Action Plan & Commentary to Mark Taylor America, America Prophecy of 10-7-15

  1. God  loves America-the USA.
    • Did you know that America is literally God’s gift to the world?   Most of us felt this way by studying history,  although over the past few decades we felt the opposite as America was quickly becoming a foolish disgrace doing all sorts of evils… But as most of us all know by now America was infiltrated by an enemy within.  And they almost had us until God stepped in.  America was the last to fall and if America fell then shortly thereafter 90% of the world’s population would have been “extinguished”.  These foolish followers of the Satan thing they’re “getting ahead” being conned into utter nonsense to the destruction of the world and little do they know, their own destruction and most brutally hideous eternity to follow.  So wake up you followers of Lucifer – he can only kill, steal and destroyed.  You’ve been sucker played.  Repent to God through Yeshua before it’s too late.
      90% of the Gospel throughout the world has gone out through America, the USA.   And now America will reap the Harvest from all the goodness it has sown. Additionally America will be used as the launching pad for the end times Harvest,  “the global invasion” of the Kingdom of Darkness for the Salvation of 1 billion or more souls.  What about the rest of the 6 or so billion? Well let’s fight for them too. The world needs to wake up and realize that this little tiny lifespan isn’t for the maximization of oneself in this lower state world.   People need to realize that we are in this world primarily and mostly to pass the test and overcome.  There is a great separating out between sheep and goats where God is cleaning up the universe after the mess Lucifer made. We undergoing the similar test the Angels had to go through.  Even the Lord had to go through His own test, after taking on one of these flesh bodies.  Let’s make everyone know and understand that they are going through this life as a test to pass the test which is to seek God, find Him, accept the offer that He’s giving to save your soul which is to believe on Him, believe Him, follow Him as Lord as opposed to Satan.  Obey Jesus not Satan.  Obey God not Sin the “anti-god”. Whom you obey is your lord and master and your lord and master will be  your owner that comes for you at the end of this like.  Make sure your Lord and Master is Jesus if you want to live.  So let’s sober up ourselves and realize what’s at stake and get to work relentlessly for the sake of the people of this planet.
  2. God has chosen America.
    • Yes He has and you have started to see this and you will see this very much more. America will be set up with an ideal model righteous governmental system from Heaven for the world to model.   Those who model America can be blessed for success.
  3. America will be for the end time Harvest as England was to the D-Day invasion.
    • Welcome To The Kingdom age!  This is where Kingdom Rises against Kingdom.   This means the Kingdom of Heaven is in process of invading the Earth.  Alleluia! And amen!
  4. America will be the hub for the end time Harvest as England was the hub from which the D-Day assault was launched.
    • America will be cleaned up.  The church will be cleaned up. There will be a restoration of God’s Word to the church. People’s eyes will be open to what scams they’ve been under through “man-made” denominational doctrines.  People will wake up and realize that God says what He means and then He means what he says from His Word. People will realize that they actually have to do what The Lord says in God’s word, in the New Testament.
  5. Men, women, equipment, food, money, weapons and supplies of all kind will pour into America as these supporting factors poured into England for the D-Day assault.
    • Amen. We’ll take it and we’ll use it. We will bear fruit with it throughout the Earth.
  6. America has been chosen for the launching platform for the worldwide  assault on these spiritually oppressed peoples of the Earth.
    • Understand as Mark Taylor said in interviews at this is going to be a whole new level of America. The USA’s days ahead will be the greatest ever way beyond what we’ve ever experienced.
  7. Even though America seems frozen they are chosen.
    • America is in the process of being  dethawed  as the schemes and scams  of workers for the Kingdom of Darkness are exposed and brought to Justice.When the people learn that they’ve been deeply fooled the, Great Awakening – Spiritual Awakening will follow.And the remnant who knows what they’re doing better be ready for all these people.   Get on ElijaList.Com because the prophets there will Keep you up-to-date on a daily basis; it’s really excellent.   Just join their newsletter and they will email you prophecies daily, vetted prophecies by accurate prophets.   Oh yes we do have prophets these days obviously.  Some under religious and man-made doctrinal strongholds think we don’t have prophets.  Well they are in for quite a wake-up call.
  8. God will heal America because He has heard the cries of His people that have sought His face and He can do anything since he is the God of all creation.
    • Fortunately for the world we had some genuine repentance going on in America, some real and specific confession of sins on the individual basis and on behalf of the country. Fortunately we had a remnant who knew what was going on and were not deceived by  these man-made doctrines strongholds and other social programming shenanigans.
  9. The Spirit of God says, “Army of God, out of the darkness! I COMMAND
    YOU TO ARISE AND TAKE YOUR PLACE! For I have given you extra time, mercy and grace. Go, Go, Go, do not slow down. Begin to take and hold your ground, for there is No more time to waste.
