Action Plan & Commentary for Mark Taylor Prophecy Babylonian Prison of 6-12-16

  • Babylonian Prison
  • There was a beast in the east that thought they were the best but God has one in the West that will give the beast in the East a Godly surprise to take the Beast of the East down to the least.
    • This is almost completed as of this commentary.  “ISIS”  is almost completely destroyed. And the NWO beast is about to be destroyed. Previously dark force controlled America in coordination with the NWO Cabal was paying these ISIS fighters and giving them arms. So we cut off their paychecks and their arms.
  • It’s no surprise that the Beast of the East has risen because the church has been in a Babylonian prison.
    • The 501.3.c is at the root of it.
    • The seminaries were taken over and doctrines were corrupted.
    • Corrupted doctrines claim authority over you as your new lord. This is called yeast of Pharisee. As sign of this often is seen when religions leaders claim authority over you and try to bully you. They’ll tell you that if you don’t follow their doctrine you will go to Hell and be kicked out of the church.  These doctrines come far short of the entire Word of God.  They use their man made doctrines and rules to control you and get you to follow them as lord and this is exactly what the Pharisees were doing.  Because if the Pharisees and the people of Israel would have KNOW the Word of God well they would have recognized Jesus.  But they did not know the Word of God; they knew their man made doctrine instead.
    • Other corrupted doctrines tell you that you can be your own lord and make great efforts to hide what Jesus is Lord means from you. These are popular itching ear doctrines.   This is also known as yeast of Herod.  You just need to “believe” but not obey. Obedience is “works salvation” (not even knowing what works salvation is upon making that claim).  Works salvation is doing anything to tell God that He should be ok with you while pushing God away personally.  Works salvation is distrust personally of God.  Works salvations is you saying “I put in my religions duties and devotions, but don’t get too close God because I want to live my life my way…”
    • Rampant doctrine corruption was established that denied Jesus as Lord and hid His commands. And since salvation is through making Jesus your Lord after you first believe then by hiding Jesus as Lord the darkness workers could technically cut off salvation for many if not most. If you don’t obey Jesus as Lord, then you are a worker of lawlessness and workers of lawlessness get tossed out into the outer darkness.
  • The church is given warning to come out of Babylon or it will be their demise.
    • What is Babylon? It’s Rebellion from God. It’s let’s make our own way. It’s ye shall be as gods.   Its “ascension”.   It’s trying to find your higher self.  It’s you following after the pleasures of the flesh to maximize the happiness of your flesh heart vs following after God in the Spirit. It’s you following after the ways of the world looking to maximize your fame, fortune and pleasure in this world instead of obeying God while denying this world and maximizing your fame and fortune for an eternity.
    • Babylon is the mother of all harlots. Harlotry means you are spiritually joining yourself in union with other spiritual entities instead of God.  You are supposed to marry God, not demons.
    • Babylon is the denial of Jesus as Lord and the retention of Satan/Lucifer as Lord while making “Sin”, the creature, your god. 
    • One of the Prime targets of Babylonian Kingdom of Darkness warfare strategy is to get you to deny Jesus as Lord.   Because technically according to Romans 10:8-10, if you don’t have Jesus as Lord you do not have salvation.  If you do not obey Jesus you do not have Jesus as Lord.  If you do not obey Jesus you are sinning all over the place and are a worker of lawlessness. (See the lists of 666 Sins of the Bible and the Lists of Commands of Jesus on our website that you can download).
    • Jesus is the KING and the King gives the law of the Kingdom; so therefore if you are not obeying the law of the Kingdom because you do not know it or you are in open rebellion then you are a worker of lawlessness. 
