Action Plan & Commentary for Mark Taylor Prophecy Do Not Fear America

·  The Spirit of God says He senses fear in His people about the future of America.

  • Do not fear. Fear is of the emotional Realm of the Kingdom of Darkness.   If you entertain this emotion then you will draw similar thoughts to yourself, thoughts of action that are related to the destructive emotion of fear. And  with enough fear energy conjured up you may even destructively take action upon that thought you attracted to yourself
  • The negative thought you attracted to yourself by indulging in a negative emotions such as fear may actually have been a demonic presence, a demonic Bean who sensed or “smelled”  your fear as a food source.
  • Through these Mark Taylor prophecies we have seen exposed how the Kingdom of Darkness  entities work in that you are negative emotional energy is their food source. When you speak or take actions out of that negative emotional state you generate and spew out disgusting substances in the spirit realm of which the demons come and swim in,  absorbing that negative  disgusting  stuff  which becomes their food. This is why the Kingdom of Darkness is trying desperately to get mankind to sin as much as possible and as strongly as possible because it empowers them.
  • The Kingdom of Darkness and it’s workers are strategically trying to trick the whole world into sinning, especially born again Christians since when they sin, they generate the most power for demons to come and eat up.  The Anti-Christ can not even manifest unless there is enough sin and negative emotion generated on the Earth through man.  And those who are regenerated Christians were tricked mostly because they did not know the meat of the Word, the difference between right and wrong, the difference between the commands of Satan and the commands of Jesus because denominational doctrines blinded them from Jesus’ commands (that are plainly all throughout the New Testament). These man made corrupted doctrines also preventing people from knowing what a lord was and much less what “Jesus is Lord” is.  Because if you don’t obey Jesus, doing what He says you become a worker of lawlessness.  The King gives the law and if you don’t do what the King says then you are a worker of lawlessness.  And workers of lawlessness deny Jesus as Lord.  Jesus says to workers of lawlessness that He never knew them.  And workers of lawlessness get tossed out into the outer darkness for eternity-not good.
  • The more you think of fear the more it grows. The more fear grows in you the greater energy it has over you.  Plus fear will have greater power over you to trigger you into a similar frequency thought of action or fear inspired speech.   Hence, this is why you do or say irrational or violent things.
  • Consider a scientific concept in the difference between Heaven and Hell in that of the emotional realm and their corresponding frequencies. For example study the negative emotional realm versus the positive emotional realm effects on water crystal formation of which videos you can find online.
  • You can even find the results of plant reactions to negative versus positive emotions. Doing so can help bring clarity to why we do not want to have anything to do with a negative emotion, particularly the emotion of fear.  We’re not talking New Age since ‘New Age’ religion and philosophy talks a lot about positive and negative emotions, vibrations and frequency (they have a few parts of information but following ‘New Age’ religions and their corresponding religions gets you nowhere and accomplishes nothing but landing you in the eternal pit).  New Age owns nothing but what it tries to steal from God.  You can see the contrast of positive emotions and negative emotions in the separation of the Kingdom of Heaven vs. This world and Hell in the difference between the fruits of the Spirit vs. The fruits of the flesh as seen in Galatians 5 https://www.Biblegateway.Com/passage/?Search=Galatians+5&version=NASBLogically and cerebral get rid of the emotion of fear.  Don’t be wooed into exploring the emotion of fear; it’s a destructive black hole trap.In contrast “the fear of God” as per understanding is the awe of God in awe of His pureness, holiness, perfectness, power and massiveness. God is Light and His Light destroys darkness.  Fear from the Kingdom of Darkness is hate based and destructive.  The fear of God brings life and abundance. Fear that is based on doubt and hate is different from the fear of God.  The fear of God can also be thought of the utmost respect and honor for God. He’s God Almighty!  He IS reality.  We are manifestations of His mind.  The fear of God is also deep soul shuddering concern with having sin, offense to God in your life with the prospect of eternity separated from God to be brutally tortured forever in Hell as God lets you follow your choice of the “aniti-god” called Sin instead of having Him as God.
  • The fear of God can also be ascribed to the fear of disappointing one’s Father, God because they love Him and Respect Him and want to be approved by Him.

The Spirit of God says He has heard your cries and will heal your land.

  1. Good news. It’s a done deal. The Spirit of God says  He has already heard our cries and WILL heal our land the USA. So stop listening to liars,  downers, wimps, ” the effeminate”. Accept this message, USA. Why do people still want to cling to doom and gloom? Do you love a lie?   Would you rather have a lie?   what good is it to focus in and repeat Doom and Gloom messages? Are you trying to manifest them? Are you trying to Hawk gold coins and survival food?  Are you trying to scare people into giving you donations?   Is there any good and focusing on Doom and Gloom? You get what you focus upon and what you focus upon grows so maybe there will be Doom and Gloom for you who keep focusing on Doom and Gloom.  after all this time and all these signs if you’re  refusing to listen to God maybe you need some Doom and Gloom. This is getting ridiculous.  You’re listening to a bunch of literal Satanists, being guided in spirit by the Father of Lies give you news?   And you keep listening. That’s just not acceptable. Repent. Start listening to God and His modern day prophets.
  2. Why are preachers still preaching Doom and Gloom? I was shocked to even hear that preachers are still preaching an “imminent rapture” (Oct 2018),  a “head for the hills” message,  that “everything is going to fall apart”  message and that everything is going to be bad, bad bad etcetera etcetera etcetera message.  That’s just embarrassing at this point. But wait there’s more! The church is about to be judged and you may go along with it. Repent. At this point how is it that you don’t know prophecy that’s been unfolding before our very eyes for the past several years? Or are you secretly a worker for the other Kingdom who has infiltrated the church?
  3. They don’t know what time it is.  Maybe they are only concerned about their comfort levels.  Or they simply refuse to hear the voice of God.  Or they are imprisoned to the stronghold of their denominational doctrines.  Wake up you preachers and pastors because judgement is coming to the church soon, which means potentially to you.  The denomination age is over.    You’ve got to ask why yourself why you’re not getting what’s going on.  What’s wrong with you?  Step into the Light and have everything exposed so you can get rid of parts of darkness, hardness and false beliefs (all of which are easy to pickup by anyone so don’t worry just brighten up!). Ask the Lord, He’ll help you.
  4. On that note see the Purging the Temple prophecy about the 501c3.  If your church is still in that wretched traitorous demonic contract you’re in big trouble.

