2021 Will Be Awesome!



  1. Trump for 4 more years, maybe 8.
  2. Bad guys exposed.  They should all be removed, gone, ALL, across the Earth.  Anyone, any country, any leader allowing them to stay is an accomplice to their utterly wicked deeds.
  3. Fake denominations and religions will be exposed more.  All institutionalized religion needs to go away, i said religion which means, doctrines, sneaky made up rules that come from the kingdom of darkness, not from God.  That along with the sneaky twisting they do with the Word of God.  Gone.  Destroyed. 
  4. NESARA GESARA in March and April – the big stuff comes out.   Hold out till this time okay?  No more debts.  No more taxes (except that 17% sales tax on non-necessary items which will raise more money for the government than ever while not hindering the people.  The quantum financial system.  Loan forgiveness as already started (you can see reports across the internet.)  But some say each individual on Earth is worth about $11 million minimum each in Gold. Yet we’ll just have to see how much they will release; they are worried about giving people too much at once.  Plus they are worried about giving bad people money.  Additionally, many people would not know how to handle that money they say.  Regardless, they really have no more right to withhold it.  People will have to learn one way or another.  And with the quantum financial system, they say it’s impossible to commit fraud so if that’s the case: release it all and if someone does something bad, then they will easily be caught. 
  5. Social media freedom.  No more freakazoids trying to control you and ban you, trying to track you down and ruin your life or steal your kids. 
  6. The wicked’s dominion over the Internet will be terminated. 
  7. Humanity wakes up.  Humanity turns on the wicked. Humanity starts to learn that you can not give evil an inch, or it will infect, overtake and consume a person causing destruction and death. Humanity wakes up, cleanses the Earth and establishes long term solutions for suppression of evil, maybe even up to 1000 years as many talk about. 
  8. Remember that the main reason for all of this is the salvation of souls. Keep that in mind and everything going on will make more and more sense. 
  9. Draw closer to God more than ever.  Learn the Bible and be taught by God directly, as He commanded you to do.  Never again be reliant on man to teach you about God as most of us have in the past, relying on preachers, teachers and religious leaders who most of the time did not know what they were talking about, who would just make stuff up while emphatically claiming  “this is what it is!”, or who were willing allies with the kingdom of darkness (for the sake of money, even for the sake of a paycheck) to preach fake twisted doctrine that sent most people to Hell instead of Heaven as you can see represented in many many Heaven and Hell visitation videos. 
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