Covid-19 is Completely Fake & the MASKS are the Real Kill? Depopulate Through Mask Wearing? And or Depopulate Through LOCKDOWNS to Snuff You Out?

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  Masks Are Destroying Your Brain And It’s Worse For Kids – German Neurologist – David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast (Please Share)   Mask cause long term brain damage especially in humans.  It shows up later, similar to how concussions show up later for boxers and football players. Masks are what caused the big kill with the Spanish Flu through bacterial Pneumonia – as even reported on by the old Dr. Fauci.  What ended the Spanish flu was lots of sunlight and fresh air. If you have a chronic mucus, acid…

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Isaiah 30 for Now?

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Isaiah 30 Pointers for Right Now – The Full Chapter is Pasted Below:  Here are the Notes Woe to rebellious children. Woe to those who make plans amongst themselves especially leaders of nations. Who don’t consult God. Woe to those who turned to the world (or the worldly, believers turning to unbelievers for help or advice) for help instead of turning to God for help. Your first loyalty needs to be to God, then others are after that.  Woe to those who seek shelter from those in the world versus…

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“USA – Do You Believe I Am the Way Maker?” – from Elijah List

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“USA – Do You Believe I Am the Way Maker?” Katie Barker, Tweed Coast, Australia  Elijah List grants reprint permissions – we’re trying to get the word out there faster.  That said you can always and should go to and sign up for their newsletter and just see their posts there.   Also we’ve included their RSS on our side bar of their posts plus the Elijah Streams videos.  We’re just trying to help get the word out. I heard the Lord say, “Watch Me make a way where there…

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Will Donald Trump Win the Election for 2020? Yes. Absolutely – Learn Why

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Trump Won Already.  Pence will Be President for 8 Years After.  Then There will be Another Trump in the White House Later. Stop being wishing washy.  You’re making us look bad.  Maybe all of these Preachers over the years who have been preaching end times, especially to sell their books and movies, have brain washed Christians into laying down their arms in the spiritual and physical to let evil rise nearly (as you can see at this juncture) wipe out 90% (really 100%) of the humans on this planet.  On…

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EXPLOSIVE! Steve Quayle, Gary Heavin, Mike Adams: DECEMBER DEADLY SURPRISE

Steve Quayle, Gary Heavin, Mike Adams join Sheila for an INCREDIBLE FAST PACED UNPACKING OF WHATS HAPPENING! THE SHOW OF THE YEAR!! November 25, 2020. Dismantling The Spirits Behind Coronavirus Part 1 : Part 2: Demon-Tech Coming Next Week (having uploading MP4 issues) SHEILA’S Website SUPPORT SHEILA Patreon Paypal SHEILA’S BOOKS: Power Prayers Warfare That Works: Green Gospel: The New World Religion: Technogeddon: The Coming Human Extinction -Coming Early 2021 FOLLOW SHEILA ON SOCIAL MEDIA: PARLER: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM RUMBLE:…

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