·  The Spirit of God says to stand firm.

  1. Gird up your loins!   Walk-in Trust. Trust God as a verb. Be in a state of trust with God as a verb. Impute trust to God.  Impute belief to God. Keep your focus on God and don’t be listening to the enemy.  Don’t give thought for your life. Lose your life for Jesus sake.  Take up your cross to self and follow Jesus.  Do not worry.  Do not fear. Go win the victory.  Go and overcome, overcome the tricks of the enemy.  Don’t worry; be happy; obey Jesus. Put the Kingdom of Heaven first and God’s righteousness and God will take care of you in His awesome way of doing things. Delight in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. Delight in the law of the Lord meditating on the Word day and night so that you may be like a tree planted by the rivers of water that brings forth fruit in season whose leaf does not wither and whatever you do prospers.  Commit your way to the Lord and trust in Him and he shall bring if to pass. Become meek so you shall inherit the earth and shall delight yourself in the abundance of peace. Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him, Don’t force an issue like evil-doers do.

·  The Spirit of God says do not falter.

  1. Don’t look back but go out and conquer the enemy in every which way or form, starting in your own life. Don’ t look back at the old ways.  Don’t seek to be comfortable.  Don’t get upset by the change that is happening. Don’t desire to go back under the Kingdom of Darkness so ‘you won’t be bothered’.
  2. Get clarity on what you’re supposed to already be doing by learning Jesus’s commandments of the New Testament and by putting them into practice so you build your house upon a rock and will not get washed away when  the storms of life hit.
  3. Talk to the Lord and find out your own personal assignments.  Listen to Him. Discover your destiny.
  4. Help America conquer the enemy.
  5. Don’t turn towards looking for security and safety and comfort in this world.  It’s a trap.  Obey God and you will achieve wonderful things,  have awesome times and achieve eternal rewards.
  6. Don’t reject what God is doing because it seems uncomfortable. Have no toleration for Darkness but rule over it. Step up and take your place of rulership in the spirit realm.
  7. Drive out darkness, bind it,  take all power over all the power of the enemy and strip their power;  then send the Host to shred the enemy, throw them in a dry place, break strongholds and tear down platforms.
  8. Move forward don’t look back.  Do not sin.  Be holy.  Be perfect. Walk in the Spirit not after the flesh.

·  The Spirit of God says to put on the full armor of God.

  1. Most people need to catch up and understand more about what’s happening in the spirit realm.  For starters consider watching,  studying and reading the books listening to their videos hearing their audio recordings of the following prophets and teachers that are “with the program”: Kat Kerr can tell you all about the spirit realm plus she has a seer anointing that she has had since childhood and is able to see into the spirit realm as with others. Plus she visits Heaven daily after having poured out her life pursuing God with her relationship with Him) and gets all sorts of great insights directly from God the Father. Mark Taylor of course:  read his book and listen to his many interviews you can find online plus study all the his prophecies which you can find on this site or his website https://www.Sordrescue.Com/. Pastor and ex military Dr. Michael Lake and his wife have considerable insight into the spirit realm and the tactics of the enemy.  Steve Quayle,  Sheila Zilinsky, Pastor Mike Thompson as well have all sorts of insight.  Studying those brothers and sisters messages are a good start for learning more about the spirit realm. Oh one more, how could I forget: Find Howard Pittman and his tour through the 2nd Heaven where he saw all sorts of demons, what they do and how they strategize against you.  
  2. Understand that you’re going to need to know quite a bit more about the spirit realm because you’re going to start seeing the spirit realm around you manifest in this physical a lot more.   Workers from the Kingdom of Darkness (probably as the “Aliens”) and Angels from Heaven as well will be visibly seen, as things battle out here in this new Kingdom Age.  You certainly don’t want to get sucked into any trickery by the Kingdom of Darkness which has been gaining in popularity with this whole aliens thing, of which, so far from my observation, is most certainly from the Kingdom of Darkness from the examples I’ve seen in that these folks who are “alien” spokesman for the Kingdom of Darkness that I have observed get awfully bent out of shape when you bring up the Name Yeshua or Yahweh, calling them “tyrants”, saying things like ‘the devil wrote the Bible’ and so on.  But those “aliens” certainly don’t have any other problem with any other (Babylonian) gods.  So hmmm, wonder which side their on…These Kingdom of Darkness workers who say they are “aliens” for example or other spirit realm beings that make appearances tend to:  1. Offer promises of good helpful sounding things.  2. Start off by providing beneficial tips for life in this world or other “spiritual tips”  to make you ‘feel good’  and focus on maximizing your life in this flesh and through your flesh as well as other types of anti-Biblical concepts.  3. Then they drop little seeds one by one (weed seeds) into your soul which can then take root causing you all sorts of problems later.  4. And then they try to turn you into following their inverse world of Lucifer being the savior “light bearer” and all the rest of their sales pitch. Remember if it goes “woooo”, “Mystery Woooooooo” it’s probably of the Kingdom of Darkness.  (not Woocommerce! But ‘wooooooooooo I wonder what that is…” exploring the “mystery” that leads you into a trap and eventually into the pit.)Kingdom of Darkness workers in the spirit realm are all over the place from spider demons talking in your ear suggesting thoughts and action of error to all sorts of other different demons and spirits ad nauseum with their never ending scams, nonsense and deceptions. They must be after you continually because negative emotion generation and actions of sin are their food source.  (The next time you feel motivated to stir up arguments and hate realized that you may likely be getting punked by one of these spider demons). These foul beings are continually trying to inject thoughts, emotions, fiery darts, and weed seeds into your soul.
  3. Start to differentiate between God’s voice and these demons vs. Other thoughts with the Lord’s help, understanding one by one what voices are what.   And be careful to whom or what you are listening.  Know God’s voice and listen to Him.  Differentiate God’s voice from all of those other voices.   Learn how to put on your armor so you can block out these demonic voices, thoughts and emotional blasts.  This is why you need your spiritual armor.  It’s for the thought realm, the emotion realm, the spirit realm as per understanding.  Remember our testing here is over who you are going to BELIEVE: God and His Lord Yeshua or Anti-god called Sin and his lord Lucifer/Satan.    The angels went through this test; now it’s our turn. 