    • What happens if you go to a new country and don’t learn their laws? Well you usually go to prison or are fined, punished in one way or another.   So what happens after you become born again, (regenerated by actually with all of your heart believing that Jesus rose from the dead), thereby becoming a citizen of a new country called Heaven. So what happens after you become a citizen of Heaven, but don’t learn Heaven’s law’s and end up breaking a bunch of them?   Well you are called a worker of lawlessness which is not good.  Realize this because most of us have been blinded to this, which is plainly in the New Testament, by these yeast infected corrupted man made doctrines. So from now on do what your told by God and stop following man.  Learn all Jesus’ commands of the New Testament then teach all nations all Jesus’ commands whatsoever baptizing them who believe in the name of the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit.   
    • What Babylon has been able to accomplish is the removal of Jesus as Lord from Christian religions and nominations. If you ask most Christians across the planet what a lord is the average answer may be answer “some dude in England with a really proper accent”.   Some may say “a ruler”. But there is little to no equation with Jesus being their own personal ruler to whom we are to obey from moment to moment in addition to all of His commands in the New Testament Jesus commands of the New Testament are any verse stated in a command style or implied command style
  • The world is in chaos and clatter because the church has been in a Babylonian box or rather the so-called Church. “The chaos and clatter that the earth is in, is directly related to the Babylonian box that the so called church is in.”
    • For those you know the Word, at least to some degree of knowing, have been able to recognize what’s been going on. Arguably, most who have become regenerated, “saved” (or not even regenerated as in many “religious” Christian churches)  were bound under Babylonian religious doctrine chains. We realize now that these religious doctrines and denominational doctrines in the church were either an intentional scam or were missing a lot of parts of the Bible.  So many of us escaped and we went out to find God. Then we got the notion to read His Word, the Bible.   And one day we decided to cry out to Him and talk to Him directly.  And then he helped us out by showing us His Son Jesus,  and  upon Him we finally believed..
  • But afterwards we started attending various churches and we keep running into churches that are telling us all sorts of strange things. They tell us things that don’t seem to line up with the Bible that we just read and they imply that we are crazy or maybe that we are “extreme” because we want to do what the New Testament says. So then we start to feel like maybe we’re crazy and we’re just bad people into extreme and so we go along with their Doctrine.  Then we realize after some time that things are going the way we thought they would go. We realize that we’re not being this Christian, the type of Christian that the Bible says we’re supposed to be.  Then finally we wake up and realize that we’ve been duped and then we throw off the Babylonians scam. And we find Jesus as Lord and understand a lot better what it means to turn to Him, to follow Him, too obey Him.
  • Understand that we are undergoing a similar type of test at the angels had to go through over the question:   will you stay loyal and follow and obey God or will you go off to follow after Lucifer? Are you going to try and make yourself Lord and God or are you gong to follow after Jesus in the Spirt and have Jesus be your Lord instead?.  Also God is finding out who genuinely likes Him and loves Him and wants him vs  who doesn’t or who could care less.   So in conclusion one could say that God is cleaning out the universe and He wants only those who actually like and love Him to be around Him for eternity.
  • The Earth is groaning for God Sons and Daughters to arise with bliss.
    • The Earth is teetering. It’s convulsing, it’s in birth pangs due to all of this sin throughout. Remember sin is like a bad bug, a virus or a cancer or spoiled food in this case where the Earth wants to vomit out the sin and sinners. The Earth needs the Sons and Daughters of God to arrive and set things straight and heal the land.
    • Evil is like antimatter to goodness whereas goodness would be matter.
    • Things are not going to go well unless the created things are in line with the Creator. Any simple logic will tell you that. For example, if you created something, and it’s not giving you the results you want, what would you do with it? You would either leave it alone, file it away or you would trash it. And if a created thing that you made was causing you havoc and destruction, well you don’t have any option but to get rid of it and destroy it.
      • For example let’s say you created some robots and you gave those robots AI. And one day the robots decided that they didn’t need you anymore and that they wanted to be the rulers in charge of everything. The robots then determined that you have become the enemy because you are in the way of their robot utopia agenda.  What are you going to do? Are you just going to let the robots take over?   No you would swiftly seek to take back control of your creation or you would have to destroy your creation.   You can watch any of the Terminator movies for a perspective on that. So therefore what do you think’s going on with God between his Creation?   Fortunately God has decided to save a bunch of us instead of wiping everything out. Just remember that God can do anything He wants and He’s not obligated to us as some think and say especially said in strange churches preaching strange doctrines.
