A Cure for Dis Ease – Can You Use it In a More Powerful Way to Cure Corona Virus Covid-19?


Proverbs 17:22  “A happy heart is good medicine, but low spirits sap one’s strength.”  CJB version 

I like that translation because I understand the word “happy” a bit better than “joyful” or “merry” or “glad” in my own personal experience and how I’ve come to learn the difference between the words or lack thereof.

I’ve noticed that when I pretended to be happy or when I’ve tried to generate the emotion of happiness within myself negative things and sometimes every negative thing inside me gets released when I do it strongly enough emotionally and physically. I’m much more coordinated as well afterwards.

Negative thoughts get released. Depression, oppression, and even physical issues get released to one level or another depending on how strongly and frequently I do this. You can even use this with exercise, moderate very moderate exercise if one is “under the weather”. Repeated small batches of exercises while practicing happiness, ramping up happiness emotion (no matter how silly or awkward it may feel (I know I felt a little embarrassed at first practicing this while I was running outside yesterday since I have a well-developed habit of scowling…. But after I was finished I was smiling like a little kid with a cupcake that has lots of colorful sprinkles:) So you stay in the happy Zone while doing moderate cardio and then you stop soon as you start getting out of the happy zone.

You want the blood and the lymph flowing. Is important to load up on water with a lot of electrolytes in it assuming that you are either using natural spring water or you are adding minerals back into your water if you have a reverse osmosis water filter. I look to flush the water through the body with electrolytes (i.e. Himalayan sea salt, mineral drops even baking soda (just don’t use baking soda after a meal) right before and during moderate “happy cardio”.

As so you’re soul goes, so your physical body will go. A lot of more advanced Healthcare professionals are finding this out and are having great success in dealing with what’s in the soul specially in regards to cancer. (i.e. Dr. Leonard Coldwell 93%.6 documented cancer cure rate and his patients – he does many other things to the one important part is that he does deal with the soul, which is your heart and your mind. May want to learn about Dr. Coldwell quickly to better avoid Satan’s ‘health care system’). Release those chronic negative emotion generators (forgiveness and forget is part of that (and remember that if we don’t forgive others then God does not forgive us and if God does not forgive us – then that sounds like big trouble).

Negative frequencies destroy. Emotions have frequencies. The fruits of the flesh = negative emotions + related thoughts turned into action. Negative emotions destroy. Positive emotions, the fruits of the Spirit, bring life and life abundance.

“What you focus upon grows” as God told one prophet (forgot who exactly I think I heard that from a couple prophets). So if you focus on fear plus the thought of “coronavirus” then there’s a possibility of you manifesting symptoms or weaken your immune system to give either that infection or some other infection and your body a foothold to grow. I speak from much experience in specifically testing this to the positive and to the negative. With practice you can become better at managing your thoughts and your emotions while steering them towards what you want to manifest.

If you persist in listening to the “doom and gloomers” or SNN “Satan’s News Network(s)” those workers for the Kingdom of Darkness will continuously plant negative weed seeds in your soul while powering up those seeds with dark emotions, like fear.  If you are listening still the SNNs and the doom and gloomers with the past 4  years of warnings then… well that’s on you.  And you’re going to get the fruits (the weeds) of that disobedience which I am personally seeing in people I know who persist to follow the enemy.  Also remember that Prophet Mike Thompson was shown a vision and was told that those who come against Trump would be crushed and broken to pieces by the Rock (where as people were falling on a rock and breaking a bunch of things or getting smashed by the rock or something like that in the vision.

Additionally most believers have no clue about Kingdom Warfare because they were not taught the difference between right and wrong, they were not taught the difference between the commands of Jesus vs the commands of Satan. What I have found is that since the Kingdom of Darkness seems to know the Bible far greater than your average Christian mostly because of bad denominational doctrine following after Pharisee (make up your religious rules to push away God personally) or Herod (doctrine of the Nicolaitans – once saved always saved their four all your sins are covered automatically)…

The average Christian does not have a clue what a lord is much less what “Jesus is Lord” means. And Jesus is Lord means that you have to obey Him, obeying all the New Testament and in Person, in Spirit as He guides you in real time through Holy Spirit.

And in short, Kingdom of Darkness workers, the demonic – seem to usually always target, strategically and sneakily, to get you to disobey one of Jesus’s commands, to sin, which thereby automatically means that you would be obeying Satan’s commands by sinning.

On top of that most Christians have no idea what the sins of the Bible are because we were never taught what they were systematically and ended up getting taught by the world what sins are which obviously don’t even come close to being right for the most part. And on top of that since most of us have been brought up in the world and in error we have to go into our souls and have all of that error, all of those bad beliefs dugout and removed from our soul. There’s a lot of work to do not doing that work could be eternally deadly according to the New Testament. More on that later…

Also Kat Kerr was told by God the Father something of the sort about having fun and laughter and that the enemy hates that because the enemy can’t do anything to you when you are having fun, if you are joyful, if you are laughing… Something like that you can check out a recent update which should be posted on this site with one of Kat’s updates with the embedded Youtube video. Of course you can always subscribe to the YouTube channels as well to get updates but we have the updates piped in now here too.

After this dark period which will not be much longer you will see the start of some of the greatest times on this planet. You’ll see extraordinary ability to gain wealth and good times ahead.

In the meantime try testing this happiness generation method and become better and better at it. Proverbs 17:22  “A happy heart is good medicine, but low spirits sap one’s strength.”  CJB version. And remember, God does not speak idle words.

Proverbs 10:25

When the storm has passed, the wicked are gone; but the righteous are firmly established forever.

And we’re in the storm.  Maybe this will PASSOVER soon…

So throw away your negative emotions. Practice the skill of cranking up happiness even if you have to pretend you’re an actor or a happy kid running around wild full of glee. Yes you can pretend it’s called acting and by acting you can start to take on the character and feel the same emotions. Maybe happiness strategically use can work for you as it does for me.


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