·  The Spirit of God says to rake the enemy over the coals.

  1. You’ve heard the Lord now go about doing it. Stop being deceived by political correctness.  Stop equating Christianity with “niceness”  through which most seem to have been deceived over the decades.  Niceness can be like a stronghold that bind you  and controls you into disobedience.
  2. That said don’t sin in the process as you are learning the difference between sins vs Jesus’ commands.   Don’t break one of Jesus’ commandments of the New Testament.  Understand that you’re in a war, a spiritual war and it’s very real war. Soul’s eternity is on the line.  Additionally you,  we maybe held directly accountable for souls that we were supposed to witness to but didn’t, as heard in some Heaven visitation testimonies as well as the Ezekiel warning.
  3. So don’t tolerate the enemy whatsoever.  It’s not acceptable to let any soul to be slaughtered over and over for an eternity unless they vehemently choose that option.  And nothing should get in the way, NOTHING, should get in the way of the Good News being delivered to every single soul on the planet. The enemy must be defeated and eradicated. People are getting tricked into eternal death all over the place as if it’s nothing. It’s not nothing. Have a zero tolerance policy for the enemy and the things of the enemy from now on. There is a lot at stake.  People can only be saved after they hear the Gospel, and that’s our part in the  salvation equation.  Don’t think someone else is going to do it. Do it yourself. Maybe others will see you as inspiration and get to work.

·  The Spirit of God says  that the End Times battle is on for His 1 billion Souls

  1. It has started. It has started!  Let’s get moving. Let’s not mess around.  This life isn’t for the sake of taking it easy and pursuing the pleasures of this life.  This life is for overcoming and bearing much fruit for God and the Kingdom of Heaven.
  2. Heaven will be a blast.   Eternity will be non-stop fun.   Listen to Kat Kerr and get your mind blown on how cool and fun Heaven is.  There will be parties all the time.  someone even get excited to hear that there are pubs in Heaven where you get “drunk in the Spirit” with Holy Spirit (Pentecostals know about this ask them) from the wine of Heaven.  Most importantly you will reconnect directly back with God and be totally fulfilled. Since a lot of people are talking about space and planets these days you’ll get to do that and you’ll have your own personal spaceship and things like that I have heard from Kat.   Kat Kerr has a bunch of stories about different places in Heaven that you want to know about for sure. That said God is calling up  more and more people to visit Heaven,  so if you haven’t been already you’ll likely hear more and more testimonials about what Heaven’s about and what’s in Heaven. And if you ask God maybe He’ll call you up too.  Plus after the Millennial Reign there will be a new Heaven and a new Earth. So think ahead! Don’t get bogged down in this world! This world is just for testing,  achievement  of reward,  achievement of future power positions,  achievement of eternal wealth  and in the achievement of growing a relationship with God that you couldn’t do in Heaven because there’s no bad stuff to overcome and through the overcoming of tough times together you can grow super close with God with all sorts of new heartstring connections.
  3. Remember what happens to the unprofitable servant.  We are all considered servants who believe on Jesus and confess Him as Lord and Master.  We are required to be profitable to God and the Kingdom of Heaven in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.  So stop listening to man made denominational doctrines that fall short of the entire Word of God and believe God’s word. Otherwise the warning is the outer darkness forever.

·  The Spirit of God says to not fear that His servant Justice Scalia has been taken and that God has not forsaken.

  1. By now everyone knows what happened to Justice Scalia.  God will take care of the Supreme Court with 5 new appointees that God Himself  appoints. 2 are in as of this typing and there are three to go.

·  The Spirit of God says He will show Himself strong to prove that the so-called wise are wrong.

  1. “The wise”…  those who talk or try to talk with such “sophistication”  and “are of such refinement and superiority” are in error, as usual. Usually the stench of pride is behind that behavior making it vomitus to experience.   they are liars. Pride causes lying. It can be said that they are living a lie by an appeal to their pride which is the hook in their nose by the Kingdom of Darkness through which they are controlled and eventually doomed if they don’t repent.   And remember, God really, really detests pride. Amen. We would LOVE to see God show Himself strong and even show off.  We want to see anything God is willing to do in this realm.  It will be awesome.

