The Man Who Should Be Put in Charge of the Health of All Humans on The Planet – One of The Most Successful Healers of Our Time

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  Put Dr. Morse in charge of shutting down all allopathic MD medicine and pharma – let him pick out any things that should  be salvaged or should be used in transition as all allopathic MD  medicine, which is Satanic sorcery witchcraft medicine, as well as pharmaceutical is shut down and removed from this plant.  He’ll be one of the best to do this.  He’ll be one of the best advisors on this matter.  MD doctors must go.  MD nurses must go.  Related MD Dentistry, you know, the criminals that…

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Amanda Grace Talks..Guest Andrew Sorchini To Talk About Markets and What Prophetically has Happened

We Serve An Awesome God! Defund the Swamp and Refund the Kingdom!! Use promo code ARK to get up to 66% off My Pillow Products and our unique 800 number is 800-585-7413 Our Bodies are temples and we need to care for what God has given us! For Dr Mark Sherwood and health needs visit: www.Sherwood.TV/AmandaGrace The Ark of Grace Sanctuary Expansion Project: We are starting the process of expanding the Sanctuary at a larger location! It is only by the hand of God the door has opened for this!…

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