NESARA Updates – NESARA in Days vs. Christmas in November

Gold Gold Bars Treasure  - 14428522 / Pixabay

Manuel Johnson Says “Christmas in November” (See Video Below).  Updates of Full NESARA Launch Say It MUST Be Formally Announced by September 15th.    Maybe the Impact Where People Are Able to Access Funds Will Be Fully Available in November. Remember Prophet Manuel Johnson Was Given a Couple Future Visitation Trips Where He Say Gold, Silver and Cryptos (Mentioned Bit Coin and Ripple which is the Coin XRP) Going WAYYYYY  Up.  He said there is a dramatic change coming, like hugely dramatic.  This Dramatic change would be NESARA.   Those who invested…

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Mark Taylor Prophecy Fulfilled: The Archeological Find Between Jerusalem and Vatican FOUND! Gold! Books! Treasures

Treasure Chest Bullion Gems Gold  - blende12 / Pixabay

The Prophecy Given to Mark Taylor Prophecy is Fulfilled: The Archeological Find Between Jerusalem and Vatican FOUND! Gold! Books! Treasures… A tunnel over 1500 miles of GOLD, Treasures, Hidden Knowledge Has been Discovered by the White Hats, US Military and Now, as Q Says, “We Have it All…” You probably heard about this discovery.  It’s now over 2 years old.  Gene Decode talks about the details of this tunnel in addition to the what, thousands of  D.U.M.B.S. the Deep Underground Military Bases. Here’s a little video about it ShariRaye posted…

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The Jew’s Messiah vs. The Hebrew Messiah


Things Are Getting Really Interesting! Jews that are Not Hebrews.  Changed Bibles Where Jews Replaced Hebrews.  Hebrews Are from Jacob Onward.  Jews Are Said to Be from the Line of Cain Through Esau…  The End Times Battle is Jews vs. Hebrews… But Who Are the Hebrews?  Do the Hebrews Even Know Who They Are? Who are the Lost Sheep of Israel? Are they Not the Hebrews? Alert:  You maybe Hebrew and not even know it.  I Recently Saw a Video of How Grapes or Vines are Shaping into the Name…

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Joy as a Strategic Super Power

woman laughing on flower field

Joy as a Strategic Super Power. Did you Know that Positive Emotion Generation Can Nullify, Destroy, Disband, Defuse Negative Emotions?   Becoming a Master of Positive Emotions, Wielding Them Like Weapons Can Do Wonders for Your Soul Health (Joy), Your Physical Health (Happiness) and Even that of Others. Get the scoop directly from Yeshua to Kevin Zadai.  Kevin has already died, was sent back for “extra credit” to do awesome things which he is doing. Learn all you can from Kevin.  Get meets with Yeshua (Jesus) directly and often and can…

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Taken Up by the Spirit to DC Again – Here’s What I Saw | Mike Thompson (9-2-21)

12-min "Ministry Video from the Prophet’s Heart" from prophet Mike Thompson of Las Vegas. The Lord keeps taking him back to Washington DC. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL If this ministry is a blessing to you, would you consider a love gift today? We are deeply grateful for your kindness and financial support. "Because of JESUS, Heaven is Open to You!" Word of Life / Mike Thompson Ministries Mike & Ck Thompson PO Box 231615 Las Vegas, NV 89105 – Podcast! 3RD HEAVEN AUTHORITY with MIKE THOMPSON:…

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