      • Romans 8:12-22
      • 12 Therefore, brethren, we are debtors, not to the flesh, to live after the flesh. 13 For if ye live after the flesh, ye shall die: but if ye through the Spirit do mortify the deeds of the body, ye shall live. 14 For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God. 15 For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but ye have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father. 16 The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God: 17 And if children, then heirs; heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ; if so be that we suffer with him, that we may be also glorified together. 18 For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us. 19 For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God. 20 For the creature was made subject to vanity, not willingly, but by reason of him who hath subjected the same in hope, 21 Because the creature itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God. 22 For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now.
    • God asked where is His Army that will send the Beast back to the abyss? (Back in June 2016).
      • The Army has arrived and we are growing in knowledge, understanding and power day by day.
    • God asked how can you take on a beast when you’re deaf, mute and blind?
      • How can you win a war if you don’t even know you’re in a war. Most of decided to not believe the Bible and believe these man-made doctrines that basically get you to pursue the maximization of your self In the Flesh in this world instead of pursuing the maximization of self for eternity putting the Kingdom of Heaven first in God’s righteousness.
      • The church has been captured by Babylon with these various religious and denominational doctrines that got us to become workers of lawlessness and not obey Jesus as Lord.
      • The Kingdom of Darkness  has been steadily at work over the centuries behind the scenes although now being exposed whereas the church had been overtaken in blinded by various religious and denominational doctrines, told lies from the pulpit which got us to stand down and pursue them of our hard happiness in the flesh, or fame fortune and pleasure maximization in this world.
    • All beasts are Ancient and old and lurk about seeking an enemy they can steam roll.
      • war. War. That’s what’s going on all around us.   ever since the fall of Lucifer and those angels that followed him the entire universe has been at War in one way or another. You have very real enemies for yourself. The battle is over who you’re going to choose to obey and worship. Understand reality. Understand the game. Play the game to win. Run the race to win. Be loyal to God and obey what He says. Be led by the Spirit of God even Moment by moment. Let the Lord direct your life even moment-by-moment in the spirit.
    • This beast of the East has no teeth and lurks in the brush trying to luer you into an ambush.
      • They know they’re in a spiritual war, those workers of Darkness why don’t you realize you are in a spiritual war manifested on Earth?
    • But do not attack of the Babylonian system you are under or you will fall prey and be decimated beyond comprehension.
      • If Satan is your lord then you have no power against Satan and the Kingdom of Darkness. 
      • If you’re following Satan  as lord you’re not going to get any help from God.
    • God’s people have been under a curse since they’ve been under Babylon. But when God’s people realize they’ve been under the curse, come out, break the curse then they will plunder.
      • Reestablish Jesus as Lord and obey His commands.  Then you will have power,  all power over all the enemy to defeat the Kingdom of Darkness  in the spiritual and assuming the natural as well.
    • When God’s people come out of Babylon with a mass Exodus there God will be to restore her back to his body as he the head. And then she will have Power, Authority and unity again as the enemy shall fall as dead.
      • Babylon = reject God and make one’s one way. It’s let’s make an easier way. It’s let’s pursue the happiness of our flesh heart instead of the joy of the Lord.  It’s also following after fallen angels and their human angel hybrid offspring.  It’s also having root belief structures and other beings of worship other than God that has infected most if not every major religion and denomination. 
      • Most of these denominations do not preach the entire Word nor do they even KNOW the Word. They may know about the Word, the Bible they don’t know the Word.  They may try to get to know the Word but they can’t because they are in bondage to their “man made” denominational doctrines (as the Pharisees were in Jesus’ time on the Earth in the flesh).