·  The Spirit of God says says He Has great plans for America and there is a lot more good news to come.

  1. We’re just getting started with good news.  Kat says here are at least hundreds of years to go as she in some other prophets were shown into the future.   Some think we are in the Millennial Reign or in a spiritual Millennial Reign where the Lord rules the earth through His children.  The Jewish calendar just turned 5779 as of this typing which would leave us 221 years until a 6000 mark which could be another logical turning point.
  2. It’s God’s time to rule and reign through His children. And there will be no Rapture until the bride is purified, refined, unified, and walking holy in the power of God doing the Greater Works.  Plus at least one billion new souls have come into the Kingdom of Heaven. 

·  The Spirit of God says there were two signs given when they carried His servant’s (Justice Scalia’s) body up the steps of the courthouse where to rest he was laid.  The Spirit of God says to read the signs and understand the words in this prophecy.

  1. Maybe there’s some video footage to review. Mark Taylor has pointed out these two signs in one of his interviews of the past I remember hearing.

·  The Spirit of God says five Supreme Court Justices will be appointed by Donald Trump

  1. Tell all your friends!  Samuel  (Kavanaugh?)  will be appointed.   Then Deborah is next as prophesied! (sounds like Amy Coney Barrett?)

·  The Spirit of God says Trump is His anointed president. 

  1. Get that straight! Stop listening to fake news of the enemy although they will soon go away. Beware;  do not come against God’s anointed. Do not speak against God’s anointed. Do not touch God’s anointed. Mike Thompson prophesied from a vision he was given –Come Against Trump or Body of Christ and Get Shattered – Mike Thompson Prophecy (see our blogpost on that with Mike’s video)The main stream news have been your literal enemy at this point in time controlled by people who have been duped into looking to exterminate 90% of the population on Earth, who don’t realize they will then soon be replaced as well and then given the worst torture for eternity.   Obviously they haven’t read their Bibles nor have they read any of those books cut out from the Bible such as Book of Enoch and maybe the First and second books of Adam and Eve which reveal more to the way Satan does things. 

·  The Spirit of God says He will stack the courts with whom He chooses which also sends a clear message to the enemy that he loses.

  1. And actually, as of the Kavanaugh appointment it is said that the commencement of the roundup of the traitors of the USA and to humanity will commence.   They’re to be routed out every aspect of society,  every business,  out of every government unit and so on to imprisonment or worse (as prophesied: Haman’s curse goes to them). And then judgement moves on to the church!   Now that’s scary.  If you want some fear, think about the judgement of God on the church starting with the leaders but maybe also the congregations. It’s time to confess and bring everything to the light otherwise I’ve heard that it will be done to you. Also I heard the consequences for sending going forward into this Kingdom age will be much greater although the rewards for producing fruit will be much greater as well.
  2. The church will be cleaned up and those who don’t repent very quickly, by getting out of their Babylonian doctrines and getting out of the Demonic contract of the 501 c 3, will be in big trouble. See Mark Taylor’s other prophecies.

·  The Spirit of God says that these five Supreme Court Justice  appointments are a miracle.

  1. One down.  The next just confirmed.  Three more spots will open up as a scandal will be exposed buy three current supreme court justices.  “Deborah” will be appointed next. Kavanaugh is likely Samuel.

·  The Spirit of God says cries from the womb have reached His eyes and ears like a sonic boom. He says He will take on and overturn Roe versus Wade through the five Supreme Court Justices He appoints. 

  1. Amen. As Mark Taylor has been mentioning in his interviews, this is very much a spiritual war. Part of what these workers of the Kingdom of Darkness strategized was to make abortion legal because the aborted babies were like sacrifices to Moloch or Ba’al. These are ancient entities that Israel stumbled into worshiping (probably over ‘promises of immediate benefits’ (wealth, power, fame, fortune etc… That they only give if they can steal it from men and women who do not know or who are disobedient to God’s Word). Also abortion (or their brutal child sacrifices which they have been doing as reported to the tune of as heard even hundreds of thousands of kids a year) generates so much evil energy that it empowers these ancient evil entities. Their goal is to generate as much evil emotional energy as they can to a point that it births the Anti-Christ. The way it works is that the more evil they can convince mankind, especially Christians, into doing, the more power they generate as food so mankind becomes like a battery, a power source, a food source generator through their evil thoughts, words, deeds and negative emotion generation.  this is why the Kingdom of Darkness  is so interested and insistent at bothering man kind.Demons come and swim in then eating up dark emotion and deeds that let out a stream of dark energy as food.  Born again Christians send super charged power bursts to the enemy if they sin.  So the enemy feeds off of negative emotional energy.  The enemy’s most valuable energy source  would be getting regenerated Christians to sin.  This sounds like a cartoon or movie but it has been mentioned by several teachers and prophets, including Mark Taylor and I believe Kat Kerr mentioned this as well. Plus if you think about what has happened in the USA over the decades, especially the last 30 or so years, (See the Evil Crew of 32) we saw the diminishing and corruption of Christianity across the world and the rise of Babylonian religions to power and control.  And if not for the Lord God stepping in to rescue America, all would have been lost.
  2. Why would Israel go off worshiping these gods from Babylon when they have God Almighty? As a guess, maybe they were tricked by promised benefits,  wealth, success, power in this world. This is  the same sales pitch that the Kingdom of Darkness & Satan keep on making these days.  Not that that is an excuse, but probably a reason to make sense of why they did what they did. This is why we are not to pursue this world for the maximization of our flesh and soul in this world.  We were commanded to put the kingdom of God first and God’s righteousness. We are commanded to build eternal wealth so our hearts would be in Heaven not this Earth flesh realm, that will quickly disappear as this flesh body parishes. Whatever we do to achieve success:  wealth fame and fortune in this realm is to be converted into gold that is tried to be true in the fire. This means that through obedience of Jesus’ Commandments  we bear fruit some 30 some 60 some 100-fold return for God and the Kingdom of Heaven that also builds eternal wealth as we build up the Kingdom, save souls teaching them to observe all of Jesus’ commandments whatsoever. So we are to convert our monies for example into things that grow the Kingdom of Heaven,  while being shrewd and making sure we’re not actually investing into the Kingdom of Darkness.   Many have found out recently in particular, in that their donations to certain organizations or churches preaching broad path doctrines were actually helping the Kingdom of Darkness.   This life span is a tiny one and we need to prepare for millions and billions of years into the future;  so what we do now is going to shape our eternal future.  For those who have a hard time thinking about doing things into a future that they don’t even see, maybe it would help to think in terms of probability.  Since we are always one heartbeat away from eternity and people die all the time by surprise then it would be very wise of us  to plan for the future after we die.
    1. So let’s  just say for example that nothing happens after you die.   if you said that you would just be guessing since you don’t really know. And that’s a low probability guess because if you pursue that route you’ll give up for this life and then you’ll give up pursuing the next life making this a lose-lose mindset.
    2. But if you pursue eternity wow using this life for building eternal wealth then you can win for many years to come, millions and billions or years, and you’ll probably have a lot more fun in this life because you’ll be focused on doing exciting things that are good and challenging, epic even,  productive, and positive which will generate joy, happiness and peace for you in this lifetime while drawing like-minded joy-filled happy, at peace people towards you, for your relationships.   So it’s a win-win by focusing on building eternal wealth instead of wealth just to enjoy in this lifetime in the flesh, for very brief pleasure.  So win in this life and win for eternity by obeying Jesus and producing fruit for the Kingdom.
    3. So build Eternal wealth because this is the well that you CAN take with you!

