How to “Make” “Hydroxychloroquine” at Home (Quinine from citrus peels)

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How to “Make” “Hydroxychloroquine” at Home (Quinine from citrus peels) But… understand that the Hydroxycholorquine protocol requires zinc because the Hydroxycholoquine is a zinc ionophore, meaning that it drives zinc into cells thereby alkalizing them and helping prevent viral infected cell replication. Quinine and Quercetin are the natural nutrients that help drive zinc into cells. Quinine is in citrus peels as well as the cinchona bark Will Hydroxychlorquine Plus Zinc and… Cure AIDS / HIV? FDA Approves Hydroxycholoroquine & Chloroquine – Here’s How it Could Work New York Jewish Doctor…

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Reminder: ALL Of MD Allopathic is Pharmakeia Sorcery – MD Medicine is SATANIC

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Reminder: ALL Of MD Allopathic is Pharmakeia Sorcery – MD Medicine is SATANIC Any Doctor or Nurse or Pharmacist, University or Professor Who Willing Continues in MD Allopathic, Pharmakeia Medicine is Willingly Choosing Satanism.  Those who practice Satanism are Satanic. They cut out God. They have a disdain for the cures God already has given through 1. human body logic 2. His original designed foods.  3. His herbs. They hate God and think He did a “bad job” (all while they have very little idea how the body works and…

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The Lord Spoke Two “Words” About the Season We’ve Entered | Mike Thompson (Sun 7-11-21)

Recorded Live from Las Vegas. Prophet Mike Thompson opens up the Word and the Spirit. Be encouraged today! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL If this ministry is a blessing to you, would you consider a love gift today? We are deeply grateful for your kindness and financial support. "Because of JESUS, Heaven is Open to You!" Word of Life / Mike Thompson Ministries Mike & Ck Thompson PO Box 231615 Las Vegas, NV 89105

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