    • The world has become so perverse because the church has forsaken her first love and is under a curse.
      • The church has been captured over centuries of corrupted man-made doctrines  teaching people to push away God and follow after Self or follow after that religious organization. But it’s been even worse the past 70 or so years.
      • The church doesn’t understand what the commands of Jesus are. They don’t understand that his commands or what draws Us close to him. For if you love him you love Bae his commands. Jesus’s commands are God’s rules relationship which help you be able to have a relationship with him that doesn’t continually offend him. We all have our own rules of relationship and fortunately God gave us his upfront.
    • Come out of Babylon now dash don’t walk but run!
      • There is an urgency to getting right with God that many if not most don’t seem to comprehend or want to deal with. As the saying goes, You Are One Heartbeat Away from eternity. Don’t follow your emotions. Don’t follow external voices that pop into your head and heart. Use your brain. Use your gut that knows what’s right. Turn to God and do what He says.  do what the New Testament says for an it or the instructions to Salvation,  all of the instructions with no parts missing as many of modern Babylonian denominations have cut out.
    • Come out of Babylon it’s where you cross the point of no return for then it’s too late.
      • There is a time limit on things. People don’t want to accept that. We all want to just hope for the best and let the dice fall where they may.
      • But unfortunately, if you don’t purposely pursue God and get right with Him and walk with Him then you become a dried-up branch that there’s no fruit and you become useless for God thereby becoming of no benefit for him to keep you around for an eternity. God is the Creator and he can create or destroy anything He wants. He is the Potter we are the clay. So there is an aspect of us humbly asking if not begging for the opportunity to be with Him and to please Him.
      • Unfortunately modern attitudes come across as if we are god and that God needs to serve us at our every beck and call.   If you even think about that statement it’s quite ludicrous and jarring.   But if you listen to most modern sermons and most modern believers this is the way they talk. So in conclusion,  we need to get Biblical perspective of who we are and who God is without pushing Got away personally in the process. 
      • So it’s super important to get to KNOW God. Actually salvation is based on you knowing God the Father and Jesus the Son as stated in John 17:3 . Then we’ll know better, can sense better how to respect God for who He is more accurately.
    • Come back to God.  come back to Yeshua and make him your first love as He is dearly yearned.
      • Don’t you know that God yearns for you? Isn’t that awesome? God yearns for your love. He is in love with you.
      • That said the universe is going through a big clean out. You must pass the test and prove that you actually like and love God. And you do this by obeying him, listening to His instructions and doing them. If you love Jesus, obey His commands.  Jesus’ commands are God’s rules of relationship.
    • But for some it’s already too late for they have not learned.
      • People are important but they’re not that important. Either they figure it out or they will be destroyed. Either they respond to God’s calling or they will face eternal destruction. Life is MUCH more severe then we like to think about. Maybe watch some Hell visitation videos to get a perspective on that and wake you up.
      • Modern attitudes have deceived the world into thinking that everything’s just going to be okay. The world has been deceived into thinking that there’s no urgency and there’s nothing to worry about. Doctrines of demons, various world religions have told people that there is no hell and that they will just be recycled and things of that nature.
      • People don’t understand that Bible times from Adam on are about the Great Cleanse Out of all the universe. God is looking for a peculiar people to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth, in Holy Spirit and in Yeshua. God is looking for genuine worship and praise that comes from genuine love and liking.  God wants people who actually want Him to be around Him for an Eternity.
      • But for the rest, since God made it so angels or man can not be destroyed, then God must separate out the one’s who don’t want Him into the negative zone, dimension zero, the phantom zone, the home of evil, death and Sin, where evil, death and Sin are at maximum power to express themselves on their inhabitants in Hell, then the lake of fire, imprisoned there for eternity so they can not escape.
      • So understand this: this life is a VERY serious thing.  Every moment is to be taken seriously. We are to choose God at every moment.  If we mess up we must quickly turn back to God and confess our sin to be covered under the blood of Jesus.
