End Times Beacon – It’s Time, Literally

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  • We’ll report on possible end times events.  Conspiracy theory.  Antichrist guessing etc… But what’s most important is that we’ll report on how you can get right with God, become reborn from above with the Covering and not be “ready and soft in heart as the barley grain” as to not miss a possible rapture.
  • Fascinating Scientific tie ins, possibilities to end times Biblical events
  • Israel is about to turn 70
  • We are reaching close to 2000 years from the death and resurrection of Jesus the Messiah, the Son of God.  The concept:  Jesus returns for a “Sabbatical Reign” on earth for the 6000 to the 7000 years from Adam.


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  • Learn, learn, learn! the Bible.  We suggest starting with reading the Bible 3 times a year, better yet 5.  The deception levels already are extremely high.  Don’t lose it now!
  • The Adversary is making a big recruitment drive for his “church” down below.  Members get special treatment such as burning alive, dismemberment, worms and snakes growing out of you, continual mockery, hatred, stabbing, you name it… over and over yet you never die And the path is broad and his way is super easy and most follow it. Learn how to avoid getting tricked into this “church”.
  • The rise of the Inverse of Bible is set and almost complete for their messiah is the Bible’s Antichrist (and who else chops off heads?!).


End Times Beacon.com is a site created as an expression, as an outpouring, as a bubbling over, if not an eruption of my many years study and experience with my Maker.

From a young age I liked God.  I was brought up in one of the prime Babylonian  system religions that talked about Jesus, or at least their Jesus.  I was not permitted to read the Bible on my own and therefore only heard handpicked verses that word then, it even discussed, explained away to fit into their man-made religious system.  So in short I got glimpses of God but he was way far away from me and I knew it, I knew it as a child. (I remember me and my siblings complaining in early grade school about our religion’s “man-made rules” – it was pretty amazing that we were able to recognize such at that young age).

So I started looking for God even from the age 13 to 14 years old, reading religious books and articles from various religions and philosophies.  I took courses in my high school on other religions as well. I wanted to find God.

Then sometime later, while I was in college, still studying other religions, yet even going to the same religious services I grew up in, I had this crazy idea!  I studied every major religion, including their prime religious books, also including new age self-help performance based ways of thinking for so many years – Yet I never read the Bible!  I couldn’t believe it!  All of this time I didn’t even think to read the Bible!  So I took a Summer off from my usual Summer activities and I read the Bible.  My world was turned upside down! (or should I say “right side up”!!)

In short, by reading through the Bible, I discovered I was in big trouble and I knew it to the depths of my soul, throughout every molecule in my body.   I wasn’t doing hardly anything right.  I didn’t even know God had feelings !  I was shocked to find out that God had feelings and I felt bad because I felt like I’ve been hurting His feelings and ignoring Him all of this time.

Then I discovered that heaven was about Family, a loving family (although many can’t even imagine what a loving family would be like these days– try to use your imagination) whereas a family implies a relationship and a deep seeded loving bond.  You had to be in the family of God in order to get into heaven.  (And that was quite surprising to me at the time since I certainly never heard that before!)  I learned that Heaven was more like an exclusive club where you had to “know people” to get in and it was not about whether you were “good or bad” with you trying to be good enough.

Speaking of trying to be good enough, earn enough “karma points” or have your good outweigh your bad – who came up with this idea anyways? And the type of attitude which dominates most religions around the world is this you doing good things without caring about or doing the good things with your Maker.  All of the religions I have studied push your Maker away into a box or off into the very cosmic distance. (once you do this volume Bible reading plan below you’ll start understand what I’m talking about )

Even if you’ve been going to church all your life you’ve likely bought into several “mini beliefs” that are anti-Biblical and can get you in trouble, potentially big trouble.

We’ll have to fill in more on this about page later as we figure out better what we are about.   2016 has brought us into a new Kingdom Age where Heaven has started to invade the earth, battling the Kingdom of Darkness for control.  After this Kingdom Age (which some prophets say will last for centuries) we go into the 7 year bump in the road called the “Tribulation”.  That comes after the Body of Christ conquers the planet then are snatched away to the marriage supper of the Lamb.  Right now you and I need to get prepared so we can rule, reign and conquer the planet with Christ or Jesus through us as we learn to hear His voice and obey His commands.  And that’s going to take a lot of work, aggressive work for we now have to overcome all of this religious and doctrinal brainwashing.  So its time to take action, get aggressive and get to work:  Here are some started action steps below. We’ll look to update these over time:


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