ways of the flesh. 
    4. They didn’t realize that  there are some people who have basic sense and retain their sanity.
    5. There’s some people that realized that it’s really stupid to jump off a cliff because “everyone else is doing it” and it’s the ” cool thing to do”.
    6. These workers of the Kingdom of Darkness we’re saying that the body of Christ is no longer a threat because they accepted a truth that bends.
    7. Didn’t realize that there are people out there who rather do what’s right and suffer then go along with stupidity for the sake of momentary pleasure which turns out to be misery later.
  •  God says to these workers of darkness are now at their end and will meet their demise because they forgot about God’s Remnant and that’s God surprise.
    • Awesome.  Let’s tear them up with the Host. Let’s disassemble their contraptions and concoctions globally.  Let’s rescue the world from termination as the wicked has had plans and is still pushing plans for exterminating 90$ of the peoples of the Earth. Show no mercy to their plots, plans, schemes, tricks, scams and lies.  If you show mercy to evil, it will cost the eternal lives of souls.
  • The counterfeit spiritual compass that is pulling and magnetizing God’s people off course will be turned back by God’s true Army and then pointed True North back to God.
    1. Many already know what’s been going on in the world in terms of what the wicked have been going. But wait till the rest world gets a load of this!   Hopefully a global awakening of the reality of God and this war with the Kingdom of Darkness will be realized by the planet. Hopefully all these fake religions and doctrines with their Babylonian roots will be exposed and the tested,  and permanently discarded as other garbage.  Wake of the world and the world will turn on and terminate these wicked, murderous workers of darkness.  Once the world knows, it won’t be save for anyone of these workers of wickedness out in public, if they are not already arrested.
    2. In regards to the Church since as goes the Body of Christ, so goes the world….hopefully the church will be free of these fake religious and denominational doctrines and so we can all unify under One Doctrine which is the Doctrine of Christ, the Commandments of Jesus of the New Testament.  This could be called “Christianity 100” (even before 101)  as stated in Matthew 20:19-20.  See what New Testament says.  Understand what New Testament says.  Do what New Testament says.  Now you’ll have holy, fruit bearing, powerful believers all over the planet drawing souls to God, continually even while helping shape the entire planet.
  •  God says woe to those who have tried to enslave God’s people for He will now topple their so-called steeple.
    • Finally these fake churches with their fake doctrines will be exposed and the blinders will be removed from the people.  
    • As mentioned by Mark and through his other prophecies, that 501c3 was a potent and wicked demonic contract which captured the Church, for the most part in America. It influenced doctrines and seminary schools.  It was also said that most seminary schools were captured by the Kingdom of Darkness. 
    • And how were so many of these doctrines corrupted exactly?  They deny Jesus as Lord.  They even hide what a lord is. The do this through the yeast of Pharisee where the religious leaders sought to be your lord, lording over you, breaking Jesus’ direct command not to do that while ignoring his warning of the yeast of Pharisee.  And the yeast of Herod that from my understanding, teaches you to be your own lord whereas teaching you to be your own lord is also consider the cornerstone of Satanism (ie you try and become God).
    • Did you know that denominational doctrines can cause you Biblical blindness? Did you know that a denominational doctrinal stronghold will prevent you from reading the Bible as is, preventing you from believing What God Says,  blinding you from various Bible verses that don’t fit into the convenient man-made Doctrine, even getting you to skim over those Bible verses while you’re reading the Bible? 
    • Some of these doctrines overtime even told you that you weren’t  allowed to read the Bible and would even threaten your life if you did so.   They also said that you weren’t supposed to “interpret the Bible on your own”. They say you’re not supposed to read the Bible on your own… Well obviously that’s really really bad.
    • Another problem of the past came from religious leaders interpreting the Bible. Think about the process of “interpreting the Bible for a moment.  How can you interpret the Bible without making something up?   Understanding of the Bible is revealed as you spend time with the Lord in His Word.  The Bible is not to be “put in a box”.  The process of interpreting the Bible cuts out parts, verses and layers of understanding of the Bible.  No one is to “interpret” the Bible but accept what the Bible says and be taught by God directly.  The best a religious leader can do is 1. Teach people how to be taught by their One and Only Teacher and 2. Share the layer of understanding that the Lord has revealed to them about a passage or a composite of passages.
    • We are supposed to accept God’s Word and be taught by God as God’s word says. So therefore it’s time to repent and be taught by God so we’ll start doing the right thing and bear much fruit. 