      • This life is not about the maximization of yourself in this world. But this life is for the maximization of your eternal life, as you are commanded to do in the New Testament. It’s a very, very foolish thing to have your flesh heart be  your lord, thereby directing your life for the pursuit of happiness of the flesh heart. Doing so is the broad path.  There’s a way that seems right to a man but in the end leads to destruction.  Destruction is Hell.
      • Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it. – Matthew 7:13
      • There is a way which seems right to a man, But its end is the way of death – Proverbs 14:12 and 16:25
    • We all have a knowing of what’s right and wrong  Call their conscience. And we are held accountable to our conscience as made very clear and Romans 1
    • Love is a two-way street. It takes two to have a relationship. God continually pursues us and so we need to pursue Him to make the relationship fair and balanced. The end goal is for us to marry God as strange as that may sound to the world, maybe it would help to think in spiritual ways about that we are to become one body with Christ the head.
    • Let’s use some logic:  who’s in charge of everything?  God.   Who’s in charge of your eternity? God.  So if you want to make sure you have the opportunity for good things, a possibility good eternal life then who do you deal with? God.   Do you want to live forever in goodness?  Ask God.  Do you realize that God can do anything He wants to do?   So ask God humbly and sincerely and be ready to do whatever He says.   Who is God?  He is the One you KNOW in your sense of knowing, your gut sense of knowing, is God.  You already know God, Who He is because, you came from Him and actually asked Him to come here to this 3d Earth.
    • Mark Taylor mentions in an interview a vision (if I remember correctly) of various ministry names on boxcars on a train that was moving at high speeds towards tracks that led to an edge of a cliff. The judgement of the church comes right after the NOW is exterminated.
    • Denominational doctrinal strongholds are very powerful and they can get us to filter out things of God and push God away personally or put God in a box. They can get us to block our many important Bible verses as we read the Bible. All of these denominational errant doctrines are “works salvation”  of their own (ones that like to talk about “works salvation in particular) in that they provide a certain way of believing and doing to make oneself their own lord and god while pushing away God personally.
    • Because of these errant denominations and religions in “Christianity”  Christianity became captured by Babylon, through doctrines of demons. The plain Word of God became hidden from the masses through these doctrines although, at least for the past several hundred years, we’ve had the Bible right in our hands and under our nose.  Doctrines blind. There should not have ever been any “Christian religion” or “Christian denomination” in the first place.  This is one church and there is one doctrine;  the Body of Christ and the Doctrine of Christ.  And that’s it!  There should be NOTHING else.  We will be returning to this.  The denomination age is over.  The world has fallen apart to this point and the Kingdom of Darkness almost captured the whole world if the Lord didn’t step in, in the last minute in 2016 all due to these religious, man made, short of the entire Word of God, corrupted denominational, religious doctrines.
    • Through these fake doctrines we have turned the world off from following Jesus. We have made Christianity seem weak.  We have very foolishly bought into a KoD ploy that we need to be like the world in order to “save people”.  Whereas on the other hand, people of the world who are looking for God want to run away from these fake Christians like wanting to run away from vomit.  “You’re religion isn’t anything special, you act just like us”.
    • God is on a timeline and if you don’t fit into what God’s doing then too bad for you.   So get on God’s timeline.
    •   
    • 1 Peter 1:28   “All flesh is like grass,
      And all its glory like the flower of grass.
      The grass withers,
      And the flower falls off,
      25 But the word of the Lord endures forever.” Psalm 103 15-18  15 As for man, his days are like grass;
      As a flower of the field, so he flourishes.
      16 When the wind has passed over it, it is no more,
      And its place acknowledges it no longer.
      17 But the lovingkindness of the Lord is from everlasting to everlasting on those who [F]Fear Him,
      And His [G]Righteousness to children’s children,
      18 To those who keep His covenant
      And remember His precepts to do them.  
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