Action Plan for Mark Taylor Spiritual Treason Prophecy of 3-03-17 with commentary

The Spirit of God asks “Why are My people attacking one another? Why are My people engaging in friendly fire?

  1. what’s being exposed right now is the difference between those who know God and those who know a few things about God but actually follow another lord.   they follow a religious leader or they follow a man-made Doctrine or they use these man-made doctrines to enable themselves to follow their own cells whereas their God is their belly. May’s denominational doctrines can be very blinding. Wake up and read the Bible over and over and over and over and over again. Be taught by God.
  2. Learn Jesus commands  of the new testament which are any verse stated in a command style or an implied command style throughout the entire New Testament. Teaching all of Jesus’s Commandments whatsoever  was the job of the initial Apostles so that’s what they did and that’s what the New Testament is about in reference to the Great Commission of Matthew 28 19-20.
  3. so therefore if one knew the commands of Jesus they would not attack the other person, personally semicolon they would not hate them semicolon they would not judge them, the person. 

The Spirit of God says, ” Friendly fire will not be tolerated!”

  1. look out! We  have entered the kingdom age and it has been said that consequences be much more severe but also Rewards can become much more robust.

The Spirit of God says, “Just because you disagree with that person doesn’t give you the right to murder that person with your words. “Thou shall not murder!” Repent! You will be held accountable for every word. You speak.”

  1. if one knew the word of God will they would know that there are many angles and layers to the understanding and the meaning of a particular Bible verse. He would even understand the concept of the Bible being four dimensional where has layers of understanding are not even seen until they intersect with our third dimension. This means that for one to say that a Bible verse is definitely saying,  exactly saying and only saying this or that  is problematic and troubling.   for one to force the Bible into a concept and claim “it’s this or thatn”  when one knows that they don’t know for sure if it’s this or that is not good or Genuine is it. This is why it’s so important for everyone to wake up and understand what it means to be taught by God and that we have one and only one Teacher. See https://biblehub.Com/interlinear/matthew/23-8.Htm   and https://biblehub.Com/interlinear/matthew/23-10.Htm

The Spirit of God says,”The religious, legalistic and critical spirits that are on My people are creating
division and chaos.”

  1. having negative spirits on you does not sound good does it.  Let’s instead be filled with Holy Spirit instead, as we are commanded to do. Ephesians 5:18

The Spirit of God says, “Can you not see that you are being used by the Kingdom of

  1. Looks like a lot of not most if not almost all need Christianity 100 (not even 101 yet) since we’ve been so blinded by these denominational strongholds.
  2. There’s a lot of fake righteousness out there which is cleverly crafted to go against the commandments of Jesus.   and because most don’t know the commandments of Jesus,  since most do not know the New Testament well because they depend on some man to teach them instead of getting to know the Word of God themselves, which makes them very easy pickings for the Kingdom of Darkness.  also we can’t just be hearers of the word we have to be doers there by obeying Jesus as Lord.

The Spirit of God says, You are aiding the enemy! How can you take on an enemy that you are a
part of? 

  1. Now that’s a smack upside the head wake up call. That’s scary isn’t it! Do you want to be considered a traitor to the Kingdom of God? Of course you don’t. So obey the words of God through this prophecy.

The Spirit of God says, “You are using My written word as an intellectual weapon against My people.
You Brood of Vipers!

  1. Problem is that most don’t understand is that they are arguing about their man-made doctrines because if they knew the Word of God they wouldn’t be arguing or judging or criticizing or doing railing accusations or hating or slandering or backbiting or gossiping or telling everyone they are false prophet because they don’t align with their man-made denominational doctrine and so on… committing sin themselves all over the place because they don’t know the Word of God and are a follower of a denominational doctrine as lord instead of the Lord Jesus Himself.  They don’t know Jesus’ commands He has given us through the New Testament, the entire New Testament. They don’t even know Jesus has commands.  And how can you call Jesus Lord if you don’t do what He says (or at least go about start trying to do what He says while working your way up to mastery).