    • Judge them by their fruits. but what is fruit? What is Holy? If one does not know the Bible they’re not going to know what fruit is. They’re not going to know what’s holy.   And they’re going to be tricked into fake righteousness, which is what has happened.  Fake righteousness is the “righteousness” of the wickedly that they so proudly promote which is seemingly good deeds to promote life in the flesh while pushing out things of God and ignoring God.  (Or in other cases, opening up fake charities for the theft of money also putting that money to dark purposes.) That’s just not going to work out very well. How can you say something is good when it doesn’t incorporate God?  How can you say a deed is good when it’s in disobedience to God?   Yet people have not known what God wants because these denominations have cut out Jesus as Lord and while cutting out Jesus Commandments of the New Testament which is key to making him Lord, which is key to bearing fruit,  which is key to being a worker of lawfulness,  which is key to Salvation. 
    • There have been 30 thousand + denominations according to a report.  Yes there should be only one “denomination” following only one doctrine in which is the Doctrine of Christ.   This is the way we are going.  Other prophets have mentioned that we will be going back to the small group 1st century style church with a maximum of 120 people.  That could be nice.  Organized religion sounds like it may fall apart after everything gets exposed. The Bride will now be refined and unified. 
    • In a sense should not be any sort of “statement of faith” which says “we believe this or that”.  What do you mean you believe this or that?  You don’t get to pick and choose what you believe out of the Word of God.  You’re too believe the whole Bible and do what the New Testament says!  Believe God.   Believe God’s word.  Accept What God Says.  Believe that God says what He means and means what He says.   You do what God’s word says.  You are to be taught by God as Jesus says you have only One Teacher.   So it’s time to crack open those Bibles and get to know the Word of God reading the Bible multiple times per year while talking with God and listening to His Voice teach you  His Word. 
    • No more lording over people,  for we are all on the same level and there is only one Lord. Get rid of your yeast infections! (Yeast of Pharisee continually trying to lord over people talking about their “authority”, trying to tell you what to do when they don’t have a clue themselves how to obey Jesus and walk holy) And no more teaching people to be their own lord. (yeast of Herod).  Purge the yeast!
  • Babylon has stood for a long time which is a beast of old. 
    1. Freedom to the world from Babylon will be so amazing. The entire world must be freed from Babylon and it’s strongholds while discovering their Maker, the Lord Yeshua.
    2. Babylon is the mother of all harlots and is where mankind started making up other gods instead of God, worshiping fallen angels and their human – fallen Angel hybrid offspring. They made up “new gods” and religious rules to control people for their purposes.  You see the remnants of Babylon throughout world religions and even Christian religions with Babylonian tentacles reaching into all sorts of denominations as well. You are to have no other lord, no other Director of Life, no other Commander, no other Instructor, no other Guide other than Jesus as Lord.   For your lord is the one or the thing you obey.  “Why do you call me Lord Lord and do not do what I say” -Luke 6:46. And since salvation is based on obeying Jesus as Lord as said in Romans 10:10 then we better obey Jesus.
  • The New World Order that seeks to destroy forgot about God’s true Army that is being deployed.
    • Too bad for them. Now It’s going to be destroyed.  Those of you who are trapped in the Beast’s tentacles, or rather, who are part of the Beast, the NWO, repent. There is nothing but a eternally hideous torturous doom awaiting you that I wouldn’t wish on anyone no matter how bad they were.  Go watch a few Hell visitation videos and you’ll wake up alright.   Yes even you can repent.  I bet you’re probably thinking that ‘God can never forgive me I’m too bad and have done too many really bad things’.  But that is not correct – God says He wants even the most vile sinner set free by the blood of Yeshua.  Plus the more you’re forgiven, the more you will love God – so there is value for God that you repent. God loves love.  God wants love, willfully chosen love meaning you choose God by an act of your will from your heart – then that is meaningful to God.   Even if you did some really, really bad things you can still repent and cry out to God for help making Jesus your lord instead of Lucifer.  No Lucifer doesn’t own your soul  (as he’s probably claiming). Mo matter what contract you made you have the chance to repent back unto God through Jesus as long as you are alive in this flesh body.   So simply turn to God,  ask Him for help. Talk to God, the One you KNOW is your Maker.   Do what God says; He gives instructions in the Word or open your ears up and you can hear His voice when you talk to Him.  Make Jesus your Lord.   And yes even you can be saved.  Now turn all those Ambitions you had for Success, wealth, power and fame  into Eternal ambitions for eternal power, eternal fame and eternal wealth as instructed how in the New Testament.  
    • Stop listening to everyone else and every other voice that hits your head and just simply listen to God and believe Him and His Word, the Bible.  Stop worrying and do what He says and you’ll be fine.  Trust God, trust Him personally, as you would trust a person.  Remember Saul who became Paul.  Yes God loves you dearly.   And do understand that we must go through His testing and refinement in this life of the flesh because God is cleaning up the universe after the mess created by Lucifer.  God = creation and life.  Lucifer = destruction & death because Lucifer has been completely consumed by the “anti-God” Sin.
