Word. From February 27, 2021

sun reflection on calm water near green mountains

Imputed righteousness tip the scales in your favor. Hallelujah. Amen. For the believing, I have a special prize for you, multiple prizes. Amen. Raise your head high sons and daughters of the living God. Prepare to storm the beaches and take back the Earth for My Kingdom. Rule and reign with me and I will reign through you. Hear My voice! Wait for my voice. Do not make things up from your mind, imagination, your flesh or what the enemy sneakily whispers in your ear.

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Come, My People, Enter Your Rooms, And Shut Your Doors Behind You. Hide Yourselves For A Little While Until The Wrath Is Past.

Man Desert Photomanipulation Galaxy  - mscreativers / Pixabay

Isaiah 26 – Another Isaiah Chapter that is SO APPROPRIATE for Right Now – if You Are Following the Various Threads of Real News, the Prophets vs. Fake News, Satanic News The wicked seem to never learn until they go through a crisis.   and even from there some may not learn and repent because they disbelief too many lies of the kingdom of darkness. They believe they can repent.  They believe they are “children of Cain” maybe.  They are afraid of what others may think and say ( which is…

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