The Spirit of God says, “My written word was meant to be wielded against the enemy not the people of God. Repent, you who commit Spiritual Treason!”

  1. Yes it’s globally embarrassing that people are arguing about their denominational doctrines. Actually this is really bad because it’s caused the world to look at Christians and Christianity and the think that it is weak. They also wonder why we don’t do what the Bible says. These global kingdom of darkness base Babylonian religions have been flourishing because “Christianity” has rejected Jesus as Lord and have rejected the Word of God.
  2. We’ve been punked by the Kingdom of Darkness. While in war, we took it easy and let the Enemy walk right in and talk over our churches, our doctrines, our seminaries and our schools.  We didn’t want to admit we are in a war till the day we die.  We wanted to pursue the happiness of our hearts instead.  So we ignored God. We made up doctrines to push God away personally.  We made up our own ways.  We went the way of Babylon which is rejecting God’s way and going our own way.
  3. But God stepped in and helped us out.  He is helping us out by exposing how were were defeated. God is reminding us that He says what He means and means what He says in the Bible.  
  4. We are to now plainly  accept what is stated in the Bible and not try to create some easier way.  We are cure ourselves of the yeast infections of Pharisees and Herod through repentance and the riddance of our hideous traitorous doctrines.
  5. We are to return back to the doctrine of Christ, His complete Word.  We are to get to know the Bible instead of just knowing about the Bible. We no longer read the Bible only to cram it into some convenient man-made doctrine.
  6. You have probably seen, especially on the internet, people attacking each other in the church who don’t align with their man-made denominational doctrines or they’re limited knowing of the Bible. They are heaping up a multitude of sins because for themselves because they don’t know the Bible and they don’t know the Commands of Jesus. It’s embarrassing.  Wake up.  Ask the Lord for help to break off any denominational strong hold over you and to set you free to follow Him.
  7. To help we have some Volume Bible reading Plans with the Volume Bible Reading System that will get you reading the Bible multiple times a year. No more of this one verse at a time deal while using your conscious mind, your lower level mind, your flesh mind to ” figure out”  the Bible, roll over and fall asleep reading plan.
  8. Come download our free volume Bible reading plans and do them. You may be blown away and say that they are one of the best things you’ve ever done.  They are free.  These plans will help you get to KNOW the Bible very well,  while helping you be able to cross link versss across the entire Bible,  from Old Testament Old Testament,  from New Testament to New Testament,  from Old Testament to New Testament and New Testament back to Old Testament.   
  9. Each time you read through the Bible  as you spend delightful time with God pursuing Him,  pursuing to get to know Him  better and better, He  will likely peel back a layer of secrets and treasures of knowledge and understanding to you.   And as you get to know the Word better you’ll better be able to recognize what’s of God and what’s not.   You’ll be able to better recognize  modern day  prophecy and differentiate what’s of God and what maybe not of God.  
  10. You will need increased discernment and the days to come.   so don’t mess around and get on these volume Bible reading plans or make your own.   that said these Volume Bible Reading Plans do come with a Volume Bible Reading System or at least an overview of the system. The system is also in the plans.  The Volume Bible Reading System has some interesting history behind it  being derived from the high performance world high-level classical music performance for the sake of learning a lot of complicated music to performance level quickly.

The Spirit of God says, “You think because you know my written word that you know Me, but your hearts are far from Me. Your intellect, your so called knowledge, has created a spiritual arrogance, and your pride is separating you from Me.”

