Word. February 25, 2021

Galaxy Fantasy Landscape Planets  - ParallelVision / Pixabay

February 25, 2021 “My glory will shine. Children come home. Come home to me and I will give you rest. Peace be still. Know that I am God. I am in the knowing. Whirlwind and a storm. My fury is about to break on the wicked. I gave them time to repent. I pleaded to them to repent. They did not. They refused. Now my wrath will be poured upon them. Selah. For the mighty say, “there will be no peace”, but watch what I will do. I will slay…

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Word.  2/23/21

black night sky

Word.  2/23/21 “Lucifer, Lucifer you days are numbered. You feed my sheep too long. Now, no more. I will hand you and your people into My people’s hands to do what they will of them. Your days are numbered in will be cut short. Your eternal misery is nigh.” So says the Spirit of the Lord the Word of God. “Tapestry, tapestry a will you confuse my word with another?” “The medical industry will fall”, so says the Lord. It will be replaced. The medical industry has been corrupted by…

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The Voice of a Prophet speaks Destiny, come forth!

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