A Prime Root Cause By In The World Society In Churches Have Become A Disaster Reeled In Some Of The Most Hideous Sin

The Church Has Removed Jesus As Lord.

It took me awhile to realize why so many churches had so many different  philosophies and left so many unanswered questions. And I’m talking about they couldn’t answer basic questions from the Bible.  They would cut out various verses that they didn’t like  or understand.   They would rearrange things from the  Bible to what they liked or fit into their convenient  doctrines that they made up.

 The other critical factor  that certainly the world has noticed over the years associating the  word hypocrite with Christian quite strongly,  was the lack of fruit. There is a lack of fruit and then there was a whole lot of bad behavior.   Bad behavior of Bane the ways of sin is a terrible testimony. The world is looking at us and the way they think of things thinking that Christians should have been instant Presto perfected when they became a Christian. They don’t realize how it works in that when you become Born Again, “saved”,  that then gives you the opportunity choose right from wrong where has he didn’t have that opportunity before.   The problem is  most Christians were not taught what they had to obey and that they had to obey anyting at all

 Now some Churches behaved better than others. And I’m not an expert on all 30000 denominations.  And it is pretty ridiculous that there are 30,000 denominations.   There should be one denomination in that is called the body of Christ and that’s the direction we are going in according to various prophets as you will start to see a mass movement to small home churches, gatherings really like you saw in the first century church.

 But remember we are in “war realm”, “war world”. And the war has increased greater than ever because Heaven just invaded Earth.   We have now entered the Kingdom Age where Kingdom Rises Against Kingdom.

 And I believe that because we are now in the Kingdom Age we are getting more clarity between the Kingdom of Darkness and the Kingdom of Heaven. So therefore more clarity has come about between Jesus as Lord versus Satan as lord.  Unfortunately most of us have unwittingly been following Satan as lord, obeying many commands of sin of his.   And many did most of us have had no clue what a lord was and that we actually had to obey Jesus to the point that our salvation hinges upon it. 

He who believes in the Son has eternal life; but he who does not obey the Son will not see life, but the wrath of God abides on him.” NASB

Now Prophet Mark Taylor talks about how the churches removed Jesus as the Head of the church.  He says this was done in a certain way through the signing of the 501 c 3 which started curtailing what churches could talk about. And the 501 c 3 didn’t really bring much benefit to churches.  As per understanding all that it did was give them a selling piece to there congregation to tell them that their donation was “tax-deductible”. But Their donation as a gift was tax-deductible anyways. And churches don’t have to pay tax!   Hopefully I’ve understood that correctly but I believe that is the case.

But ultimately these churches have made, according to Mark Taylor, Ba’al  their head of their Church.   Now that’s most certainly an abomination.   Could that be an Abomination that causes desolation?  Well according to Prophet Mark Taylor that there will be a desolation of the churches who have done this that don’t repent out of that system.  And when everything is exposed what they’ve been up to is revealed, and all of the hideousness they have done and how they were actually about to betray their parishioners unto physical death,  it’s not going to go so well for those pastors and religious institutions and seminaries.

Now speaking of seminaries, they are considered another a major root cause of what has caused the planet to fall apart when we should have been occupying the planet for Jesus by now.

The seminaries according to a report and understanding have taught various doctrines they spun out and off of the Bible twisting them to the point where they deny Jesus as Lord. And what’s a lord? Its one to whom you obey.   “Why do you call me Lord Lord and don’t do what I say?”   Who said that? Do you know?

If Jesus is not your Lord then you do not have salvation.

Romans 10:9-10

[e]that if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved; 10 for with the heart a person believes, [f]resulting in righteousness, and with the mouth he confesses, [g]resulting in salvation.

If you are confessing with your mouth “Jesus as Lord” or “Jesus is Lord” then that means you are admitting that He is Lord and your Lord.  That means you are required to obey Him.    By believing in your heart that God raised Jesus from the dead, you become born again. Believe and obey, for there’s no other way…   And if we obey, then we become the wonderful Christians that the world expects us to be, beaming with the love and light of God.

Obedience is linked directly to lordship and technically ownership as in you are the slave and Jesus is your master owner because he redeemed you with a price then you need to do what your Master says. If you are not doing what Jesus says then the default is you were doing the opposite and any other way gets attributed to the kingdom of darkness and Satan.  So Satan becomes your lord and master,  getting to keep you after you’re done in this life in the flesh.

 How do you obey Jesus? You obey the entire New Testament. You reprogram yourself with everything in the New Testament to put it simply and bluntly.  