  1. Get on our volume Bible reading plan so you can learn how to get to KNOW the Word,  instead of just knowing about the Bible.   You already know that by getting to know the Bible better that you are getting to know God better right? You already know that spending time with God and His word is a relationship building process right? You understand that you get to know God better by spending time and God’s word while receiving revelation of His Word right? Well most people need to get more organized about getting to know the Bible, the entire Bible. So therefore you can use our Volume Bible Reading Plans and Volume Bible Reading System to effectively do so.
  2. Since we have entered The Kingdom Age  it’s time to go find out what that’s all about. Study the modern Prophets. Of course you are studying Mark Taylor right here. And you can go to ElijahList.Com  to see daily updates of incredible prophecies right before your very eyes. It is so important for you to be in tune with these prophecies if not even daily or at least weekly, catch up with the week. If you don’t want to read you can actually turn the prophecy text into an audio and listen to it as an audio by using a text to speech tool what you can find online -there are plenty of those.
  3. And on that note why not help others out in the process (while helping your own self  too):   share these volume Bible reading plans and share these links of these  Mark Taylor prophecy commentary and share the ElijahList.Com  link with others telling them how to use it.   Now you will multiply goodness throughout the world and have other people multiply for a compounded geometric effect.  We need to stop trying to take the place of Jesus as Lord and have the whole world taught by God directly as it’s supposed to be.  When we do this, as we are supposed to do,  then the entire world can be aligned under One Doctrine which is the Doctrine of Christ, the New Testament. Do what we have already been told to do in the New Testament and there will be one extremely powerful, unified body of Christ in the world.  Once we do this the world will be healed and maybe even all 7 billions souls can be saved.
  4. And on that note,  let’s look at throwing away all of our man made (erroneous)  denominational doctrines and replace them with the doctrine of Christ,  the entire New Testament, the Commands of Jesus.

The Spirit of God says, “lf the written word was alive in you, you would not use it to attack My people. Repent!””

  1. Is not the written word in your spirit man?  Are you walking in the spirit?  Do you know how to? You’re going to need to do so more so than ever going forward, although you are to do so always as commanded anyways.  But maybe a lot of people don’t understand how to do this so guess what you do?  Ask God!  Ask your One and Only Teacher!  He can teach you in real time. He can coach you to understand how to walk in the spirit better and better. There is no better Teacher than God.
  2. And is another tip: consider have God be your teacher in all things:  in your relationships,  in your work,  in your business and so on.   He is an AWESOME, BRILLIANT and GENIUS Teacher –  and I speak from experience from having Him teach me in various things.   Do you want to WIN in life and be super successful?  Then let God be your Coach!   Turn to Him.  Walk with Him.  Harmonize with Him.  Walk in Trust with Him.  Walk in communication with Him and He can turn you into an ultra winner while providing you the desires of your heart, since you delight in Him.

The Spirit of God says, Where is the sound of unity?