    • So you’re not doomed as long as you’re alive in this flesh body. You have a chance to enter Heaven.   Yes you!   Even you,  you miserable sinner you – even you can repent.   You may have done some really terrible things.   But understand: all men have sinned and come short of the glory of God. What’s sin?  See the list of 666 Sins of the Bible from our site.  Just repent which means to change your beliefs from believing that a sin is ok or good to do to now believing in Jesus’ Commandments of the New Testament,  believing Jesus’ commands are the good and right thing to do.   Join the family!   We’re waiting for you!  Come on up!  You are welcome in Heaven.   Just follow God’s instructions.  We’ll party up for an eternity.  Come on and join the REAL fun.  Finally get connected by to God, that connection for which you so deeply yearn.
  •  God commands His Army to rise up with a shout for this evil reign is being exposed.
    1. Start shouting, Army!  Man up!  Gird up your loins.  Drop this scam of pansyism and political correctness from the Kingdom of Darkness.   Stop being offended by things turn being offended part of your soul to “off” and be free from this manipulation of the Kingdom of Darkness.  The enemy wants you divided.  The enemy wants you to be racist and race conscious.  The enemy wants you to be worried about offending anyone; if you are continually worried about offending someone then you can so easily be led, hook in nose, to wherever the Enemy wants you to be.  They even plainly state their tactics in their Kingdom of Darkness Socialist and Communist manuals.
    2. Don’t hide. 
    3. Don’t agree with the Enemy by talking doom and gloom.  Don’t entertain negative emotions but loose them immediately from your soul.  These nasty demons feed off of your negative emotional energy – did you know that?  
    4. Believe God.  Trust Him.  Don’t act like a goat but act like a sheep.  Listen to God. Listen to God’s Word.  Listen to modern day accurate prophets. Don’t listen to Satanists and their Satanic news and other shows, movies, video channels and even newspapers.
    5. Believe God.  Claim the victory.  Claim all power over all over the enemy, which you already have but may have never understood.  Listen to some Kat Kerr – she will explain about this and how to step up into a supernatural super hero role with actual supernatural superpowers, that most don’t even know they already have.
    6. Don’t tolerate darkness but expose it all.  Don’t sin in the process though.  Make sure you know Jesus’ Commands of the New Testament.  Don’t judge.  And especially don’t judge people according to your man made denominational doctrines that aren’t even Biblical.   Know the meat of the Word, Jesus commands so you can differentiate between right and wrong.  Don’t do anything out of a negative emotion ( a negative emotion steals, kills and destroys) because you will be doing works of the Kingdom of Darkness if you do so and you will attract like negative thoughts of action and you may act on those thoughts. 
    7. Get out and make sure the world knows the schemes of the enemy. Expose the enemy. Make sure the world knows that there’s a real God in Heaven and God is One, God The Father, God The Son & God The Holy Spirit.  There is no other.  All others are thieves and robbers that come to kill steal and destroy.  That means all of those world religions and denominations with roots to Babylon only come to kill, steal and destroy even if ever so subtly and slyly and slowly making sure that you keep your focus on your comfort and pleasure in this life in this flesh body… This is not a game.  Go watch some (legit) Hell visitation videos and you’ll realize that this life is not a game, nor is it for the maximization of this life in the flesh, but to obey God at all costs for the maximization of eternal fruit generation, thereby growing yourself eternal wealth in the process.
    8. The people of the world must know that they can have eternal life through God the Son and return back home from where they came.  Because the only other option is eternal death.  No Jesus = no eternal life = eternal death, a dying over and over again for an eternity.  Choose life.  Choose Jesus. 
  •  God commands His army to rise up and take on this Beast and then the Lord God will take this beast down to the least.
    1. Stand up and take on the beast and then God will take this beast down to the least.  But we must take action first.  Then God will act.  We’re supposed to work WITH God – it’s a relationship building and learning thing.
  •  This Beast is roaring and trying to intimidate through assassinations, division and hate.
    1. Take no part in entertaining the dark emotions, the fiery darts from the Kingdom of Darkness.   Do not allow their negative emotions in your body whatsoever. Because these negative emotions attract like negative thoughts of killing, stealing and destroying.  Plus if you entertain these emotions and fester them up and take action on them then you will be feeding and empowering these demon workers of the Kingdom of Darkness who feed on this negative energy.  They literally eat it.   So mind your thoughts. Mind your emotional states. And mind your mouth.  Be very careful what you say.  When in doubt, say nothing.  Speak life only.  Your words are very powerful.  This is why we will be held to account for every idle word we say.  All of your words and deeds are recorded and Heaven does not have a data storage problem.  Work with God on refining your mouth. On that note it’s so critically important to learn what the sins of the Bible are.  Most were never taught and are sinning all over the place due to ignorance.  See the list of 666 sins of the Bible and start DISbelieving in these sins, dis-believing that these sins are ok to do.   Get the lists of the Commands of Jesus from  list as well.