Every statement in the New Testament that is a direct command telling you what to do or what not to do is to be directly to obeyed. And every verse stating or implying for you to understand this or that means that you need to understand this or that, hear this or that.

 Just as every Heaven visitation person I’ve seen has reminded us and the entire New Testament keeps telling us over and over, is that after you are born again you are responsible for your sins, to confess out those sins, to repent of them.

Once you are born again you now have the ability to choose whether Jesus as your Lord or Satan as lord. Before you had no .Satan was your Lord and Master. Because if you did not believe that Jesus died for your sins and rose from the dead, in your heart, then you are not redeemed, you have not been bought with a price. (Listen up religious Christians).  And then Satan still owns you.

After the age of Innocence whatever that age really is,  some may say 7  due to the change in brain wave patterns going from a mostly subconscious mind to a mostly conscious mind expression of brain waves maybe some would say 13 at a bar mitzvah type of age,  one becomes accountable for their sin. And after the first sin you do your spirit dies. So you need to be born again.  You need a new spirit and you cannot enter Heaven without this new spirit.

This new spirit is born of God and does not sin. Your soul, on the other hand, is a big problem. If you grew up in the past several decades you’ve been especially bombarded by weed seeds and bad beliefs, beliefs in the commands and ways of the kingdom of darkness.   You probably been hurt all over the place having considerable soul damage and while not having received any sort of adequate love nor had many good relationships due to “love waxing cold” since sin increased so much over the decades.   So you got a lot of bad beliefs implanted in the layers of your soul and a lot of soul damage that needs to get repaired.  But you can go after that aggressively and get that fixed. How so?

 Well after you are born again like I mentioned it’s your job now to find out what Jesus is sayings are, what his commands of the New Testament are.  Make Jesus’ commands and then make that your new law, your new doctrine your whole entire set of beliefs, your new way of thinking, your new outlook on life. Replace all your old beliefs in sin, agreeing with sin thinking it was good or ok to do or something that you could get away with, with Jesus commands . Put Jesus commands into practice all the way until they become your habits and your instantaneous reactions.

Unfortunately most of us were never even taught any sort of concept of making Jesus our Lord or what that even meant. We were not taught about Jesus’s commands or that if He had any outside of “love one another as I have loved you”.

So all these churches taught their congregations how to essentially make themselves lord, to make them as religious leaders lord and ultimately follow the ways of the kingdom of darkness.  A key tenet of Satanism, as mentioned by an ex Satanic priest, was to make yourself god,  the lord of your life,  the determiner of your ways,  be your own boss,  be “independent”,  don’t let anyone tell you what to do,  ‘be free’ implying throwing off the yoke of God etc…   Lie cheat and steal because it’s the only way to have success in this world (as you were told  or maybe not directly told but implied.)

Okay so enough complaining how do we fix this?

Go get our lists from the side menu of this website and you can get started there. Get our list of the 666 sins of the Bible. And get our lists of the commands of Jesus that we created by going through the New Testament over and over and over looking at every verse to see if it was a command. So you can take our list and refine it if you find a refinement that needs to be.  At least you can take advantage of our effort to give you a big head start.

Start talking with God and listening. Jesus wants to be your Lord and direct you to incredible and total success for here and forever. It’s an offer that is just amazing. God wants to be your parent,  your Leader,  your Savior,  your Hero,  your Friend  and even your spouse!   Take advantage of the absolutely incredible opportunity you have now. But there is a deadline.  The deadline is the end of your life in this physical body in this realm on Earth and you don’t know when your time’s up.

 So may I suggest that you actually be aggressive in pursuing God, learning what the sins are so you can  stop believing that they are good or okay to do and start learning Jesus commands.  Start practicing them so you get better and better at them.

When you practice Jesus commands you will see that they are really really good and that’s when you will actually believe in them. When you believe in Jesus commands then they will become your habits and they will be your reactions into the future. And then you will be bearing much fruit maybe some 30 some 60 some 100-fold. You will be abiding in Christ and the love of God will be abiding in you. Jesus will call you a friend because you have made a habit all of his commands which were also his rules of relationship. More on that topic in another blog post. 

Get aggressive and get started because these are some of the most important things you can do. Remember the threat of the outer darkness, getting thrown out of Heaven if you are found to be a worker of lawlessness and one who produces no return for God.  If you have to prep panic and scramble I would do that too in learning Jesus commands versus the sins of the Bible. Now you going to know exactly how to make Jesus your Lord even though you probably were never taught before.

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