But back to the abortion topic.   Churches need to be reformatted so they actually teach the Word of God and believe the entire Word of God instead of their fake, man-made itching ear denominational doctrines that cut out large chunks of the Word of God while appealing to flesh lives in this world only.  Churches need to come out from under that demonic contract called the 501c3 as Mark Taylor mentioned as God explained to him is a contract that has influenced and controlled the church’s  decision making in what they should or should not preach.  God considers the joining of the 501c3 worse than Judas’ betrayal money that even the Pharisees knew not to take.

  1. Laws need to be changed to get in line with the word of God.   The Word of God brings life. Going against the Word of God brings death and destruction that by now should be obvious to all.
  2. That said it’s not so obvious because most people don’t know the word of God very well at all so they don’t even know what God commands in the New Testament.  The Ten Commandments are part of Jesus’s Commandments plus he takes them up another level in His commandments of the New Testament.  Jesus’ commandments of the New Testament are God the Father’s commandments too since Jesus says what God the Father tells Him to say.  Personally I’ve never heard a pastor talk about Jesus commands or that He  even has commands or Commandments even though it’s repeated over and over and over in the Bible particularly in the writings through John. So you have to ask why were these commandments of Jesus skipped over and hidden?   And then you start to realize what has been going on around you over the past few decades as you saw the rise of power of evil across the planet.  Then “two and two can be put together” as the expression goes. And you have to ask why Christianity has become so diminished in power and respect across the world.   In the world they say, “Your religion is weak. You’re no different than us. You’re no better than us. You sin just like us.  You cheat like us. You divorced like us. You’re drunk like us. You act wickedly like us…  so don’t tell me about your religion and get it out of my face.”  When that sinks and you realize that something really bad has really happened in the church.  We have been led seriously astray (although that’s our faults for tolerating these man-made corrupted doctrines.) It’s our fault for attending their services. It’s our fault for giving them money.  It’s our fault for buying their books.  It’s our fault for not removing them. It’s our fault because we were deceived. It’s our fault because we were ignorant.  It’s our fault that we were lazy  It’s our fault were were clueless.  It’s our fault we did not know God’s Word. it’s our fault that we did not read the Bible over and over and over and over again ourselves. It’s our fault that we were more concerned with our whims of the moment and our feelings but we were not concerned about what God wants and we’re not concerned about God’s feelings.  Ignoring Jesus’  Commandments or not obeying his Commandments is sin and if you are doing sin then you are empowering the enemy. Here’s a perspective:  And you are also being specifically obedient to the “anti-god” called “Sin” with Sin’s lord & ruler, called Satan or Lucifer then you are making Satan your lord and master and if Satan is your lord an master then he gets to keep you. So if you are an obeyer of Sin then Lucifer is your lord and Sin is your god.   But if you are an obeyer of Jesus the Jesus is your Lord and Master then God the Father is your God. So one of the main strategic tactics of the enemy was to get concept of “Jesus is Lord”  hidden. They were successful.  Even to this day how many people know what “Jesus is Lord”  actually means?  From my experience, almost NO ONE (not that I’ve met a couple billion people but from my experience).  And it’s worse.  How many people actually know what the word “lord” even means besides some chap over in England?   I have never heard anyone explain what a lord was over the past four decades as per my recollection. Because if we all knew what Jesus is Lord meant then we would have avoided many many sins if not all of them all together. And if that was the case then this whole planet just about, would have been converted. How so? Because we would been walking holy in the power of God and in the love of God. And since the love of God in us, the goodness of God in us and the goodness of God and the love of God is what convinces people to believe that they have found the “real deal” and that enables them to believe in Jesus. Additionally if we were walking holy as commanded we would probably be walking in great supernatural power which would have convinced a lot of other people.  And if we would have been walking holy then the world would flock to Jesus because they would see that being an ACTUAL Christian works!  And an ACTUAL CHRISTIAN is one who does what Jesus says.  Not many seem to do, yet… But they will! They will know Jesus commands all of them whatsoever and they will teach all nations!
  3. Additionally if we knew Jesus Commandments and installed Jesus’s Commandments into our souls turning them into our habits and taught them as we were supposed to do,  which is “Christianity 100”, (see Matthew 28 colon 19-20), the whole world could have been walking holy about now.   And you wouldn’t have a bunch of confused Christians out there,  sinning all over the place,  fighting amongst themselves,  making up strange weak doctrines that cause sin and give lordsihp over to some institution or that empower self to be their own lord.  We would of had a unified Body of Christ under One Doctrine, the Doctrine of Christ.  We would have been unified in power, ruling and reigning in the spirit realm and in the earthly realm,  with holiness, goodness,  peace,  joy,  happiness and life abound.  We would have taught our children Jesus’s Commandments who then would have understood that it’s their responsibility also to teach their children and so on. Do you want World Peace?   Here is exactly how to achieve that:  then obey Jesus Commandments and teach others to do so.  Do you want to end poverty worldwide?  Then obey Jesus Commandments and teach others to do so.  Do you want everyone to live in wealth and prosperity? Then obey Jesus Commandments and teach others to do so.
