A Rainbow Angel Sighting? A Sign in a Cloud? Or a Strange Random Phenomenon

A Rainbow Host Warrior Angel Sighting? A Sign in a Cloud? Or a Strange Random Phenomenon?

June 13, 2018

Today I was out and about trying to get some sunshine for a nice dose of vitamin D3 while getting a little exercise in and as I was returning from my running based workout I looked up in the sky and lo and behold I saw this one cloud with a rainbow of sorts with some really cool neat colors, in particular a shade of blue, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen before.  I saw mostly a red/pink color and a blue type of color I don’t think I’ve seen before.  The cloud was very strange and really stood out to me.

So I went and got my old cell phone and took a picture. I never upgraded the cell phone so I don’t have those fancy cameras with the large mega pixel counts. That said I should really get on that because according to Kat Kerr and I believe other prophets from, for example ElijahList.com, mention that we will start seeing signs, wonders and visible appearances of angels, angels even on TV.

And I was just listening to a video by Kat as a review:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTTAr3OHpkY&list=PL7-lbsIG1JQHHZvRYcsegDUAwS0uyVuiL talking about the Host, the war angels of heaven that we get to work with (see this post for instructions on how to do that whereas you can command an army of 30 to 50 foot transforming war angels (the Transformers movies, comic etc is based off the Host angels since they can transform into weapons and vehicles, spaceships). She said that they will begin to be visibly seen above your home if you are working with the Host (you get a personal army).

Also this morning I ran into a prophecy regarding working with the Host war angels to bring justice to Earth here:

The Rise of God’s Kingdom Justice Carriers


Well if you take a look at this picture and please do understand that the picture quality is not close to the clarity I saw with my own eyes. And I wonder if I get more megapixels if that will be better… But there was this cloud that was separate from other clouds. There wasn’t a hint of moisture in the air or any sign of raining. There was nothing around the sun in terms of any sort of visual connection or anything in between the sun in that cloud for that angle. But there was a rainbow right on that one cloud. It was very interesting and it impressed upon me as something interesting and special. I am thankful for it, being able to see such a thing. And I took it positively.

Then that evening I looked out the window. A few different times I saw cloud developments in the shape, a clear shape of the bust of a person. And then I saw a smaller one that looked more like a full body shape as the sun was nearing sunset. This impressed upon me as well. I wasn’t gazing out the window looking for anything. I felt some sort of inspirational spark to look out the window at the certain times although I was concentrating on work at the computer. Kat, who is a Seer prophet and can see into the spirit realm, mentions that most certainly Host angles regularly press into the clouds as camouflage. And since angels are considered to be fourth-dimensional beings (as per understanding of dimensions) they can most certainly intersect with our third dimension just as we as 3D objects can intersect with a 2d object sightpath. Was it an accident? I don’t know.  It was a cool experience for me though and I appreciated it.


There was nothing around the sun in direct path to the rainbow host angel cloud.  But look what my camera picked up:  Is it a planet?  I have no idea. It seems to be giving off a glow with that purple eye shaped aura around it.

Click to open a bigger version of the image below:

Here are the notes on the image in case you can not see them:

“Woa… Now that I blow up this image to comment on it – this looks like an angel, with 2 wings, a head with either big hair or maybe it’s a host angel with a lion like head.

Sorry, my phone camera is old. Because the colors were much more brilliant in real life view.

This cloud was separated out from others and there was nothing in the line of sight from the sun to this cloud nor was there any rain. See other pic of the sun.”

UPDATE: I saw this SAME cloud formation AGAIN but without the rainbow colors, and the tail was strangely and thinly stretched across the sky on approximately June 19th 2018

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