8 Years of Trump Then 8 Years of Pence

8 Years of Trump Then 8 Years of Pence

We Are Now in a New Age, the Kingdom Age.  Pretty Shocking Isn’t it.

The Mayans were actually onto something in 2012 because that’s when it started.  But the started was delayed because the church was not ready.  The church had to get so sick of the vomit of sin, discovering deception all the way through that nasty political correctness scam that it was willing to get up and go to battle in the spiritual realm for the Kingdom.  (That’s why we had 4 more years of Barry in 2012).

In regards to Revelation: one could look at this time as the time that builds up into peace and safety, the 3rd Temple gets rebuilt, then sudden destruction comes, for you destruction fans out there.   Mike Thompson mention he saw “decades” of the Lord’s rule through America with Israel on Earth.   Kat is saying she saw 16 years and i thought i heard her imply she saw longer in another video.

Regardless this is all very very very very good news.  It’s time to get right with God. It’s time to start discovering Jesus commands so you can bear fruit and love Jesus and have the love of the Father and the Son abide in you.


See this video here:  Actually it’s Super Important Instruction on How to Clean Your Soul and Break those Soul Ties You Created Through Non Spouse Sex.  Oh there’s alot more.  Very very powerful.  I did it a couple hours ago.  Massive filling of the Holy Spirit occurred.  Amazing transformation sensations occurred. And some of my usual annoying desires or yearnings ever after a few hours seem to have dssappeared.  Very powerful.

This is about Loosing.  Not Losing but Loooooosing.

dimitrisvetsikas1969 / Pixabay
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