  1. Where is the sound of unity?   Who are God’s people? What defines the crossing point that makes you one of God’s people? If you have been regenerated, Born Again from above because you really believe on Jesus with your whole heart that he died for your sins and was raised from the dead does that make you one of God’s people? If you have been born again from above wouldn’t that imply you are born of God, born into His family? 
  2. But what about those who have been born again from above and have not been properly trained or simply have followed off into the ways of the world, the maximization of self in the world, the pursuit of the happiness of the flesh, doing what everyone else is doing, following after errant doctrines,  who have no clue what the sins of the Bible are or what a lord is much less what Jesus is Lord is.   Are those people who aren’t in line with God’s Word because of lack of knowledge and understanding,  or due to bad denominational doctrines and bad Bible teaching…  are these people still God’s people?  Let’s say they are. What would they unify over? If they can’t even recognize God’s voice in Prophecy such as these Mark Taylor prophecies and how can they unify? I’ve talked to people who seem sincere about their faith in Christ and devout but go up in arms about the concept of prophets or especially these Mark Taylor prophecies. Are they God’s people?  Why are they like that? Because they don’t know God? Because they or under some sort of stronghold, some denominational doctrinal stronghold,  maybe some societal stronghold or  maybe even a  Mystic demonic Yoga strong hold?? 
  3. Who are God’s people? How can they unify?   Well let’s just say we count all people who say they are Christian because they go to a Christian Church under a variety of Christian religions or denominations.   each one of these religions or denominations have their own doctrine,  largely man-made summaries of the Bible that focus on a few verses and usually spin  them this way or that way to make an “easy” way  for people to “be a Christian”  and so on.  They tend to say they have to interpret the Bible for people and people “can’t interpret or understand the Bible on their own” so therefore they feel like they need to take the place of Lord and Teacher.   That said a lot of people are lazy, but then again it’s likely that they are lazy because they are told that they can’t interpret the Bible on their own or even read the Bible on their own because they are “lay people”  and only superior holy church leaders can tell you what’s in the Bible.  From my experience across several Christian religions and many Christian denominations this is simply and plainly the case.  But that’s a problem if you want you to have Unity throughout the body of Christ or throughout all those who say they are Christian. The problem is that there are too many lords and there are too many “versions”  or should I say ” Cliff Notes summary versions”  of the Bible.   And  these denominations, religions argue over who’s man made doctrine is better.  We have division and not unity.   The body of Christ can not be unified with these man made doctrines that fall way short of the Word of God in the way.  There can be only One Teacher and One Lord.  It’s time for all Christians to start being taught by God directly.
  4. So if I may propose an idea for Unity.  let’s return to Christianity 100,  not even 101.  Let’s throw out all denominational and religious doctrines.  Let’s  get rid of them all.  And now let’s install into every Christian church the doctrine of Christ,  the only doctrine that there should be, which is the ENTIRE New Testament and all verses stated in a command style and an implied command style.  Let’s establish Jesus as Lord, the actual Head of the Church,  as the head of every Church.  But wait what’s the Lord?  A lord is a person you will obey if they are your lord.  Wait a minute we need to obey Jesus? That question should not even be asked but  ou could argue that most people don’t even understand or have heard any concept at all in regards to the need to obey Jesus.  Most don’t have a clue what a lord is throughout  modern Christianity at this point.  So what do we need to do to obey Jesus? 
  5. “If you love me, obey my commandments”.  “Why do you call me Lord Lord and not do what I say?…”   You can’t claim Jesus as Lord if you don’ t obey Him.  If you don’t obey the King of the Kingdom then you are a worker of lawlessness because the King makes the laws.  If you don’t have Jesus as Lord then you have no salvation (Romans 10:9-10). 
  6. If  the church unifies around the Doctrine of Christ and put Jesus finally back at the Head of the church by obeying Commands of the New Testament and by seeking his Direction and real time in the Spirit,  then the body of Christ will become ultra-powerful;  The people of the earth will be drawn to Christ.   The Earth will be healed and the joy and the love of God will fill the Earth. It can be similar to Heaven on Earth.  
  7. So what are we waiting for? Well I’ve done a lot of work  identifying the Commands of Jesus of the New Testament.  You should be able to download the verses lists off of our website.  In the mean time I’m working on commands explained training that you can find on or Look up The Commands of Jesus on Youtube (already have a bunch of videos up there. ) Plus in the videos and blog posts action steps are included in order to obey each command.  These videos will need to be improved over time as more is revealed but they are off to a good start.
  8. What’s a command of the New Testament?   It’s any verse stated in a command style or implied command style in the New Testament.   Jesus is King of Kings Lord of Lords.  A king gives commands.  The king’s commands are the law.  If you are obeying the commands of the king than you are a practitioner of law FULLness.  And those who do not obey the king are law breakers, practitioner of lawlessness.  We know what happens to a worker of lawlessness in that Jesus denies them and they get tossed into the Outer Darkness. We know that Jesus’ commands are His sayings.  We know that when people put Jesus’ sayings into practice they build their house upon a rock and when the storms and floods come, their house remains (as in a temporary situation or possibly an eternal situation).  We know that those who obey Jesus’ commands are those who hear the Word,  understand the Word and then therefore do what the Word says and consequently become the fourth seed that bears fruit some 30 some 60 some 100-fold.

The Spirit of God says, Where is the mercy and grace that I have shown you?  Why are you not showing it to others?