  4. Do you want everyone to go to Heaven and avoid Hell? Then obey Jesus Commandments and teach everyone else to do so.
  5. For the fixing the abortion issue you have to look at other root causes behind the abortion issue. For example if you want to cure a disease you have to look at the root causes of the disease.   You have to remove those root causes or that disease will keep coming back. Abortion is a symptom of a disease you could say and this disease has root causes.  These root causes are disobedience to Jesus Commandments.  But since the planet doesn’t seem to know Jesus Commandments yet, we’re going to have to go learn them, teach others and then institute them into our laws. Obey Jesus Commandments and you have life and prosperity. Disobey Jesus Commandments and follow the ways of Sin then you have theft, death and destruction.  When people get clarity on the word of God they will see this plainly. God is good and the is the source of all life so we follow Him (obey Him) if we want goodness in life. Sin is the anti-god (Like antimatter is to matter), and Sin brings destruction to everything of God,  to everything good,  to everything that is life.  So if you want to be obliterated,  miserable,  hated,  depressed,  poor and so on then you follow the ways of Sin. Which way do you want to go? It’s a simple equation and that’s the way the universe works. And it should make sense since all life comes from God the Creator and anything that goes against God the Creator would be no life, death and destruction.
  6. Solution: Fix the rape laws:  Since this seems to be one of the main arguments for the abotionists let’s eliminate  the problem largely: if you rape then death penalty for you.  Adultery Laws:  Current laws actually encourage adultery. Of course all the kingdom of darkness controlled media, arts, music, TV, etcetera have been brainwashing people into this in addition to sex outside of marriage.  First of all, all legal marriage benefits and claims should be stripped of the person who commits adultery in their marriage through the physical union of themselves to someone else of the same or opposite sex. Someone who commits adultery which ends up in divorce should have absolutely no share in the part of marital wealth, no claim to their spouse’s wealth, no claim of alimony, should pay penalties themselves and have all claims forfeited to custody of any kids.     There should be penalties and heavy fines.  There should be whatever level punishment to get the job done to essentially eliminate adultery.  Adultery should not be. Adultery destroys.   And since adultery can be so tempting people need help with laws by the threat of loss and punishment so they can better overcome the temptation of adultery which can come on strong. Confidence can be restored to marriage and then people can  then start to trust in marriage again. And when people trust in marriage and look to make the best out of it they can have a much deeper relationship and a much better sex life in the process. With laws restored such as this then there will be a lot more intelligent choosing of a spouse as well and there will be a lot more commitment mentally and emotionally to one’s marriage which can therefore make a much better and much more fulfilling marriage since people know that they don’t have any other option but their spouse; so therefore they might as well make their marriage  great and have a lot of great times with each other! (which is what smart people do anyways).  Once marriage and adultery is fixed and people feel that they can trust the concept of getting married again, then many benefits will ensue towards reducing occurrences of illegitimate pregnancies.
  7. If you want to really clean things up incorporate sex outside of marriage laws. most of the population would freak out about this at this point in time because they’ve been so program by the Kingdom of Darkness.  But sex outside of marriage creates a lot of internal damage for a person.  he can drive people crazy and ruin marriages. How so?  When you have sex with someone you give them a layer of your soul and you take a layer of their soul. This is what happens in the spirit realm.  So when someone finally does get married and let’s say they had sex with 10 people before they got married,  well then whenever they have sex with their spouse it’s not just them but 10 other people there with them.  This is a reason why people can have intimacy problems and not know why.   So get rid of the Kingdom of Darkness and all fake religion based on the fallen angels and their hybrid Offspring from the Tower of Babylon words (the Kingdom of Darkness) and get their influence out of society because the results of their ideas is stealing, killing and destroying.   And since government is here to protect the people’s from such things as government would regulate certain poisons it’s government’s duty to regulate these things out of society.   But the government is run by the people well it’s supposed to be. So then therefore you have to educate the people and expose how they were scammed by the Kingdom of Darkness.  and then when the people realize that they could have so much more happiness and fun doing things God’s way  for themselves and their children and they will want to change the laws!   But over the past many decades people have been lied to and the sources of influence have been controlled by the Kingdom of Darkness.  Well fortunately we have entered this new age called the Kingdom Age and the Luciferian reign is now over (it was actually the reign of man but man allowed himself to be tricked into sieved into letting Satan be his boss when man had power over Satan this whole time!!)
