50 Out of 50 Cured with Vitamin C IV in China


Notes from Video below: Also we’ve added the other videos in the series below.

  • PREVENTIVE BASE LINE (hear video)
  • 1000 mg vitamin c 3 times a day
  • 2000 iu vitamin day
  • 100 micro grams of selenium
  • 20 mg zinc a day


  • China Vitamin C IV cure said to be 50 patients and all cured of Covid-19 Coronavirus
  • Problem of Cornoavirus is pneumonia, a big killer
  • Dog cats goats can make vitamin C – say you see none having corona virus.
  • Elderly people, pneumonia > treated with with only 200mg of vitamin C a day and there was an 80% drop in death.
  • International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine  –  Coronavirus Publications – very helpful

  • Here is Andrew Saul’s Website
  • Satanic Medicine HATES natural cures.  They hate anything to do with God. Well that’s logical. They follow Satan.  But what is NOT logical is for a person to think that those who practice Satanic medicine (i.e. let’s make our own way, do a ‘better job than God’… to kill, steal, destroy, burn, chop off and deceive and all for the sake of building up profits in this realm, profits that do not last… Admitting “curing is not a profitable business model…” as one spokesman put their foot in their mouth admitting what should be the obvious) looking to build up to kill 90% of the humans on the Earth, will give you advice to bring you life and healing.  Take a note to whatever they call ‘bad’ or ‘quackery’ because they tend to call bad, good while calling things that work, “quackery” while they sell snake oil (see their logo – and see their logo right in the middle of the stomach of the Satanic Baphomet statue.  
  • Stand up.  Take back your health.  Take back your health care system.  Drain the swamp, all of it! 




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