    • Notice there is urgency extreme urgency.   There is Extreme urgency to take ground and hold it in the spirit realm and there’s no time to waste.  The Kingdom of Darkness and their workers must be exposed and brought to Justice.We have been given extra time because this was all supposed to start in 2012! As said, I believe through Mark Taylor in an interview,  the church was not ready and needed to wake up and generate righteous anger, enough to rise up and overcome the Stranglehold of the Kingdom of Darkness over this nation.  So BO was put back in there…. And right as they were lining up the guillotine for all believers in this country in their FEMA camps (oh yes they bought lots and lots of Guillotines for the chopping off of heads so your organs could be kept intact and could be sold for-profit, as reported they have been doing to Christians in China…) This is not a game.  We must gain ground in the spirit realm and in the physical realm. Understand that unless we repent which is to agree with God. To agree with God we must obey His commands which in our case is Jesus commands of the New Testament.  We can even repent for the sins of a territory such as a region, a city, a neighborhood, a state, the specific sins (as Mark Taylor elaborates upon in a CD he made for the Sid Roth It’s Supernatural show that you can buy from their site) so that God can move on our behalf.   God can do anything but He wants to go by how He has set things up.  And He wants us to choose Him  and to choose to obey Him.  do understand that the great separation of the sheeps and the goats  is over who will be willing to seek out and purposely choose to believe in God,  specifically to believe in Jesus God the son and to obey His commands,  as an act of your will,  as your choice and against all the contrary feelings of your flesh,  the ways of the world and the tricks of the Kingdom of Darkness.
  10. America again will be a great light.
    • Yes we will!  Thanks to God!  Thank you God!  Thank you so much for helping us and giving us this opportunity!  This is going to be fun!
  11. There will be a mass exodus in the natural and the spiritual of the enemy from America. The enemy will say “Oh the Light, the Light it shines so bright, there is nothing else left to do but take flight.”
    • As of this typing we haven’t seen this yet but we are seeing the preparation of this happening.   We  have seen  massive resignations from government through big corporations.   By the time you see this maybe the “wire has been tripped” and you are seeing or have already seen the mass arrests of  traitors to this country and all of humanity.  Did you not know that these wicked people’s goal was to exterminate 90% of the world’s population?  Better look up what these “UN Agendas” are all about.  The UN  according to knowledge and understanding has been reported to be a literal Satanic organization.   But do your own research.
  12. The president of the United States is the spiritual Gate Keeper.
    • Amen pray for your president..Send Host to protect him and all of those who work God’s agenda in this country
  13. God has chosen Donald Trump and anointed him before this time.
    • Amen! We’ll take him!   We will love him and support him.  And did you know that Donald Trump has become born again?   Oh yes he has!
  14. The Spirit of God questions, “Can you not see this?”
    • Well if you’re listening to Kingdom of Darkness news then maybe you won’t.  You’ll be too busy chasing around lies and “mystery wooooooo…” nonsense and deceit.
      On the other hand you have to ask yourself why would you even listen to workers from the Kingdom of Darkness, from their news media and various other media?  Why would you even be attracted to their voice, frequency, character and message?  Can you not tell they’re lying to you?   If you think they’re telling you the truth then it’s time that you get to know the Bible so you recognize God’s voice verses what’s not God’s voice.  You can download our volume Bible reading plans with the volume Bible reading system installed into those plans from our website.
  15. Donald meaning world leader with the spiritual connotation of faithful as in faithful world leader.
    • Who would have thought Donald Trump, The Donald, the World Leader would be… the world leader!  Awesome!  He’s got a great heart and I heard that’s what God liked about him especially.  Plus DJT can get the job done.  Plus he’s extra focused because he has “mind framed” everything into a game to win and thinks in terms of winning.  Well that’s certainly in line with the Bible. We are to be all about winning, run to win, overcome and win the victory in, with and through Jesus, to choose Jesus as Lord over Satan as lord, to choose God over Sin.
      Donald will be faithful to the Lord.  And it seems that he can accept orders just as well as he can give orders.
  16. Trump means to get the better of, II outrank or defeat someone at something often and a highly public way.
    • Hopefully you’ve been following what’s been going on behind the scenes. There are many resources that have insight on what’s going on  behind the scenes.   They say Donald Trump is playing “4D Chess”-  so how is he able to do this?   Come on now.   You know the answers of this!   Glory to God and blessed be the Name of the Lord!
  17. Donald Trump will be a faithful world leader
    • Finally!Hopefully he’ll teach people about faithfulness in this country because there’s a lot of learning that’s needed.
  18. Donald Trump  together with the Army of God will defeat all of America’s enemies in the spiritual and in the natural. And you will see this manifest before your eyes.
    • Do not watch Satan’s news.   Go and find the sources that will give you the real news on what’s really going on. You will be amazed to follow what’s happening in real time.Get in the game.  Take down the enemy in the spiritual realm. Learn how to command the Host of Heaven Army Angels. Once the spiritual realm is cleaned up then the physical realm can be cleaned up.
  19. Donald Trump  Will shut gates, doors in portals that the past president opened.   And Donald Trump will open gates, doors and portals the past president had shut.
    • Amen!
  20. God’s Army will not be silenced. They will begin to see that Donald Trump is the one God has chosen. The Army will begin to rally around him and keep him covered in  spiritual support.  
    • Well hurry up Army! Get with the program! Listen to God instead of the enemy.   Follow what is really going on through these Mark Taylor prophecies and ElijahList.Com, Mike Thompson and Kat Kerr…

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