  1. Maybe people don’t know the mercy and grace that has been shown them because they don’t know the consequences of sin. They don’t know the sins of a Bible. They don’t know that list of 666 sins of the Bible and that we are held accountable for those sins even after we are born again from above and you can even argue, especially so.
  2. We better understand what mercy and forgiveness is.  Remember that Jesus says the Father will not forgive your sins if you don’t forgive others sins.  And if your sins are not forgiven then, that could be really bad. So go work with God asking Him to show you all unforgiveness you have so you can forgive and let it go, maybe even blessing those who hurt you in the process.
  3. Many are told that they don’t have to worry about sin after they become born again, after they have said the sinner’s prayer because “all their future sins are forgiven”. Now just think in a relationship with your spouse if you have one:  if you did anything you wanted to do and said anything you wanted to do regardless of how offensive it was to your spouse, where as your spouse was offended and hurt multiple times over,  could you tell them ” oh you’re supposed to have unconditional love for me because I’m your spouse”  you’re supposed to automatically forgive me when I treat you bad, lie to you, cheat on you, ignore you, call you names and so on.   How well will that keep working?   Now they can forgive you.  But you open channel of trust in your relationship will not likely be healed unless you repent to your spouse, admitting your offence and agreeing with your spouse that it was wrong. Therefore sine you had a change of mind about doing that offensive thing to your spouse, whether you understand why it was offensive or not, because you love your spouse and want them to feel loved, you changed your mind about the offensive thing and then believed that the offensive thing is now a bad thing to do.  When your spouse sees that you really believe that the offensive thing is a bad thing and that you don’t want to do that thing anymore, your spouse can then start to open back up and trust  you again.  So it is with God oh bride of Christ.

The Spirit of God says, Why has your love grown cold?

  1. Matthew 24:12  “Because lawlessness is increased, most people’s love will grow cold.”
  2. Lawlessness is certainly abound because people don’t know what the sins of the Bible are and they don’t know what Jesus’ commands of the New Testament are.   They don’t know how to obey Jesus’ commands or that He even has any commands.  So people are sinning all over the place. Why is this? Religion. Denominational man-made doctrines that have deceived the people so they don’t know what Romans 10:9-10 actually is saying. The confession of Jesus as Lord means that you are admitting he is Lord which means that you are admitting that you need to do what He says. By doing what Jesus says you build your house upon a rock,  you become the fourth seed  and you become a worker of lawfulness,  while producing much fruit in the process,  while also abiding in Christ and abiding in the love of the Father and the Son.  Also by obeying Jesus’ Commands of the New Testament you walk holy and you don’t sin;  you stop sinning as you master Jesus’ commands. You will be filled with the love of God and your love will be waxed hot as you become an obeyer of Jesus’ commands.
  3. Who are you going to believe?  God or the Anti-God called Sin?  Who are you  going to believe? Jesus God the Son or Lucifer/Satan?   Are you going to listen to Jesus and do what He says? Or are you going to listen to Satan  and do what he says (the ways of Sin, evil, The ways of the world, the ways of the flesh…  whatever God calls sin.?

The Spirit of God says, Put your petty differences aside

  1. Stop fussing over your man-made doctrines that come far short of the entire word of God.  Obey the New Testament. Read the Bible over and over and over and know the Word so you get a clue.

The Spirit of God says, My love is unconditional.

  1. God’s love is constant. Will you accept it or will you reject it. Be careful to look on the inner man in your heart to what you actually believe in your heart. Your real beliefs are what’s coming out of your heart. And if there is a problem and you’re hearing strange things that don’t sound so good then get help form the Lord directly. 

The Spirit of God says, Love each other deeply.

  1. How many of us have actually thought of loving our brother and sister in Christ deeply? You have to ask how do you do this?  Ask the Lord your Teacher to teach you how and He will teach you correctly.

The Spirit of God says, Love covers a multitude of sins and My mercy endures forever.