    1. If you put a law into place where as if you have sex with someone then you’re obligated to marry them and you’ll certainly clean up abortion issues!  Now how did I come up with that idea, hmm… Oh yeah, the Old Testament!   Just imagine, eventually how much more secure and wonderful marriage can be when  I become so much more focus and so much more permanent.     The human mind will think well  for richer poorer or sickness Health death do us part is it-well  since I’m bound to this marriage and can’t get out legally and I might as well make it good!  And of course you have other people who are more noble minded and want to make a good from the start anyways because they love each other.  And since two people actually love each other they seek to honor each other’s rules of relationship.   And in a similar way since we love Jesus we look to obey His commands.   Conversely  one of the primary problems of marriage these days is people have too easy of an exit. Not only have they been tricked and promoted to have an affair but they’ve also been sold the sales pitch that the grass is greener on the other side.   And that’s not the case at all!   When you have a marital soul-tie that gets broken or rather separated it is not easy to get over and people don’t realize that.  People think they can just hop along to the next person but they won’t escape.  They’ll never be able to have that close relationship with another person which they are yearning.  But back to the point,  because the exit from marriage is too easy and even encouraged people always have one foot out the door mentally and emotionally so they don’t commit to their marriage.  They don’t understand that the committing to the marriage is what  and make a marriage absolutely fantastic.  This all used to be common sense.
    2. God has revealed the mechanics of what happens on the soul level and you have sex with someone through Kat Kerr.   There will be a further explanation below.  But there is a exchange of layers of one’s soul that takes place when you have sex with someone.  So if you’ve had sex before then in the bedroom it’s not just you but you and a bunch of other people. Disgusting isn’t it. That’s why a lot of people have intimacy connection problems. Your soul is designed in layers so keep that in mind.  Anyways, if there are laws in place, which I believe there were in the past in this country, although that would require more research, where you were legally bound to marry someone if you had sex with them then that’s going to change a lot of behavior!   Most abortion cases are there because people are having sex outside of marriage. So if you correct this root problem cause of the abortion problem then there won’t be much of an issue left in regards to reasons for abortion. Look to please God and not man and you fix things.  Or rather please God and not Satan, and Sin and you fix things.  But wait there’s more to this no sex outside of marriage concept.   if you have a legal framework in place for this which would drastically reduce sex outside of marriage then what happens?   Then you have a lot more potentially super exciting impassioned love lives between happy married couples!   The concept of thinking that the grass is greener on the other side or the possibility that you could have “better sex”  with someone else will be drastically reduced and possibly near eliminated in combination with adultery laws.
    3. Get rid of porno.  Porno fries the brains and hearts of men mostly but women also.   it’s like an illegal illicit drug.   it’s too powerful and should be a banned substance. Get rid of x rated content of internet, TV, books etc.  if people stop filling their heads with this stuff then they won’t imagine real life scenarios to stumble into.   Don’t we regulate other things that destroy people’s lives?   Well x rated stuff and porno destroys people’s lives. Consequently, if we do things God’s way will have a lot more fun without negative side effects.   We’ll have much closer relationships with our spouses.  We will be able to be much more intimate with our spouses.   And we’ll be happy!   Get rid of porno: It ruins souls.  It causes addiction. It stimulates corrupted fantasies which could end up in all sorts of sexual deviance and eventually rape.   It’s like a drug and people get strongly addicted to it.   It ruins marriages. It ruins children’s lives  in many ways.   It corrupts the mind.  It ruins sex within marriage which could be so fun if people just focused on each other. There are all sorts of ways of making porno go away legally, layer by layer.”I just want to be happy”-  is a cry of this generation.   Well here is the solution: obey Jesus Commandments of the New Testament and teach others to do so.  For a spouse, find someone else who knows that their eternal life is on the line to obeying Jesus as Lord so consequently they respect Jesus’ Commandments of the New Testament.  People have to understand, starting with the church first,  why it’s not acceptable to have sex outside of marriage.   It ruins people’s future marriage since they become bound with layers of other people’s souls that they connected with sexually as well as layers of their souls going out with all those people they connected with sexually. So therefore when one finally does get married the other spouse isn’t just marrying that one person,  there are many other people right there within their spouse due to the layer of souls  exchanged (that’s how two become one-through the exchange of the layers of the souls).   Penalties need to be brought back for rape,  adultery and so on, severe ones.   Also marriage rules need to be redone  where people can’t just simply abandon their marriage or have an adulterous affair  and receive benefits at the same time as breaking their marriage contract and Covenant;  not only do their benefits need to go they also need to be penalized as I believe was the case in laws of the past in the USA but research would be required on that).  So it’s time to clean up these laws in the USA.   And then this issue of abortion will become much less.  Yes rape would incur the death penalty.  If you want to get rid of affairs do the same.  If you have sex outside of marriage and have people legally bound to be married.   That will clean up his country and vanquish just about any sort of argument for abortion.