    2. Walk after the Spirit and show fruits of walking after the Spirit vs. walking after the flesh which produces bad fruits.
    3. Do not entertain the emotion of fear.
    4. Do not entertain the emotion of hate.  Do not judge.  Do not gossip.  Do not slander.  Do not cause division.  Do not criticize.  Do not criticize, judge, slander or cause division arguing about your man made denominational doctrines. 
  •  God commands his army to rise up and battle against this Beast with extreme prejudice and by doing so will terminate this Beast 
    1. Rise up Army of God and terminate this Beast.   Eradicate all remnants of it from the face of the Earth and underneath the Earth (caves). If this Beast is left to reorganize and grow back up  then imagine the vast numbers of souls that will be destroyed over and over and over again in Hell & the Lake of Fire for an eternity.  Don’t leave any  part left.
    2. Leave no remnants of this beast.  Do not allow any to remain to feaster up and spread it’s cancer upon the Earth and the people of the Earth. Free the Earth from the reign of the Kingdom of Darkness.
  • You’re Supreme Commander, God 
    1. For some reason it seems that most people seem to forget, or not understand that we need to actually do what God says.
    2. It seems as if most people don’t know that they are actually supposed to obey God.  That’s the fault of the trickery of these denominations and religions from their man made doctrines that stem all the way back to Babylon, Mother of All Harlots.  You’ll be shocked (coming soon!) what’s been behind these doctrines with their yeast infections.  Additionally most people don’t know what to obey exactly. And a lot of the things they are told to obey are not even Biblical. 
    3. Understand that God is your Supreme Commander.  That means you are to simply do what He says and do so without hesitation. 
    4. On average there seems to be a gap in understanding from the first century Church till now. We were warned through Peter’s letters not to twist the letters of Paul’s but it was done anyways.  
    5. In the Old Testament “the Jews” ran into trouble by following man made doctrines instead of the Word of God.  And over the past many centuries the Church has done something similar; we started elevating man made doctrines above God’s Word. And in both cases people stopped being taught by God and they stopped obeying God’s commands, Jesus’ Commands of the New Testament in our case.   And back when Jesus was here in the flesh, most Jews did not recognize Him because they did not KNOW the Word of God, although they new all about their doctrines.  But if they would have known the Word of God then they would have recognized Jesus all throughout the Old Testament and would have recognized Him in person.  Jesus mentioned all over the place in the Old Testament.  But instead, they wanted to retain their lord, their doctrines, which “allowed” them to be their own lord and denounce Jesus as Lord.  Careful.  It’s a very subtle and easy thing to deny Jesus as Lord.  Choosing Jesus as Lord is a moment by moment thing choosing to follow Him in the Spirit and obey His commands from the New Testament and in real time.
    6. So if we think about it a little bit on one hand we have Jews that were not necessarily taught the entire Old Testament but we’re mostly taught doctrines and things that fit into these man-made doctrines, doctrines with lots of rules so the people can be controlled by those who created all of those extra rules.  And on the other hand the Gentiles had no clue on average about the Old Testament and were well trained in pagan concepts and world religions stemming from Babylon the Mother of all Harlots.  So few in comparison could not recognize our Creator when He came to live amongst us. 
    7. So in summary what we have is two cultures that didn’t know the word of God well.   One culture,  the Jews knew about the Word of God but they didn’t KNOW the Word of God.  And the Gentiles, well they had no clue and were trained in things opposite of the word of God, the ways of the world the doctrines from Babylon created by fallen angels and their human hybrid offspring.  So the conclusion of the matter which is a conclusion that will help everyone, is this:  You go and KNOW the Word of God.  So you can recognize who God is, so you can recognize Jesus.  He is your ONLY hope.   Know the Bible.  Know the Father.  Know the Son. Know the Holy Spirit.  Know as you would know a best friend.   This knowing comes from spending time with God and developing an open channel of trust,  total trust,  real and genuine trust,  honest trust between you and God, in a similar way you have had with a best friend,  maybe from your childhood, or some other really close relationship experience where you just know someone.  A parent may they know their child.  And hopefully two spouses know each other better and better. As you get to know the word of God you get to know God and develop a relationship with Him.   As you get to know the Word you realize that from His Word He is instructing you how to have a relationship with Him. He tells you in great detail even His rules of relationship,  what makes Him feel loved, from the Old Testament through the New Testament.  If we obey His commands,  putting His commands into practice all the way to the point of turning them into our habits Then Jesus feels loved and so does God the Father. And for you to turn Jesus’ commands in your habits you’ll need to finally and fully believe that His commands are actually good and true, believing that they are good to do and believing that you are obligated to do them as well. When you do this then Jesus becomes your Lord.

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