  1. You’ll be shocked to see how many sins there are in the Bible. We have a list of 666 sins of the Bible on our website that you can download and get to work in uninstalling those sins by stopping believing those sins are okay or good to do or something you can get away with.
  2. Many if not most believers are loaded up with a sticky mass of unrepentant sins and because they were told that they didn’t have to worry about their sins and that they were automatically forgiven. In a relationship our sins always automatically forgiven? Does that even make sense? It’s certainly not Biblical. See for yourself.  Read the Bible over and over and over and over… Again.  Additionally believers were not taught what they sins of the Bible were nor were they taught what Jesus’ commands of the New Testament were. So therefore with such a backlog of unrepented sins fortunately you have a way to have a multitude of sins covered which is to love fervently your brothers and sisters in Christ  1 Peter 4:8 Above all, keep fervent in your love for one another, because love covers a multitude of sins.
  3. God is willing to forgive if you’re willing to take actions on your sins while also forgiving others for their sins against you. Don’t store any negative frequency generator in the layers of your soul.

The Spirit of God says, The love, mercy, grace, and unity that I am looking for will be what it takes in these days ahead to push back the forces of darkness so My gospel can go forth.

  1. It sounds like there will be quite a challenge ahead and we need to step it up and rise to the occasion brothers and sisters in Christ. So it’s time to armor up.   Time to Warrior up.  Time to get strategic. Time to go into battle mode. We’re in the Kingdom age and it’s Kingdom vs. Kingdom. We are to conquer and occupy the earth for our King. 
  2. Love conquers all.  Love is the most powerful emotion and frequency.  On that note doesn’t the Bible say that God is love itself, Himself?  So  in that concept we can see how love conquers all because God conquers all.
  3. Mercy refrains you from indulging in things of the enemy including dark emotions.
  4. Grace, acts of kindness, acts of kindness and love those who don’t necessarily deserve acts of kindness and love will win hearts of those people and others who are watching. Let your light shine before men. Abide in the love of God.  Obey Jesus commands.  Your greatest witnessing to is the love of God,  manifesting,  beaming out of you from within you.
  5. No more  do we step back and cower. No more do we fear man. No more do we look to please man. No more are we afraid of criticism by others or insults. No more! Now we rise to rule and reign in the spirit realm for you have power over all the power of the enemy.   In you alone is the power over all of the Kingdom of Darkness. Wake up and rise brothers and sisters.   Find out who you really are in Christ, the creature that  terrifies Satan and the Kingdom of Darkness. 

The Spirit of God says, These attributes are what’s needed to be a part of my Army. I am looking for men and women of God to put their differences aside, come together in unity, for this common cause in forwarding My Kingdom.

  1. Unify under Christ like we are supposed to do.   Follow Jesus only. Have only one Doctrine in your church which is the doctrine of Christ which contains all of the commands of Jesus of the New Testament.   It’s time to make Jesus Lord and Obey Him.   Luke 6:46 “Why do you call Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ and do not do what I say? (NASB). Consequently if you do not obey Jesus than he is not your lord,  and that’s a big problem,  a big eternal problem.  see Romans 10:10. See what happens to workers of lawlessness.  See what happens to those who don’t abide in Christ. See what happens to those who don’t produce a return for God. We can accomplish all that we need to accomplish through obedience of Jesus commands of the New Testament
  2. Toss  out all ideas of the past,  toss out all man-made doctrines and so on and so forth and now follow Jesus as Lord,  as the Head and leader of the church,  walking in Spirit,  being guided and real-time even moment by moment since you are to die to self daily,  losing your life not trying to save it or hold on to it and letting Jesus direct your life.   We have to be like little kids that believe in their parent who trust their parent to catch them when they jump in the big scary swimming pool…

The Spirit of God says, My Army is making great strides against the Kingdom of Darkness! Taking
ground! Holding ground! They will be an unstoppable force in the days ahead.

  1. So be encouraged! We are actually doing some good things!
  2. Now on to complete the order in victory across the planet. Conquer the planet and hold it. Occupy the planet until the Lord Yeshua returns. The goal is total global domination not letting one single territory or not willing to let one soul to perish.

The Spirit of God says, Unify, unify, unify! I am calling on My troops to unify now!”

  1. Stop trying to have our ways and go follow Jesus in the Spirit.  
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