But then back to the first concept:   if people know they cannot legally have an abortion and may end up in jail for a long time for murder, both the man and woman even if both agreed,  then they, are going to think really hard before having sex outside of marriage.  And consequently,  they will go after these companies promoting sex outside of marriage, adulterous affairs and the like and get them shut down, get laws changed because they don’t want to be annoyed or influenced or tempted by there material.

So then just make abortion illegal. Then people will think twice about having reckless sex and sex outside of marriage. When they know that there is no way out of having a baby with the person they are about to have sex with then they’ll certainly think twice.  They will think more favorably on marriage where they can have non stop sex, much more fun sex, sex without guilt, sex with a close soul connection, sex with more and more refined & tweaked, fine tuned optimized performance to satisfy each other the way each other likes and sex that is way more fun.   And if you became pregnant in marriage, then that becomes a wonderful thing as opposed to a life changing disaster with some random person’s kid.    “Shagging around” causes disastrous damage to the soul and can ruin your chances for any future good marriage.  So since shagging around can ruin lives and the lives of others, it should be regulated like drug.

Understand that abortion was set up in this country as a strategic move by the kingdom of darkness for purposes of wicked energy generation negative emotion energy generation.  Ba’al needs the sacrifice of ancient days of “passing your child through the fire” for energy. So Ba’al worshipers and those performing abortions are feeding a demon.

As denominations are exposed more and more you’ll realize that we have all been scammed on this abortion issue.  When you realize that we’ve been tricked into becoming the demons’ batteries, empowering them so they can then control us and then destroy us,  you’ll think again about concepts such as abortion, or any other ultimately destructive behavior or mindset or even entertaining a negative emotion whatsoever in your own self.   Aren’t you sick of being deceived? You do know that your eternal life is on the line in regards to deception right?   So therefore it is more important than ever to know the Word of God well the meat of the Word specifically so you can differentiate between right and wrong.  Right = obey Jesus’ commands.  Wrong = obey Satan & the ways of Sin and death.

You can start with our Volume Bible Reading Plans and our Volume Bible Reading System (which is incorporated into the Volume Reading Plans)-for free- just download them for my website and get to it,  aggressively!   Don’t be a wimp,  cream puff,  cupcake, bury your coin in a napkin guy but rather:  roll up your sleeves,  gird up your loins and take the Kingdom of Heaven by force crushing everything from the  enemy Kingdom of Darkness  in the thought and emotional realm and in this physical realm.   Overcome.  Win the victory.  Know God’s Word and do what God’s Word says!

·  The Spirit of God says that the overturning of Roe versus Wade is His will and His way for all those who have prayed.

  1. Amen and Hallelujah. Keep praying.

·  The Spirit of God says He is putting together America’s Dream Team from the president and his administration (Trump), to judges and congress to ease Americas frustrations.

  1. Amen and Hallelujah! Believe God’s word. Believe God’s prophecy. Pay attention of what God is calling you into, especially if it is a government position.  Understand that you are already supposed to be ruling and reigning with Christ in the spirit Realm taking ground from the enemy and occupying it having no toleration for the works of Darkness and death.

·  The Spirit of God says to His Army to rise up and get into the flight for this is the generation that is taking flight.

  1. It’s time to get to work Army. Time to get strategic Army. It is time to get Aggressive army.   it’s time to set goals Army and go for them. It’s time to save the world Army; get up and go,  by foot, by vehicle, by word of mouth,  by teaching and training,  by the internet,  by strategic spiritual warfare,  through intercessory prayer,  by learning and using your new supernatural super powers,  by taking hold over all the power of all the enemy and sending the Host Angelic Army of Super Transforming Supersoldiers to shred everything of the enemy in the spiritual realm, such as platforms, structures and strong holds, to expose all works and workers of evil and to tear apart the workers of darkness and throw them into a dry place…

·  The Spirit of God says This is the generation of warriors that those of old wanted to see, and the enemy will have no choice but to flee.

  1. This is a big deal! You’re in Major Biblical historical times! Thank God that you have the opportunity to live this time. Ask God what’s your assignment is in these times. Talk to God, communicate with God, draw close to God. Unite Army!  Conquer and occupy until the Lord comes. Step up to the plate and fulfill your destiny. Be an eternal winner.   Don’t accept losing or being a loser.  Find your destiny that God has written for you and get it done. Battle and Conquer.  Overcome the enemy that is in your way to get it done.  Believe & achieve.   Build up your eternal treasures and keep your heart on God and Heaven.

·  The Spirit of God says to Rise up! Stomp the enemies head with bliss; send the enemy back to Hell and into the abyss.

  1. Enjoy destroying the Kingdom of Darkness. Have some good intense fun times smashing and bashing.  Charge up your “inner Hulk” to smash and bash the enemy.  Show no mercy since they show no mercy for human souls and they are trying to trick and trap them into eternal death and torture.   Have no toleration whatsoever for these workers of darkness.   Have the perspective of what happens to someone when they go to hell and then the Lake of Fire.   Maybe watch some hell visitation videos to get that perspective and wake up.  Stand up.  Rise.  Rise to the occasion and conquer.   All Of Heaven is watching… Make your Daddy and Lord and Holy Spirit proud of you!

·  The Spirit of God says This is the generation of warriors that all of Hell has feared to face and see, but I AM and all of Heaven is cheering you on with glee!

  1. Sons and Daughters of The Most High God, ARISE! Get the game! And play to win.
  2. Yes you are in a “matrix” a “virtual reality” “game” called life in the flesh.  Win the game.  Save the souls. Make it to the end without being terminated by beast anti-god called Sin and you win a most glorious eternal life. But you better keep moving forward because if you just sit there and do nothing, Sin is crouching in the corner ready to get you and terminate you before the game is won.  Win the game. Make Jesus you Lord. Do what He says. Abide in Him.  Overcome sin.  Win the victory.  Produce a return for the Kingdom. And don’t you dare just pursue a life full of maximization of self without producing a return for the Kingdom or the outer darkness awaits.

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