Action Plan for Mark Taylor Satan’s Frequency Prophecy of 7-07-17

  1. The Spirit of God asks why you are tuned into the enemy’s frequency and not tuned into His. 
  2. The Spirit of God asks why you listen to the doom and gloom.
    1. Don’t tap into the news, the doom and gloom messages from the TV, internet, radio or errant pastors,  errant Bible teachers (or should I say man-made doctrine pushers).  Instead  the tap into God’s word and  prophecies, continual prophecies that are being given daily and publish daily.
    2. Most people don’t recognize God’s frequency, His character in modern prophecy because they don’t know the Word of God well;  they can’t recognize his voice or character. They rely on other people to teach them God’s word,  which is not even possible nor is it biblical to rely on man to be your teacher. Where does a blind teacher lead a student?  Right.  Be taught by God instead like you are supposed to be. The best man can do in terms of teaching you is share a glimpse, and angle of Revelation about God’s word revealed by God directly as they sought after God through pursuing His Word,  Plus conversation and prayer with Him.  And what man ought to do is teach you how to be taught by God, Jesus, your One and Only Teacher.
  3. Don’t listen to Doom and Gloom.
    1. Understand that whatever you put into your soul, your mind and heart will become part of you.  So if you are putting bad things, bad messages, negative concepts, negative thoughts, negative emotions into your soul it’s becoming part of you. And this negativity can manifest out into bad fruit.
    2. Understand the whole Kingdom of Darkness is based on the realm of negative emotion. Emotions have frequencies. Like attracts like and like harmonizes with like. If you are putting negative emotion which attracts negative thoughts or negative thoughts directly into your soul (your minds)  then you are technically pursuing things of the Kingdom of Darkness, following after them. That’s not good.
    3. On top of that if you are spending your time listening to Doom and Gloom then you are ignoring God. You’re putting yourself at the mercy of Kingdom of Darkness workers  that are highly skilled at manipulation.  When you are walking close with God, the Kingdom of Darkness is nothing.
  4. The Spirit of God says that the doom and gloom messages are tuned into the enemy’s airwaves.
  5. God reminds us that our job is to go out and preach the Gospel, the Good News.
    1. This means every single born again believer, not just some ordain minister.  Every single one of us is responsible for sharing the Good News.  And just think, if we all did this to two people who believed, the world would be a much better place and we wouldn’t have had to go through this mess would we.
    2. You go learn how to present the Good News, to witness, to tell someone how to actually, truly and fully believe on Jesus, master your skills at witnessing by doing this yourself and then you go teach others how to do the same.  Teach many many people and teach them to do the same process.  Now you will have greatly compounded returns for the Kingdom (and yourself in the process).
  6. God asks why you are listening to Doom and Gloom of the kingdom of darkness.
  7. God asks why you are agreeing with enemies plans!
    1. Many have been snookered and conned by the Kingdom of Darkness’  preaching, teaching,  instruction and media.   And now they are foolishly agreeing with the enemy’s plans for their own destruction in addition to  humankind’s destruction.
  8. God says that by you giving more airtime to the enemy’s plans by watching and listening to doom and gloom messages that you are empowering the enemy’s plans.
    1. So by simply watching news controlled by the Kingdom of Darkness,  going to websites of theirs, listening to preachers of theirs,  listening to music of theirs,  watching movies of theirs,  watching TV shows of theirs….  you are empowering the Kingdom of Darkness. That means you are working for the enemy. And that equates to treason against the Kingdom of Heaven.   Did you know that?   Maybe most don’t even realize it. So wake up and repent before it’s too late!
  9. God reminds us that life and death are in the power of the tongue.
  10. God commands us to speak life.
  11. God is calling out church leaders for preaching doom and gloom which causes them to sear the consciousness of God’s people.
  12. God says that because you are preaching doom-and-gloom that you are robbing God’s people of hope and the will to fight.
  13. God says you are no longer saving lives but taking them because your doom and gloom messages have robbed people of hope to the point of suicide.
  14. God says that pastors and prophets of doom and gloom now have blood on their hands.
  15. God says you pastors and prophets who are preaching and prophesying doom and gloom are prophesying their own doom.
  16. God tells the doom and gloom preachers to repent.
  17. The Spirit of God says the news media has become a stench under His nostrils.
  18. The Spirit of God says that there is no truth in the news media.
  19. The Lord God  says He  we’ll clean out the news media and bring back truth.
  20. There will be a sign when God will do this and that sign is when news outlets go down and bankrupt.
  21. The Lord God says He will rebuild the news media using His righteous people to restore them.
  22. God calls on his army, those who are chosen to be journalist and investors to get ready to take your place as He  tears down the news media and rebuilds them into His news media.
  23. The Spirit of God calls on his billionaires and millionaires and ask them why they are not in process of buying out these news outlets and taking control.
  24. The Spirit of God says that the money He  gave you  was for His Kingdom to advance His Kingdom in all areas of influence.
  25. The Spirit of God says now is the time to move and take back His news media.
  26. The Spirit of God says that He will now take  back what belongs to Him using His Army and the finances He has given them.
  27. God’s commands His Army to rise up and take back the news media so the spirit of truth will begin to flow.
  28. God  Says that the enemy has held this stronghold of the news media for too long and his time is up and this is a fight that the enemy does not want to see.
  29. We are commanded to take this fight to the enemy,
    and then by doing so God’s Army will be victorious and His  news media will be brought back to Him.

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