You Can Encounter God’s Normal – Kevin Zadai

Welcome to Kevin Zadai’s Official YouTube Channel Kevin Zadai is known as the man who went to heaven and back, so he knows that heaven is for real. In 1992 during a routine surgery, I met with Jesus on the other side. The time I spent in the presence of Jesus profoundly changed me to my core. I believe Jesus promised me that my story, including all the things I learned during our conversation, has the capacity to radically change those who read it. It is my prayer that as…

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Isaiah 29 – Happening Now – a Bounce of Comparative Commentary

person standing on hill

The commentary below is simply bouncing off Isaiah 29 verse by verse which seems extraordinarily fitting for what’s going on NOW as of July 15 2021 – Amazing Read in comparison to Isaiah 29 Judgment is coming. Judgment is coming to the wicked. Judgment is coming to psuedo righteous. Judgment is coming to all, even for the righteous to become more righteous. The levels of all will rise. But the absolutely wicked are to be destroyed. It’s time to know the fear of God. It’s time to be brought down…

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