Wow Girl Gets Possessed through Yoga by Beelzebub Lord of Flies and Amazingly Delivered

Wow. See this testimony of about the Satanic trap of Yoga.  It’s becoming a repetitive story that Yoga opens you up to demonic possession.   Aleister Crowley and Adolph Hitler purposefully used Yoga to channel demons.

Many say, “oh I don’t do it that way.” Or “I just use it for exercise”.   well if you want exercise consider doing something else.  Each Yoga pose is a worship pose to a demonic entity.  What’s a demonic entity?  It’s a being of the Kingdom of Darkness that is either a fallen angel, a fallen angel human hybrid off spring or some other ancient beast.  All of the religions worship that stems from Babylon is for the this Kingdom of Darkness entities, ruled by Lucifer.  You may find that hard to believe but you’ll likely find that out in the future as we advanced into this Kingdom Age where more and more spirit beings will be shown (and as of this typing many people have mentioned that they have seen angels hovering over voting locations for the USA Midterm elections and were terrified in a good way.)  Or you’ll find out from the very unfortunate experience of demon possession.  Watch this video and see how this happens.  There are MANY testimonies of demon possession by yoga out there you can find (unless they are scrubbed by certain wicked owned search engines that still own them as of this typing).

There are a lot of traps out there these days. But I’ll give you some elder brother advice:

  1. If it goes wooooo don’t have any part of it.
  2. If it’s not straight up, then it’s not straight up.
  3. Your denominational doctrine church or religious church has possibly been taken over by the Kingdom of Darkness which opens you up to all sorts of error and portals of the enemy.  The enemy wants your eternal destruction so you are tortured and slaughtered over and over for eternity. Not good.   How do you know if your church is off?  Firstly are they part of the 501c3?  That’s a demonic contract.   Secondly do they teach all the sins listed in the Bible and do they teach Jesus commands?  If you don’t know all of Jesus commands then you can not obey Him and if you do not obey Him then He is not your Lord and you are a worker of lawlessness.  Salvation is by making Jesus your Lord after you’ve become regenerated by believing that Jesus rose from the dead having died for your sins.
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