Abyss & Cataclysm to Those Who Speak Myths of Wrath to Come…

I keep seeing doomers and gloomers.  I keep seeing those talking about market crashes usually to hock gold coins and survival food.   Nothing wrong with selling gold coins and back up food but at this time talking about crashes, doom, gloom, end of the world, the imminent rapture is rebellion to God and now is critically dangerous. 

The only wrath going on here is on the Kingdom of Darkness & their systems.   So if you are agreeing with the Kingdom of Darkness, their systems (including the 501c3), political parties affiliated with the Kingdom of Darkness, laws, social policies, their news media then you may get caught up on the wrath of God that has started to poured out on them.  Come out of Babyon before it’s too late.  Stop rebelling against God’s Word.  Stop rebelling against God personally.  Why rebel against God?  He loves you and is Good and has only goodness for you, goodness in the extreme (although your emotions may tell you otherwise, or should i say, Kingdom of Darkness workers in this realm and the spirit realm, THROUGH your emotions may tell you otherwise.

The Heaven invasion has begun.  It’s the time where Kingdom rises against Kingdom.  This is a time to fight the actual darkness.  This is a time to come clean with God.  This is the time to learn God’s Word and start getting better and better at doing ALL of what the New Testament says.

But to those of you who sell your negative news, agreeing with the Kingdom of Darkness, this is the last hour for you.  Stop making things up.  Stop letting demons speak through you.  Stop talking about financial meltdowns so you can sell survival food and gold coins.  Stop agreeing with the duped and wicked’s plans to eliminate 90% of the population to bring in their “mysterious root race”.   You people agreeing with this have been hooked by your noses.  Repent before it’s too late.  Yes even you can repent, crying out to God your Maker for help.   You’ve been severely duped.  If you don’t you can look forward to a most hideously brutal & torturous eternity.  Aim for riches that will last for ever, not just a couple few puny decades here.

As a reminder see this Mark Taylor prophecy.  These prophecies are RIPE and the rest are about to manifest.  Don’t be caught on the wrong side!   Stop drop and roll… on over to God.  Don’t think!  Just do what God says.

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